Finally Laid My Senior’s Wife – Part 4

Please read these previous parts to know what happened earlier.

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She too said that she will change her dress into some light saree or salwar suit as the lehenga chunni is heavy. She was walking ahead of me on the stairs. Her 36 size ass was juggling on every step. The deep brown blouse was inviting to be kissed all around her back. I opened the door and she came behind.

She first went inside to wash her hands. Then I went into the bathroom to change into shorts. I came out and saw her bit shivering and she was bending over the suitcase to fetch her salwar suit which she had planned to wear during the marriage ceremony.

She had removed chunni and her bent shape was giving ample view of her white melon. Over that her hanging mangalsutra was the icing on the cake. I was standing near the bed. She got up and kept the salwar suit on the table near to the bed. When she turned around to go inside the bathroom, I held her hand.

She asked, “ Ab kya hua?” I held both her hand and bring her closer to me slowly and said, “I am sorry bhabhi and thank you too.”

She – For what?

Me- Main apne par control nahi kar paya aur ye sab ho gaya.

She- It’s ok. Jo hua so hua, ab bhool jaiye woh sab ko.

Me- Ab itni asani se aise golden moments ko to nahi bhool sakta hoon.

I slowly walked her to the wall, and when she was against the wall, I whispered to her ears, “Bhabhi aap bohut khoobsurat lag rahi hain.” And with this, I kept my hand on her waist.

She- Chhodiye na, ye sab kya kar rahe hain.

I kept on praising her. I said, “Thank you bhabhi aapne kamar par hath rakhkar dance karna sikhaya.” I thought the situation is looking favorable. I was not anticipating that I will be again lucky to screw her today. I thought let me continue with the seduction and see how far it goes.

At least I will be able to satisfy myself after foreplay if she doesn’t allow me at any stage. I blow air on her neck and pecked a kiss on her neckline with my hands roaming above her waist on both sides. I kissed on her cheeks and ears. It was getting high on her.

My hands reached on her breast above blouse. I gave a soft squeeze. She moaned and my lips were on her lips. I pressed her breast with little more force and kissed her cleavage. The light was on and her body was shining on tube light. My hands reached on the first hook of the blouse and opened it.

She was trying to stop. I again kissed her lips. It was sweet with rose flavors. I told her, “Bas bhabhi thodi der to pyar kar lene dijiye na.” I smooched her. She held my hand which was already opening the remaining of hooks. With this, her blouse becomes loose and cream color bra was holding the big musk melons.

I kissed her breast over the bra. I felt her nipples over the bra and bit slowly. She moaned. Her moaning voice was increasing. Now, my target was her lehenga. I lifted her lehenga with one hand to feel her thighs and panties. My one hand reached her panty and thighs.

It was very warm. I thought to remove her panty first by pulling down. But her resistance grew and she tried bit successfully to bring the lehenga down. So, I got hold of her lehenga knot. And I suddenly loosen the knot and within a fraction, her lehenga went down her knees. She couldn’t do much.

Her chubby thighs with light blue colored floral panty were a treasure to watch. I was thinking about whether to keep her body parts watching or to enjoy also. I turned her face towards the wall. I kissed on her back, shoulders. My hands were roaming on her front side on the shoulders.

I kept my hands moving down over her lower abdomen and finally on the panty covering her pussy. I just pressed my palm on the pussy area. She shivered and moaned. My hands were doing magic on her thighs. Sometimes roaming over the pussy area, sometimes on thighs.

My one hand was on breast and another was on her thighs. It was difficult for her to save both the body parts at the same time. I kissed on her back, gave light bites on shoulders. I then suddenly pulled her floral panty down. She tried unsuccessfully.

By the time she bent to hold the panty, I inserted my hands from the back between the legs and touched her love holes. I turned her around and pushed her on the bed. She was lying on her back. Her blouse opened, panty was down the knee. And I removed the panty.

The previous night, I just did intercourse, but today there was time for love and sex. I kissed on her naval. She shivered and moaned loudly. She held my head. She requested not to touch her. But I kept on moving my lips and tongue on her abdomen area. Slowly, I came down on her love hole.

It had small pubic hair with a strange fragrance. I kissed over pussy. I hold both her legs tightly and tried to walk my tongue over pussy openings from waist to the start point of her ass hole. It was unbearable for her as and when I spread more of her leg and pushed my tongue deep inside her pussy.

Despite giving birth to 2 babies, it seemed tight. I kissed and played. My tongue explored the inner part of her pussy. I pulled the inner skin of her love holes. At one time, I inserted my finger and sucked simultaneously. Her moaning was increasing. She raised her ass which eventually took my tongue deeper.

I could feel the contraction in her pussy and can sense she was on the verge of her orgasm. I continued with pussy kissing and with one hand pinching her nipples. I found her body getting stiff and my tongue felt the liquid coming out from the pussy. I tried to suck as much as possible.

She became rigid and motionless for a few minutes. I stopped kissing. I removed my shirt and shorts. I was in my underwear. It was time to attack her melons. The first sight I saw was her sindoor and mangalsutra. She was a perfect milf. Her hair had become messy.

I took her breast with bra in my mouth and with another hand I squeezed another breast. My crotch was struggling against her pussy area. I took my hand on her back and opened her bra hook. Now, there were just 2 loose clothes on her body. I lift her bra over the breast and saw the big melon.

I could not realize that the breasts are so beautiful which I mercilessly squeezed yesterday night. These were made to be loved. I took nipples between my fingers and rubbed. She moaned a lot. I sucked her breast and nipples. She was moaning high and high with every bite.

My tongue and teeth were busy with nipples. I had a bit guilty of having sex with her again so I was avoiding eye contact. I removed my underwear and my dick touched at the hole. I gave love bites on her cleavage. Her 34 d breasts must have become 36 due to being squeezed.

The milky white breast had turned reddish with continuous sucking, rubbing and biting. Amazing that after 8 years of her marriage, those melons were still tight. Now, it was time for the final countdown. I spread her legs, I lifted myself, positioned my tight dick over her love holes.

I rubbed my penis over pushy using my hand. I looked into her eyes. Her eyes were moist as her eyes were feeling helplessness. I kissed on her neck, squeezed her big melon using another hand. And then I gave a big jerk to my dick which took it inside her pussy. She screamed and moaned.

I kept my dick inside her pussy after the first push for 30-40 seconds. Then I lifted myself while ensuring that some part of the dick is still inside pussy. I gave 2nd push inside the pussy which took 2/3rd of my dick into the pussy. Her orgasm had made her pussy wet and it helped my dick to have less frictional movement.

It reduced her pain too. I started slow but deep thrust and every thrust was making her moan more. I was holding her shoulder with one hand and was ravaging her breast with another hand. My mouth was working in tandem with my push. Every push was giving my mouth more energy to suck her breast.

Her eyes were closed. Her hair was messed up and sindoor was spread on her forehead. The thought that I am debauching a married lady had a multiplier effect on my energy level. I kept on pushing dick back and forth. I reduced my speed for a while.

Before she realized why I stopped. I turned myself down and her on my top without removing my dick. Now, it was a sight to watch. My dick disappeared inside her pussy. Her blouse was opened from front and bra was unhooked at back. I was watching her body very keenly and she felt shy.

She kept her hands on her breasts and was avoiding eye contact with me. I took her hands in my hands. And moved my mouth towards her breast. I sucked her breasts and whispered in her ears, “Bhabhi, jump kijiye na.” She still didn’t know what and how to do a cowgirl position.

It seemed she had not tried many sex positions. She tried to jump unsuccessfully. I got to know it’s not going to work. Then, in the same position, I started an upward thrust. First with slow motion and then with fast motion. Her breasts started vibrating up and down. I kept on squeezing.

I did an upward thrust for 5-8 minutes and it made me tired. I realized that I should continue with missionary positions if I want to last a bit longer. Then again, I rolled her down and I came on top of her. I laid on her for some time with my dick still inside her pussy. I kissed on her neck.

She was still avoiding eye contact. I held her face and moved her chin so that she can look into my eyes. We made eye contact and I told her, “Bhabhi you are beautiful and sexy.” She smiled and suddenly I lifted myself and gave a big thrust. Her voice choked almost and she could just mutter.

I started moving fast. I wanted my dick to travel in the farthest territory of her womb. I raised her left leg from her knee using my right hand. It made enough wide space to accommodate my dick. I was pushing hard and hard and with every thrust, her moans were increasing. I was on the verge of ejaculation.

She too realized that I can come any time. She was moaning. She requested, “Please, bahar nikaliyega, ganda ho jayega. Please, bahar hi nikaliye.” I was in no mood to listen. I felt my dick hitting her womb and then I gave a big push. Her moan turned into a cry.

All of sudden my dick erupted hot lava deep inside her womb. I was holding her breast with one hand, holding her leg with another hand and my mouth was on her another breast. I discharged all my sperms in 4-5 lots within a minute. I can feel very less space for my sperm’s movement.

I released her legs. I buried my head on her cleavage and laid on her body for 4-5 minutes. We were taking deep breaths, our chests were hitting each other with a deep breath. Her sindoor had spread on her forehead and cheeks, mangalsutra was near to my face. I felt as if I enjoyed my married life.

My body was motionless now. My dick was getting shorter now. I kissed on her face and said, “Thank you, Bhabhi, for good times.” I took my dick out and laid beside her. Both of us were lying naked. I could then see my juice was coming out slowly around her thighs.

I took her panty lying on the bed and then kept it on her pussy to contain the slippage. She scolded naughtily that I spoiled her new panty. She took panty in her hand and placed it at her pussy. She got up from the bed and ran towards the bathroom.

Her breasts were hanging, messy hair was all around her shoulders, back and in front. After 10 minutes, she asked for a towel by opening a small portion. I handed over the towel. She came out of the bathroom just wrapping a towel over the bra. She had removed the blouse.

The towel was covering her pussy area and was just around her thighs. I could see her she wearing no panty. She bent to open the suitcase and her ass was almost exposed. I was seeing her big bums the first time. I felt like burying my face on her ass creeks and spanking those ass cheeks.

She took a panty and salwar suit before going to the bathroom. I pulled her towards me. Her back was on my front. My hands were on her stomach over the towel. I blew air on her shoulders, kept her hair on the front and kissed on shoulders. She started moaning.

She – Abhi to kiye hai aap, man nahi bhara kya.

Me- Aapko jitni baar bhi dekhu, man nahi bharega.

She tried to resist, but I opened the towel knot and towel fell. I turned her face towards me. She was looking beautiful. She had the bra on her body. I held her by her waist, my crotch was touching her pussy area. I kissed on her neck first and then cheeks and then on her lips.

She didn’t know much about French kiss, however, when I started smooching her lips, she co-operated. Meanwhile, my hand started roaming around her thighs and put my fingers slowly inside her pussy. She moaned and sighed. But her murmurs were silenced by my kiss.

Her pussy hole was very slippery because of my cum. After 5 minutes of kissing, I released her, though my dick had started hitting her thighs, I let her go.

Me- Bhabhi, kaisa tha?

She- Bohut achchha tha.

Me- Kabhi aapne aisa kiss nahi kiye kya?

She- Itna intense kiss nahi ki thi.

She went to the bathroom and came out wearing a salwar suit. She was looking beautiful as usual. I had the urge to drill her again. But I thought to keep this relation for the long term. I need to have patience and slow-moving relation. She combed her hair.

She said she will be going to the banquet hall for the marriage ceremony. I kissed her again. She shied and went. I also got ready and went to function after half an hour.

That’s the end of my sexual journey. What happened the next day and what followed in the next few years, I will be sharing with next stories. Please do share your feedback on my mail id: shock.gaura[email protected]

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