Romantic Sex Between Me And Ranjana – Part 2

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Ranjana left me and wore her two-piece bikini. I was looking at that beautiful lady. My baby doll. I knew its now a matter of time. She will take me inside her very soon. After wearing her bikini she looked at me. She understood that I was looking at her. She blushed and lowered down her head.

She said in a very low voice, “Please Rohit wear your vest and let’s go to Samar. It’s so much time since we left him alone.” I didn’t want to leave that moment but I got up and wore my vest. I was about to go. She stopped me and told, “Before that let’s go and clean our bodies with seawater.”

We both went to the sea and took a bath for a few minutes and came out. We moved towards Samar. Before we started, once again I hugged her tightly and planted a deep kiss on her lips. Ranjana didn’t protest but responded. 2 to 3 minutes later she pulled herself away.

She whispered, “Let’s go now. Otherwise, Samar will come.” I smiled at her and went towards Samar. I held her hand. After almost around 1 hour we reached the same place. It was 3 o’clock afternoon. Samar was waiting for us and taking alcohol. Ranjana ran towards Samar and stopped him.

Samar: What yaar let me enjoy.
Ranjana: Enough. Now we first we’ll have our lunch and then you enjoy again.
Me: Yes Samar let have some food first.

We sat and opened our packed food. We three were eating our food. Suddenly Samar asked, “Why are you so late?”
Me: Ask your wife. (and winked at Ranjana)

Ranjana blushed. Her face became red.
Ranjana: No, no it’s all his fault.

Me: My fault. Who was going that far? Who was playing in the water? You know Samar several times I told her that Ranjana let’s go but she wasn’t ready.
Samar: I know she loves beaches. She loves to play in the water.

We all laughed. We had our food and changed our dress. We all were lying on the beach and enjoying the moment. We were chatting. I came to know about them. Samar and Ranjana were married almost 5 years back. They were settled in Delhi. She was working as an accountant.

Samar was a software engineer and working as a project manager in a reputed software company. We were like that for almost 2 to 3 hours. It was almost 6 pm. Slowly the sun was going down. I gathered some wood and ignited a fire. We sat around the fire. Ranjana baked some fish on the portable induction.

We were taking fish and scotch. We all were enjoying very much. I enjoyed her company. It was a full moon night. Ranjana was looking like an angel in that moonlight and the fire which I ignited as a campfire. Samar was very happy. He was taking scotch one peg after another. Soon he was drunk.

Around 8 o’clock Samar and Ranjana went to their tent. I didn’t want to sleep in a tent, especially in that full moon night. I brought my bed pack and spread it on the beach. That place was not seen from their tent. I brought one blanket with me because the cool breeze was flowing.

I sat on my bed pack and wrapped a blanket. I was smoking and looking at the sea waves. The moonlight was reflecting on them and looking marvelous. I was mesmerized with the natural beauty. I didn’t know how much time I was sitting there and looking at those waves.

Suddenly I heard, “ I told you cigarette smoking is injurious to health.” I looked behind. It was Ranjana. She was standing just beside me.
Ranjana: What are you doing here?

Me: Same question, what are you doing here?
Ranjana: Sorry if I disturbed you. (and about to leave)
I held her hand and said, “You can’t disturb me.”

Ranjana smiled at me and told, “Samar was sleeping like a dead log. Today he took excess drinks. He won’t move before morning. I was not feeling sleepy, so I came out.”

Me: I am also not feeling sleepy. So I am enjoying the cool breeze and full moonlight. And thinking…
Ranjana: Thinking! What are you thinking about?
Me: About today’s incident.

Ranjana blushed and gave a small peck on my cheek. I held her hand and pulled towards me. “Come and sit with me.” Ranjana came and sat beside me on my bed pack. I wrapped her under my blanket. She didn’t object. I held her hand. She leaned on my shoulder and put her head on my shoulder.

I kissed her head. She didn’t object. I felt her bodily aroma which filled my heart. A few minutes later she took back her head from my shoulder and looked at me. We looked at each other without a word. I had heard that ‘Action speaks louder than words.’ That time I understood the meaning of that line.

Moonlight was reflecting on her milky white skin. Her face was glowing more like an angel. Her lips were shivering for unknown anticipation. She closed her eyes and moved forward her lips. I planted a soft kiss on her soft juicy lips. We held each other head.

Then it did not become a soft kiss but a sensual smooch where she tried to say, “Take my everything. I want to give you my all.” We slowly laid there together. Our lips melted together with love. We forgot the rest of the world. We lost ourselves in each other arms.

We were hugging and kissing each other passionately. We were behaving like a newly married couple. We were kissing each other’s cheek, chin, earlobes, neck shoulder everywhere. After some time we were panting for breath. Ranjana moved her face on my bare chest.

She said, “Rohit, I love you. I love you, baby. I love you very much. Please make love to me. Take me. I am yours.” Her word acted magically on me. It ignited my passion more and more. I moved a little and opened her shirt button one by one. She was lying on the bed and moved her hands on my head.

I opened her shirt a little and kissed her cleavage. I licked there. She was moving her hand into my hair with love. I slowly opened her shirt and took out completely from her body. She was not wearing anything under her shirt. Again we hugged each other tightly.

Her soft juicy boobs pressed on my manly chest. Outside open-air and moonlight. A few minutes later we turned. We were lying on our side. I was on my left side and Ranjana was on her right. We were hugging and kissing each other like a teenage lover. I kissed her forehead, she kissed on my chin.

I kissed her left cheek she kissed on my right. I nibbled her left ear with my tongue she nibbled mine. I slowly moved down a little. I was licking and kissing on her neck and shoulder. I moved her left hand and licked her armpit. I kissed, licked and sucked her upper chest above the boobs.

She wrapped her hands around me. Slowly I moved down further and put my head on her right hand just below the shoulder. Her two soft boobs were touching my face. I was moving my face softly on her boobs and tried to feel the softness of her boobs. They were so soft and buttery.

I didn’t use my lips or tongue but my face. Ranjana put her left hand on my head and moving it slowly. Her hand movement said how much she loved me. I massaged her whole boobs with my face. Her boobs were very beautiful. I don’t have proper words to explain their beauty.

I softly put my face in between her two soft but tender, buttery, silky and magnificent melons. I tried to sniff her body aroma from there. Ranjan laughed a little and said, “Rohit what are you doing? I think you have gone mad.”

Me: Yes jaan I have become crazy for them. I have never seen such beautiful breasts in my lifetime.
Ranjana kissed on my forehead and said, “Rohit, They are all yours make love to them. They are hungry for your love.”

I took her right nipple in my mouth and sucked gently like a baby. She was moving her fingers on my hair with pure love. I was sucking her both the nipples one by one. Licked them, kissed them. All the time I wrapped my hands around her back.

I moved my hands slowly and softly on her back and sucked her boobs. For almost 30 minutes I was sucking her breast continuously. I turned her on her left. I was facing her back then. She didn’t object to anything. Like a sweet little girl, she obeyed my every move.

Then I groped her boobs from the back and licked and kissed her entire back which was facing me. I put my tongue on the back of her neck and licked. I moved my tongue on her spine from neck to waist. Several times I did that. I licked every inch of her back.

I turned her again and now she was lying on her back. The blanket was moved to our waist. The magnificent globes looked more beautiful in the moonlight. I couldn’t control myself and put my face again on her beautiful globes. I held them in my hands and pressed them from bottom to top.

I took her right nipple in my mouth and sucked. I tried to put her entire right boob in my mouth. I held her left boob and sucked. That time also I tried to engulf her entire left boob in my mouth but I couldn’t. I licked every inch of her boobs. My saliva was glistening on her boobs under the moonlight.

Ultimately I left her boobs and moved down further. I put my tongue in her belly button and nibbled. She was laughing and giggling. I licked and sucked her belly. I kissed her entire belly. I soaked her upper body from neck to waist with my saliva.

I put my hands on her pant button and opened it. She didn’t object but gasped with anticipation. I pulled out her pants and threw them. She was wearing a black lacy panty. Her skin color and black lacy panty gave a marvelous contrast. I moved down my face and licked her left thigh softly. I kissed there.

She was moving a little with pleasure. Softly I replaced her left thigh with the right one. I was kissing, sucking and licking her both thighs full of affection and love. I moved down further and kissed every inch of her legs. I licked them. I went to her feet. The blanket was moved away from us.

We were completely under the open sky. Ranjana was wearing only her black lacy panty. I opened my pants. I was in my vest. I kissed her feet. She was amazed and tried to stop me, “Rohit, don’t lick there. I don’t feel good.” I slowly moved up and put my finger on her soft lips.

I whispered, ” Now it is my time to make love with you. You are mine. I will do however I want. Don’t interrupt please, Just enjoy the moments and try to feel how much pleasure is hidden inside your body.” She kissed on my lips, closed her eyes and laid on her back again.

I went to her feet. I took her left leg in my hand and sucked her each finger of her left leg one by one. She was moving her head right and left with pleasure. After 5 minutes I put down her left leg and took her right leg. Again I was sucking her leg fingers one by one. But this time it was her right leg.

I pushed my tongue in between her toes and licked. Her hips were jumping in the air with ecstasy. After sucking her toes I moved up and kissed on her thighs and belly. I turned her and now she was lying on her front. Her back was facing me. I kissed and licked on her ass. I gave small bites on her butt.

She was moaning. I lowered down her panty and also opened my vest. Now we both were completely nude under the open sky. Moonlight was reflecting on her fair sexy body. I held her two butts and moved to both sides. Her ass hole was now opened in front of my eyes.

I moved down my head and licked softly on her asshole. She screamed and said, “Dirty fellow how could you do this? You are insane.” I slapped on her butt softly and continued my licking. Time to time I was bitting her soft butt. After a few minutes, I turned her again.

Now she was lying on her back. I moved down my head and directly kissed on her pussy. She arched her body. Her hip came in the air and she released her love juices for the first time. I put my mouth on her pussy and sucked her love juices. She was moaning with pleasure.

I licked and sucked her entire pussy. I took her clit in between my two lips and sucked. Simultaneously I pushed my finger inside her pussy and massaged her G-spot. Within a few minutes, again her juices were licking. Now that was the perfect time to enter. I came upon her and sucked her lips.

She hugged me tightly. My hard dick was poking on her pussy lips. She closed her eyes and said, “Rohit came into me. Give me your dick. I need that.” I smiled and pushed my hard dick inside her hot love hole. It was fucking tight. She bit her lips with her teeth to control her scream.

Her neck vein was prominent. She was feeling pain. I again took out and pushed my shaft but it entered half. Again and again, I took out and pushed my shaft in her cunt. Slowly my hard rod adjusted in her love hole. For the final time, I took out and pushed my dick with full force. It entered completely into her pussy.

She screamed with pain. I stopped my movement and licked and kissed her lips, cheek chin, neck and shoulder. I put her nipples one by one in my mouth and sucked so that she could bear the pain. Slowly she became normal. Ranjana said, “Rohit, start but please slowly, it is still paining.”

I kissed on her lips and said, “Open your eyes first and look at me.” She opened her eyes and looked at me. We were looking at each other. she blushed. Slowly I started my movement and my dick was going in and out. All the time we were looking at each other eyes. We both saw pure love in each other eyes.

Ranjana moved up her face and bit my lips with full intensity. We were hungrily biting each other lips. Her boobs were moving up and down with every thrust. I held her legs up in the air and thrusting my cock at full speed. Her legs were dangling in the air.

Around after 3 to 4 minutes, she pulled my face towards her. I left her leg and came into a missionary position again. We hugged each other tightly. Our lips were fighting and I pounding her pussy with full speed. Ranjana was in 7th heaven.

“Oh, Rohit I never feel such pleasure. I am cumming again,” Ranjana said. I answered, “Yes jaan I am also cumming. I couldn’t hold anymore. ”
Ranjana: Cum inside me.
Me: Are you sure?

Ranjana: Don’t talk. Oh, Rohit I love you, baby.

Ranjana scratched my back with her nails. I pushed my hard rod deep inside her pussy. I released my hot thick semen inside her pussy. Jolt after jolt I released in her pussy. She arched her body and released her love juices for the second time. We both came together. I pulled my blanket upon us.

We were sleeping in each other’s arms under the blanket on the beach in the open sky in the full moonlight. Ranjana was completely exhausted. We both were completely satisfied but I wanted one more round. I felt that I was the luckiest man in the world.

I softly caressed her back and she was feeling my soft sensual touch. She buried her face in my chest. I felt small soft kisses on my chest. Time to time I was kissing on her forehead. We were not only fuckmate but more than that, which is called love.

After sometime Ranjana said, “Rohit now I should go to my tent.”
Me: Please a little more tie.
Ranjana: I also don’t want to go but I have to.
Me: Ok but before that…

I didn’t complete my sentence and got up. She was looking at me with her wide eyes. I took her in my laps and went towards my tent. I also carried my bed pack and blanket.

Ranjana: What are you doing?
Me: I want to spend some more time with you.
Ranjana: But already it is 2 o’clock.

I didn’t listen to her and went into my tent. I spread my bed pack and kept her on that. I entered the tent and closed it. I hugged her tightly. She hugged me too and said, “Rohit now let me go please.” I held her face and pressed my lips on her. We both were completely nude.

I grabbed her head and eating her lips hungrily. My monster again got hard. I took her hand and placed it on my hard dick. She held my dick and squeezed it. I took her on my lap. She understood my intention. She didn’t hesitate any more and sat on my hard dick. My dick went into her cunt easily.

She bit my ear and whispered, “You are a monster.” I didn’t answer but bit her lips. She was moving up and down on my lap. Her boobs were hanging in front of my face. I licked and sucked her nipples when Ranjana was dancing on my lap. I slowly laid down on my back.

Ranjana was now in a cowgirl position. She held my chest and moved her butt up and down. She was now in a complete mood. She pinched my manly nipple. Her hanging melons were looking just mindblowing. Several bite marks were seen on her boobs.

I moved forward my hands and held her juicy melons. I groped them and squeezed them. Two days ago when I first saw Ranjana I didn’t imagine that one day we were making love. It was amazing. I pulled her little. Now she bent forward. Her hanging boobs just upon my face and she was riding me.

I moved up my head a little and took her erect nipples again in my mouth and sucked one by one. I was sucking hern both juicy melons one by one and she was riding on me. I couldn’t explain how good I felt at that time. After a few minutes, she exhausted and leaned upon me.

I changed our position and made her doggy style. Now I was fucking her from the back. I groped her both the melons and fucked her pussy from the back. she was moaning loudly. She was again reaching her orgasm. She thrust her buttock back on my dick rhythmically.

She screamed, ”Oh Rohit make me yours. I am cumming again.” And she released her juices again. She fell on the bed. She was lying in front of me like a dead log. I went close to her. Her face was filled with pleasure. Her boobs were moving up and down with her heavy breathing.

I moved my face close to her face. She felt my hot breath on her face. Slowly she opened her eyes and saw me. She pulled my face and pressed my lips on her. I moved upon her and again took the missionary position. She was not in a position to move.

I placed my hard dick on her pussy lips and pushed. It went easily. I started humping her with full force. My lips took charges of her sweet lips. Almost 10 minutes I fucked her at full speed. Her legs were dangling. She didn’t have any power to move her body part. But her body still got pleasure.

Her pussy again started leaking. Almost 15 minutes later I pushed my dick deep inside her pussy. I released my hot juices for the final time that night. She also released her juices. We slept in that position in each other arms. The whole night we slept together completely nude.

The next day early morning I woke up and felt somebody was kissing my lips. I opened my eyes and saw it was Ranjana. She said bye and went towards their tent.

Friends that is the end of this part. In the next part, I will tell what happened next between me and Ranjana. Till then goodbye. You can mail me or send a hangout massage on my email id. My email id is [email protected] my telegram id is rohit_for_u. Thank you.

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