Modern Widow In Delhi

Hello readers, I am Sam from Delhi. Many of you may know me as I already posted so many stories on the ISS platform. I got lots of appreciation mails from the readers. Your love made all my stories in the hot section of the website,

Without wasting more time, let’s come to the story. Leena (name changed) who is the main character of this story lives in a posh area of Delhi. Her husband met an accident and passed away in May 2019. Leena has a good height of nearly about 165 cms. Her husband left a good capital for his family living.

This happened last December. I installed Tinder for fun and made a profile on it after so much research. I didn’t get any good response in the first two days then One day I saw in a notification that someone likes you. I started swiping and got a match with Leena. We started chatted.

I told her that I am a writer and poet too. I asked for her story for which she told me that She is a homemaker. She has a son who is 21 years old and her age is 45 years old. Her husband recently passed away. With a pause, I consoled her and started asking about her which as follows.

Me – So what is Leena looking for?
Leena – A good friend.
Me- Well, I am a good one and let me cross my fingers for the best.
Leena – Hahaha, let’s see

And we chatted on different topics like travel, life, society, lifestyle, clothes, etc. She got impressed by me.
Me- So what is Leena’s favorite dress?
Leena – Skirt, and top.

Me- But I didn’t find any of your pic in this dress.
Leena – If I put a picture in the skirt and top. I will get 200 likes and 500 message inbox.

Me- You may get without that as Female to Male ratio in India is too less and on dating app its worst.
Leena- I like your sense and the way you look world. I am impressed.

Me- So we should exchange the numbers before you unmatch me.
Leena – Don’t you think it’s too early?
Me- Ok. You have an option, Share it before you unmatch me.

Then I didn’t get any reply from her in the next 3 hours. Then I got notification from Tinder. She sent her number and wrote that I am not going to unmatch you. Now our conversation moved from tinder to Whatsapp. We have long and late-night chats.

She showed me her photos in different clothes like skirts- top, jeans – top, one-piece, saree, etc. We become good friends and even she asked for my choice during shopping by sending pictures of dresses. After one month, we decided to meet in Connaught Place.

I reached on time as we planned earlier but she has not arrived there by the time. I called her and asked for her location. She hangs up the call and entered the same restaurant. She was in a black skirt and off-shoulderer top. She was slim and fit. We greeted each other with a hug.

We ordered the food and started the conversation. She told me that she likes traveling. So I replied, “We can plan that,” and we burst into laughter. One week later she said that her son is going on a college trip. “If you have time, we can also go to Jaipur.”

I readily accepted the offer. Finally, the day arrived, after her son left. I reached her place. She was dressed in denim shorts with top and sunglasses. I started the car, during drive our hands touched many times and we took many stops to enjoy the scenery. She didn’t mind touching me and close to me.

It is like we are girlfriend and boyfriends. We reached Jaipur at night and checked in our rooms. After taking a shower, I went into her room. The door was open and I went in calling her name. She already took shower but she was still in the bathroom. She might dry her hair or doing some makeup.

After a few minutes, She came out. She dressed in a satin robe with a belt which is pink in color. The robe was up to her thigh like the height of the short school skirt. We ordered food with a bottle of whiskey. We started talking about some stuff. Then the waiter informed us about food arrival.

I pulled the food trolley inside and locked the room. I poured whiskey for both of us and with cheers, we started. Everything goes well till 4 pegs. She put her head on my chest. I could smell the aroma of hair and body. I moved my lips near her lips and we paused for some seconds and kissed each other.

She turned towards me. I hold her tight like my chest is pressing her and started kissing each other. During kissing, she opened her mouth and rolling her tongue inside my mouth. Our tongues are playing with each other now. My hands were on her waist rubbing it softly.

Then I lay on the bed and she was over me and her robe moved to upper thighs. She bent and kept kissing me. I started rubbing her milky thighs. This happened for the next 20 minutes. Then I sat and held her. Kissing was on. I started removing her robe then I removed her pink color bra.

My hands were running from her shoulder to waist. Then I held her from shoulder make her lay on the bed and started sucking her nipples. I was sucking each nipple for 5 minutes and moved to another. My saliva was on her nipple making her crazy. She was crawling like a snake on the bed.

After that, I moved to her mouth and kissed her again. Slowly, I moved down and removed her panty. I spread her legs and started rubbing my finger on her pussy. She was moaning. Then I put my mouth her pussy and sucked it harder. She started moaning like hell.

I moved my tongue inside her pussy deep and moved fast on her inner walls. Then I started making my tongue in and out in her pussy. Then I hold her both legs and put my tongue deep inside her pussy. I started moving in encircle in her inner pussy walls. The room was filled with her moaning sounds.

After 15 minutes of this session, she moved and put my dick inside her mouth and gave a good blowjob. Then she moved over me and put my dick inside her pussy and start moving up and down. I was lying on the bed. She was making stokes as her needs. I could feel that my dick was deep inside her.

My hands were pressing her boobs and my fingers were playing with her nipples. After 10 minutes, she looked a little tired. I sat and my dick was still inside her and started smooching each other again. Without taking my dick out, I made her lie on the bed and started stroking slowly – slowly in her.

She was moaning regularly during the session. This made me hornier. Slowly I started increasing stokes speed. After some time, We both ejaculated our juices. Then we kissed each other again and showered together. We kissed many times in the shower again.

So, Readers Please tell me how is this story? Your feedback and appreciation emails are most welcome. My mail id is [email protected] Keep e-mailing me.

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