Sensual Sex With Hot Delhi College Girl

Hi XIS readers, bringing you another sensual sex story with a hot girl of 23 years. I met her during an event in Delhi. The talk was so sensual that we started chatting and sexting and I ended in bed after a month. I was dressed well in a tuxedo for the event. Delhi winters always give you goosebumps.

I went to the event on time. It was a literary event when I was also one of the speakers. I had a few poetries written in my notes. I was narrating the poems for the audience. My eyes suddenly saw Namrata and turned away as I was busy reading my poem and completing my sessions.

There was some spark already running down my spines. Namrata was sitting in the audience wearing a red saree which seemed to be a designer chiffon saree. She did not seem to be more than 23 or 24 with curly hairs. Her body was perfectly toned with fair skin and bust size was very curvy and with the sharp jawline.

After the event got over, I walked towards her and interacted and she praised my poems. I introduced myself as Nikhil and she was Namrata. We were talking about poems and writing and we were jelled up very well. I offered her my drink and she took sipped it from my glass very sportingly.

It was already late. We left that night and started chatting over the phone and us just so comfortable sharing our past and freely talking about our sex life. It had been months Namrata had a breakup and was missing a sensual evening. I lived in Mumbai, so had to wait for a few weeks before we could meet.

Finally, the day arrived, I traveled to Delhi for some work. We decided to book our resort in Gurgaon and stay there for a weekend and have fun nights. I called Namrata at 9 pm in the night. I picked her up at Connaught Place. She was wearing the same designer saree.

The saree was pretty red and flaps at the front below and a short blouse revealed her back. I touched it and felt it in public and her naval was very sensual. I wanted to just kiss her and make her mine forever. I was very hungry. We went to a dining resto and had few drinks.

We drove towards our resort. We were cuddling in the car. I was playing with her hairs and she was just inching and leaning into me. It was a few months she did not have sex and Namrata was burning with desires. I wanted to delay her desire to bring more fun to our sex session.

It was a three-day fuck fest for me so I wanted to fuck her slowly and enjoy her body well. I just cuddled with her and in the car. ‘Tip tip barsa paani’ was playing in the car. The next song was, ‘Bharo, maang meri bharo, pyar mujhe karo’. It was heating everything inside us.

We reached the place after 2 hours drive. It was a very secluded resort with a lot of greenery. I asked Namrata to get fresh. I lit the bonfire. She wore a sequin shimmering dress. There was a wooden chair placed. I brought our a glass of wine bottle and asked Namrata to sit on my lap.

She punched me and pulled my cheeks, saying, “You are so sweet Nikhil.” I played ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Song, ‘Love me like you do’. I was lingering my fingers on her inner thighs and butt. She was enjoying each touch of mine in that cold wintery night.

We were ecstatic and held her in my arms. I was moving and dancing with her, whispering in her ears, “I will make this the best weekend you will ever have in your entire life.” Namrata smiled shyly. I put a peck on her cheeks, and she moved her face away and I brought it back towards me.

I again rubbed her lips with my fingers, and she was aroused. But I wanted it to go all the way till morning tonight the fuck session. Namrata was moaning and I caressed her ass over the dress. My dick was hard but I did not let her touch it. I just brought closed and hugged her tight while pinching her backless cold skin.

It was cold, the fire went off. I picked Namrata into my hands. She was not that heavy. She easily climbed in my hands. Namrata asked me to put her on my shoulder. I just lifted her and put on my shoulder and we went inside the room. The room was very dimly lit.

The bed was perfect for our session. I slowly kissed her neck on the bed. Then started caressing her thighs more and she was moaning heavily, the urge was going high. I then slid her dress from the shoulder. She held me tight and I just pressed her boobs and pinched her nipples.

She liked the pinching, and then brought my mouth towards it and started sucking her boobs and then slowly removed the second boobs. Both the melons were in my hands. I just sucked them one by one and climbed on her on missionary position.

Then she was going crazy and was biting her neck and the saliva was wetting her all over. Namrata was aroused fully. I raised her, and now she wanted more of me. She went down on me and started playing with my body. Namrata just opened my shirt buttons and bit my nipples and sucked it just like I did to hers.

She bit it well and wetting and biting hard. I was moaning as well. Then she just licked me all over with her lipsticks marks all over me. Then she looked into my eyes and tried opening my belt with her teeth and she managed it so well. I was smiling. Then she opened the button and was drooling over my hard cock.

Namrata wet my underwear with her saliva and tried sucking it over my underwear and holding it. I was looking at her hanging boobs which were perfectly erect and tight. I just smacked them to arouse her and she continues playing with my hard dick.

Namrata just slipped out my dick and saw it with her eyes wide open looking at the cock size. She just licked it with the tip of her tongue and licked the tip and slowly slipping the foreskin down. I was going wild and crazy. Namrata started sucking the cock deep in her throats.

I was moaning loudly and enjoying the blowjob. She just chocked herself and saliva coming out of her mouth. I just held her head and pushed it more and she just smiled even more after sucking like a candy. She took off my pants and licked me all over the groin.

My inner thighs eating everything and wetting me all. Now I could not resist. I said, “Namrata I am cumming and she came near my cock and shook it well and drank all my cum and some fell on her lips and then on her boobs. It was a perfect blow job with went for more than an hour.

Namrata pleased me well, now it was my turn to delight the women. I just brought some ice and started gliding all over her neck. Then on her nipples and then was feeling her tummy with ice. Her moaning voice was very arousing for me. Then I glided the pointed ice cubes into her thighs.

And then pushed one ice cube inside her pussy. She moaned and was jumping on the bed. I just put my one finger inside feeling the ice and it was getting warmer inside. I just lied down between her legs putting her comfortable on the bed. I just brought the tip of my tongue near her pussy.

I started licking the wet pussy. She was enjoying the sight. I was just using my tongue to delight her more and more. It was almost for an hour I licked her all over the place. Then massaged her feet with my tongue and she was very satisfied. Not it was time for action.

I asked her to kneel down and just gave her my dick near her mouth. She was more than happy to take it again, Namrata sucked again until it was hard. I threw her on bed doggy style. I used my spit to wet her vagina. Namrata rested her head on the bed and raising her ass to drool it.

I used my erect cock to fuck her. I just entered into her and she moaned like a child. The sound made me aroused and my cock was completely inside her. Then I caught a breath and started fucking. Her deep down and holding her climbed her waist. I just did her again and again.

She was ready to feel my cock deep inside I fucked her until we lost breath. I was holding cum for long. I just climbed on top of her and gave her my cum again in her mouth. My cock was erect again in the wintery night and again fucked her with my wet cock.

I pushed inside again into her pussy and fucked her. It was an amazing fuck session and it went on for so many times all night. Reply to me on [email protected] to have an amazing session.

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