A New Beginning – Part 1

I have been reading the stories for years, thank you for all of your stories. Many of your stories made me more curious to push my limits and explore the world of pleasure. This will be my first attempt at expressing my experience in the form of words to you all.

This or any of the stories which I post won’t be your regular, ‘Wham bam thank you, ma’am’. Nor will I ever mention any names, sizes, stats or any of that stuff. I won’t be telling you all how long or thick my shaft is or a number of strokes or time in one position.

But I will share with you all how I seduced or was seduced/aroused. How and where I bit her, spanked her? How was her reaction/expression to my actions? Through my story, I wish you will use your imagination, step into my situation and write to me how and what else you would have done it to her/me.

I wanted a similar email id and name for the story and all the cool names were taken, I am stuck with this. Do comment, criticize, tell me what you would have done. Anything and everything, my email id is [email protected].

To start off let’s call me Jolly, why not. I am 30 years old (as of 2019) and from Bangalore, born and brought up there. I have done engineering from one of the top colleges in the city and masters from the UK. I came back to the city to take care of our family business.

I had a serious relationship in college and it finished before I could graduate. The breakup was too messed up. Afterward, I vowed not to get into anything serious. I was way too messed up and wanted to go away as soon as I finished my engineering. I went to the UK for my masters.

I blasted my way through, finished the course in about a year or a couple of months over a year. I worked for over 5 years in Southampton, UK. I had to come back to Bangalore due to family sentiments. After 5 years of living alone, I had a tough time adjusting to the change when I moved back to Bangalore in 2016.

While I was in the UK, I lived alone in a rented apartment off above bar street, which was a good place. The city center was close, with plenty of restaurants, pubs and a couple of colleges. So had pretty good fun with college chicks. Almost every weekend I used to get some action.

I spent the entire weekdays working. After my breakup, I had turned into a workaholic rather than an alcoholic. Other than work everything was in stark contrast in Bangalore. Our factory was about 30 minutes away from home. All my friends had married or settled elsewhere.

The social life was down to nonexistent from the minimum. I had had no sex for 8 months. I am not a person who goes to professionals to fulfill my sexual needs. I didn’t feel right to try my luck with women working with us. Too many complications and potential risks.

Those 8 months were really frustrating and it was getting into my head. I was getting cranky, bad-tempered and could not really focus on anything in particular. This was the same time around when I started reading sex stories.
I never wanted a driver but I was forced to have one. My dad suggested one.

I thought having drivers will be like someone always looking at you, keeping an eye. You gotta be more careful about what you say, what you do, have to be your best at all times. As time passed, to my surprise the driver which my dad suggested was great.

His name is Mithun. (I did say no names. But calling him driver didn’t seem right. He means a lot more and he will be mentioned more than a couple of time, hence a false name).He is the nicest person I have ever known. He drives me around, manages my meetings/schedules.

He finds me the right point of contact for business deals. I seldom carry any cash. So he is one to buy me great tea, coffee, puff (also called as a pastry for you English folks out there) He knows every gully and sandhi of Bangalore, also happens to know best parking spots which are always available.

To top all this he is also preparing for IBPS exams. He did crack his IBPS exams, joined a nationalized bank and got married at the end of 2018. I had a blast at his wedding, Kodava (Coorg). Weddings are mad fun, although we no longer work together, we do meet every now and then.

This happened after about 8-9 months since I had moved back to India. Mithun asked me a favor. There was a girl from his hometown. She was looking for work. She had quite good grades. But her resume had too much unwanted information and her CV was lacking.  It was hardly 5-10 minutes.

I pointed out a few things and suggested a few more changes in her CV. She did manage to get some interviews. But thanks to our education system good grades don’t always measure up to expressing your ideas, knowledge and other stuff. After a month or less Mithun was back with her issue.

I was willing to help them both as he too was preparing for IBPS exams. But only if he buys me biryani at Aditya’s. On a Saturday noon, we decided to skip work and go out for lunch. As usual, Aditya (restaurant) was super crowded. So we got the biryani packed, parked under a tree.

The moment of silence when there is good food that is truly remarkable. After our lunch, we moved to my Mithun place where we were meeting the girl. We had few mock interviews, suggested a few changes in their approach to answering a question. How to frame a sentence, very basic stuff.

We did that for about 2-2.5 hours. At the end of it, Mithun’s mother brought us a coffee. While having coffee the girl asked for my number. I handed her my card. The card had all the contact details regarding work, which I never use on a holiday unless it’s urgent.

On Sunday night while preparing for a coming week’s meetings/orders etc, I looked at the mobile and saw a couple of messages from the girl. I didn’t open them but I could read a few lines from the notification bar. It was something regarding interview something I don’t remember exactly what it was.

On Monday morning while on our way to work, I opened a text from the girl and told Mithun about the message. She was asking if we could meet again for some help regarding the interview. I asked Mithun to speak to her and help her. By noon I had another message from her saying she wanted to meet me and needed my help.

While returning home I did mention the same to Mithun. He showed very little concern regarding this and replied with just ‘ok’. Once I was back home, I jerked off imagining the possibilities in the shower and stepped out feeling more charged up. I replied to the girl, asking her what kind of help she needs now.

Within minutes I got a reply from her saying that she is scared to attend the interview and she fears the rejection. I was in no mood to give her any pep talk. So I replied saying if she attends the interview I will take her to a movie and then dinner.

No surprise, she was more than willing to attend the same monstrous interview now. We did decide to go to a movie on Wednesday. We met outside the theater on Wednesday evening. Being mid-week there were very few people. In hopes of getting some tongue and lips exercise I had booked seats in the last row.

There was one more couple who decided to settle down in the second or third row. The hall had a seating capacity of about 30-40 max. I was least bothered about her interview but I had to ask her. She drew a sad face and said she didn’t get it. I said some popcorn might cheer her up.

I got her a tub and a couple of soft drinks. I was least interested in the movie, to think of it I don’t even remember which movie it was. The movie started. Initially, I pretended to watch it but she was at the corner of my eye. She had popcorn in her hand.

I intentionally missed the bucket and went for her thighs the first time and her abdomen the second. Both the occasions she had long blank stares at me but nothing startling to her. I didn’t want to be the one initiate anything. But on the other side I didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

In today’s day and age both men and women have to be careful. Just as the world couldn’t be trusted anymore. That too with my past experience I always expected worse from people. About 20-30 minutes into the movie she made her move and placed her hand on my thighs.

I had my drink in my left hand. I placed my drink in the holder and took her hand into left hand. I placed my right arm across her shoulder. She had worn a chudidhar/salwar/kurtha one of these. I could never differentiate between these three, which had a flowing V neck.

My hand had almost forgotten the feel of women’s skin. I was caressing her shoulder, collar bone, neck and her ear lobe for a few minutes. She tilted her head and tried to squeeze my hand. Her left hand was consistently fastened into mine.

The more I caressed her, the tighter she squeezed and sweatier her palm became. As soon as she tilted her head and tried to squeeze my hand between her neck and shoulder. She also let go of my left hand and began to stroke my thigh. Taking it as an invitation to go deeper, I began towards her chest and upper breast.

The moment I reached her cleavage lights were on and it was the intermission. We both stared at each other, didn’t utter a word for the first few minutes. Her eyes drifted from mine towards my bulge as soon as she saw it. She had a gleaming glow on her cheeks and a small smile.

I did try to adjust and clam down a little. Not to hide it from her but I had to take a piss. By the time the second half began things had cooled down and had to redo little of igniting the flame. As soon as lights went off my fingers were at the edge of her bra caressing and occasionally pinching her top of her breast.

She began to breathe heavy and sweat a little. At this time I withdrew my hand and placed it at the armrest. She had WTF look on her face, while she stared at me. Once she regained her breathe, I went in closer to her. I put my right hand across her waist and slid my hand into the dress from the slit of chudidhar top.

Although I lurked into her pants, I didn’t touch the clit. With my fingertips, I was exploring her hypogastric region (below navel till her pubic area). Occasionally stroked her clit just to tease her even more and push her into desperation.

I didn’t want her to reach climax. I withdrew after a while, bit her ear lobe and asked her to tidy herself. End credits rolled and the lights were back on. Wee checked each other if we were appropriate to walk out into the public. While we were walking out, she asked me if I liked the movie.

The movie was very good but felt incomplete, let’s hope there is a sequel to it. She agreed to it and said there was a lot of teasing for more action to come, hopefully, it will be worth it.

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