Married Neighbour’s Kinks And Fantasies Fulfilled

Dear readers, I am back with another story. This time it’s about my encounter with a newly married neighbour. About me, I am 6feet, 32” waist, fair to wheatish in colour, and around 36 years of age.

I stay in Bangalore. I am bi and curious. I enjoy BDSM and kinky stuff but not hardcore types. I stay in a small community where we all know each other.

One of our neighbours recently got married. I used to often see her, and we exchanged smiles and small chats but nothing beyond that. After marriage, she moved to her husband’s place.

After a couple of months, my married neighbour came back to her house to spend some time with her parents. She was no longer the cheerful bubbly kind that I knew her to be. She used to still smile and talk to me, but I figured out that she would be going through the marriage traumas that every newly-wed would go through.

My married neighbour told me that her husband had gone on site and will be back only after 6 months. I somehow started looking at her differently. She was a hot girl, but I never had any dirty intentions towards her. Somehow, I started having hots for my married neighbour girl.

One day, her parents also had to leave for their home town in an emergency, and she chose not to go because of the travel. I saw her sitting on the balcony alone sipping coffee. I started chatting with her.

Slowly, we became close and started chatting on WhatsApp. It then became late-night chats and intimate chats. She told me her husband would cum soon and everything ended in 10 minutes.

My neighbour girl was kind of feeling bad because of this. No foreplay and all, he would just strip, fuck, cum, and sleep in 10 minutes. I didn’t know how to respond.

The next day, I asked her if she would like to go on a drive. She agreed. We just drove outside city limits for some time, chatted a lot, and came back. She thanked me for the break that she badly needed. She then invited me for dinner. I readily accepted.

I went to her place at night, and we had a nice dinner together. My married neighbour girl then suggested we watch a movie. I said, “Ok,” and we settled on the sofa and watched an English movie. All throughout the movie we were chit-chatting. Occasionally, she would hit me playfully, and I would use the opportunity to feel her hand. It was so smooth and flawless.

At one point, I held her hand and looked at her eyes directly. I knew it was a make or break chance. She looked back directly for a few seconds. I continued to hold her hand and slowly squeeze it. She looked down and squeezed back. I knew she was in for it.

I slowly pulled my neighbour girl towards me and hugged her. She too hugged me back.

I looked at her again and went directly for the lips and smooched her hard. Her lips felt so delicious. She, too, responded and bit my lips. We opened and explored each other’s mouths in the process. Meanwhile, my hands reached down and squeezed her boobs. She let out a soft moan. She then led me to her bedroom.

I took a scarf and blindfolded her. She was taken aback by surprise. She had told me in chat before that she likes to try bondage as a fantasy. I then removed her top and tied her hands spread out on the bed to both the corners using her dupattas.

I removed her pants and tied her legs also to each side of the bed. She was now lying down helpless spread out on the bed. What a sight it was.

My married neighbour was only in her red bra, panty, and socks (I like to fuck ladies with their socks on). I made her turn around and tied her spread out with her back facing up.

Her ass looked delicious, and I decided I would take her anal cherry today. She told me she never did anal before. I took some cold cream and spread it on her back.

I climbed on top of her and gave her a good shoulder, neck, and back massage. She was enjoying it a lot and sometimes let off a soft moan. I used to sometimes cup her breasts hard from behind while massaging. She used to go crazy while I did that.

I then went further down and squeezed her ass. She was enjoying it. I kept squeezing, licking, biting, and massaging it. I also occasionally spanked it.

In sometime, her ass cheeks became red. I slowly pulled her panties down. Since her legs were spread out couldn’t pull it further down. So, I took a pair of scissors and cut it out.

She was surprised when I did that. She was now almost naked except for her bra. I took some more cold cream and rubbed it on her ass and between the ass cheeks.

While doing so, I also sometimes pressed her asshole. She moaned when I did that. I then put more cold cream on her asshole and started pushing it deep.

Her hole was very tight. I told her to relax and after some more massage, I could feel her asshole relaxing. With some more cream, I managed to get a finger in.

She literally jumped and asked me to remove it saying, “It’s paining.” I just kept it in and told her to relax. After some time, she relaxed. I then started fingering her, and she was kind of liking it.

Slowly, with some more cream, I put in another finger. This time, again she screamed and jumped. Luckily, she screamed into the pillow else the neighbours would have heard.

After some time, when she relaxed, I inserted one more finger and expanded her hole, and fingered her nicely. I could see that she was having fun along with the pain. Occasionally, I used to massage and spank her ass also.

I pulled out all my fingers, and she felt some relief. I then removed my clothes and lay on top of her. She enjoyed the warm feeling. I gave her some kisses on the lips while my cock was probing her ass.

She could feel my cock and was raising her ass to feel it. She was expecting to get her pussy fucked. But I had other plans. I slowly kept my cock on her asshole and gave a slight push.

That’s when she realized what I was up to and tried to push me away. But since her hands and legs were tied, she couldn’t do much. She told me to please not do it as it will be very painful, but I told her to calm down and relax.

I told her it will be better than the fingers. I kept on kissing her neck and cheeks. I then reached for her lips and started kissing it. While doing so, I gave a big push and half my cock went in.

She screamed into my mouth and bit my lips. The intensity of the bite showed how much pain she was in. Her ass was also damn tight and hot.

Tears rolled from her eyes. She was continuously trying to shake me off and begging me to take it out. I just left it in there and in another big push, got my entire cock in her.

It was such a heavenly feeling. I felt like my dick was on fire. Her asshole was so much tighter than my cock, and it started paining. I could feel the walls of her asshole gripping my cock tightly.

I kept kissing her lips, neck, and shoulder to relax her. I told her the pain part is over, and it will be all fun now. She somewhat calmed down. I then started slowly stroking my married neighbour girl’s and out.. making sure that she is comfortable.

After some time, I could see that she was enjoying and moaning. She was asking me to fuck her harder. I untied her legs and made her lie in a doggy position.

I then started penetrating her deeper and she was moaning with every stroke that I made. I also started fingering her pussy and massaging her clit which made her go crazy.

I increased my speed and started ramming her for quite some time until her ass loosened up. I could feel her pressure building up in her pussy, and I was also close to cumming.

I bent and lay on her back, cupping and squeezing her boobs and nipples with one hand, finger in her pussy, and gave quick pushes. She trembled and had a huge orgasm and cummed heavily all over my hand.

This also caused her ass to tighten which made me cum big inside her. I crushed her boobs as I came in her. I then collapsed and lay beside her and untied her hands.

My young neighbour lay on my chest with her boobs crushing my chest. I was playing with her boobs and feeling her ass, thighs, pussy, and all. She was just enjoying the touch and the feeling that she enjoyed until now.

She told me she never had an orgasm with her husband and was glad to have me. She also felt happy to have lost her anal virginity to me in such a manner.

Her ass was all red by now. I told her I would be more than happy to serve her whenever she wanted and to fulfil all her fantasies. We still maintain this secret relation.

She would call up whenever there was an opportunity to meet up. We explored many BDSM and kinks together. Of all, this was the most memorable.

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