Extramarital Affair With My Married Friend Shubha

Hi guys, this is Vir with my first real sex story. I used to stay with my family in Mumbai. But recently I had to shift to Thane. To start with, I am a 38-year-old guy. I am an average looking guy but quite friendly with people.

Let us start the story, the story is about my friend Shubha, age 34 and figure 36C-30-36 and height 5’4″. She is not very fair but she has nice looks which can attract any person.

We met after a long gap of around 10 years after college during which she got married and had one kid. After a formal introduction about our past, for the first time, I offered her for a lift.

Me: Shubha, instead of talking here, shall I drop you somewhere since you are also waiting for the bus?

She said ok.

While driving the bike, she sat one-sided like a stranger and while talking with her, I realized that she also stay at Thane.

In between, she asked me to stop the bike to change the position of sitting. Now she sat on both sided and held me on my shoulder. This continued for more than a month and I used to pick her and drop her.

One fine day at the traffic, she put her right hand on my abs and give a slight hug. Her 36 size boobs pressed on my back. I was surprised.

It was just the beginning. It gave me a green signal for the first time

One day I expressed her my interest saying boldly, “I want to fuck a girl other than my wife.”

Shubha: Why?! Are you not happy with your wife?

Me: I am happy, but I want to enjoy an extra-marital affair.

Shubha: Hmm, ok.

After a long discussion, she said.

Shubha: Ok fine, I am ready to do that. But there should not be any love or affection afterward because that hurts.

I also agreed, because I also wanted the same.

One Sunday morning, I directly went to her house. When I reached, there was no one at her house except her. She was surprised to see me. She said, “Let’s not do anything here because my neighbors might see.”

She then promised to come to my house on the next day.

The next day, my wife went to the office and the daughter went to school at 8 am. I was waiting for my friend. Around 9.45 am, my phone rang. It was her. She called to confirm the address. I guided her and around 10 am sharp, my doorbell rang.

When I opened the door, I saw Shubha in a gray top and pink pajama. Her looks were stunning. I welcomed her and ask her to come in with a small hug.

The fragrance of perfume made me mad.

We sat on the sofa. She was visiting my house for the first time. So, I showed her around such as my kitchen, mandir, balcony, my bedroom and finally my daughter’s bedroom. Then I asked her which bedroom she liked more?

She said she like daughter’s bedroom more. So we sat on the bed in my daughter’s.

I put on the AC and asked closed the door. Then I came near her and hugged her. I planted a kiss on her cheeks.

Shubha: Bus bhar gaya man.

Me: Not yet.

I kissed her lips and put my right hand on her boob.

Soon, we were lost in the passionate kiss. We didn’t realize what we were doing and when we finally broke the kiss, we found ourselves standing at the corner of the bedroom and Shubha’s gray top lying on the bed.

Now, Shubha was is in front of me in her black bra and pink salwar. Without wasting any time, I untied the knot and her pink pajama was on the floor. Now she was in front of me in her black bra and black panty.

We kissed each other again. She put her one hand inside my shorts and at the same time, I unhooked her bra. It was a nice scene in front of my eyes – her 36-size melons hanging proudly.

I was trying to get it in my mouth but the size was so big that I was not able to cover up with my hand. I pressed one nipple gently and heard a small moan. I put one boob in my mouth and put my right hand inside her panty.

My hand soon found my friend’s love hole. When I put my finger in her love hole, Shubha gave a loud moan and whispered in my ear, “Please don’t tease me, please fuck me now..”

“I want your penis inside my pussy.”

She then removed her panty and gave me a tight hug. I picked her up and put her on the bed.

Looking at her naked body, my boner was ready to fuck her hard. I removed my underwear and jumped on her. When I removed my underwear, she was surprised to see my boner.
It was not so big. The size must be 6.5 or 7 inches but it was very thick (3.5 inches approx).

She said, “Lagta hai aaj fad doge, please apply some oil before inserting.”

When I touched her pussy, I realized it was totally wet. Shubha came near me and started sucking my 7-inch penis. It was a hell of an experience as my wife never sucked my cock.

After 5-7 minutes, Shubha touched my balls and squeezed them while sucking my cock. I was in heaven and the next moment, I discharged my entire load in her mouth. Shubha happily swallowed my cum.

Now it was my turn. I went to her pussy which was already wet. I put my tongue in it and she screamed. It was a moan of pleasure. After 10-15 minutes, she was begging me to fuck her.

I was ready with my erection in front of her pussy. I put both hands on her shoulders so that she would not move back and then gave a small jerk. The tip of my cock was now inside her pussy and she gave a loud moan.

Shubha dug her nails on my back and in one hard jerk, I inserted my entire penis in her pussy. At the same time, I gave a liplock so that her sounds wouldn’t go outside.

She was crying because of the pain and I stopped. I was worried about her but she said, “Please don’t stop now. Please fuck me as hard as you can, I love it.”

I started slowly and gradually increased the speed. After 7 minutes, she stopped me and asked me to take my dick out. Then she changed the position. She stood in doggy style and asked me to fuck her from behind as it was her favorite position.

I fucked her for 10 minutes and while fucking in the doggy style, I held her 36-size boobs. I was thrusting inside her rapidly and after 5 minutes, I told her I was going to cum. She said, “You can come inside me, I don’t mind.”

After 4 to 5 strokes, I came inside her.

After that intense fuck session, we lied in each other’s arms.

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