The Girl From The Club

Hey guys, hope you all are doing fine. I wanted to share my first ever lesbian experience with a girl from the club. I hope you like it and have fun reading it.

A little about myself – I’m Sarah, and I live in Mumbai. I’ve always been a naughty girl right from school until this very day. I love to wear short dresses that expose my figure and tempt boys and tease them. My stats are 36-26-3. I love the attention that I get for my assets, and I’m grateful for it.

Getting to the incident, it happened a few months back. Obviously, during the last year, because of the lockdown, we were all stuck at home. My parents live in New York so I live alone and it was really boring for me. The first few months were okay.

I’d just use my dildo to satisfy myself, but then it got really frustrating. I wanted a big dick inside me, and I was going crazy. I wanted to have sex so badly that I seduced my neighbor and fucked his brains out (a story for next time). But even then, I wasn’t satisfied. His dick wasn’t as good as I was used to.

The frustration was growing, and I was unable to find a solution to fill my lust. One day, I got a call from my friend saying that she knows a club that has opened up now and that we should go there. I was very happy! I knew I could definitely get some good cock at the club.

I was in full slut-mode for that night. I dressed up in a red dress that was backless almost until my hips and had a deep neck. I was so horny that I didn’t care to wear a bra or panty and went full commando in that dress. This was the first time I was trying something so bold. It was exciting!

I got to my car. The watchman at the gate scanned me for a good few minutes and to tease him. I dropped my keys near him and bent down to pick them up, giving him a glimpse of my boobs. I could see the look on his face. It was really fun to tease him like that.

I drove to the club where my friend was waiting for me outside. She saw me and was a little shocked, but she knew I was kind of slutty. She whispered in my ear while greeting me, “Looks like someone wants to get laid tonight.”

“That’s the idea,” I said as I winked at her.

We went in, and the club was pretty crowded, considering the situation and everything. We got to the bar and ordered some drinks for ourselves. I could see many guys checking me out with lust in their eyes, and I loved it.

It was turning me on a little, and my nipples had started poking out of my dress.

We were having our drinks and chatting when a girl came and sat next to me. “You look really good,” she said. As I turned towards her, I saw a girl in her early 20s, almost my age. She had short hair, black leather pants, and a crop top with red lipstick and ear piercings on her right ear. She looked really hot!

I said thanks and blushed a little. I usually don’t get compliments from girls. It’s more of hate comments and jealousy. “Supriya,” she said as she extended her hand, introducing herself. I shook her hand and introduced myself as well. My friend’s boyfriend came along at that time. He asked her for a dance.

As they were walking away, I saw him check me out. Now it was just Supriya and me at the bar. We were chatting casually. I got to know she’s a fashion designer. She is originally from Delhi but moved here for work. We had a fun chat.

She was definitely flirting with me and appreciating my body and constantly running her fingers over my hands. Since I had never come across such a situation before, I didn’t know how to react and ignored most of it. While we were talking, a couple of guys came up to me and asked me for a dance.

They were really good-looking and had a good physique as well. The fact that I was still horny, I agreed and went on. We danced for a while as they kept touching me and feeling my body. Sandwiching me between them, I could feel their semi-erect dicks on my ass.

They were caressing my ass, and I was enjoying it. I saw Supriya at the counter, and she had a mixed expression of lust and anger. We danced for a few more minutes and then one of them kissed me. He was a good kisser, so I kissed him back.

By this time, I was pretty drunk and horny but had control over myself to some extent. I broke the kiss and told him I had to use the washroom. I slightly squeezed his dick over his pants and gave him a slutty smile as I left him.

I went to the washroom, adjusted my dress, and put up some lipstick when Supriya came in. She was definitely jealous and came and stood next to me and said, “Seems like you’re enjoying your night, huh?” I just gave her a big smile and started to leave.

She held my hand and pulled me towards her. Now she had me in her arms, and her grip was surprisingly tight. Before I could understand what was happening, she leaned in and kissed me. I have to say that was by far the best kiss I’ve ever had. Her lips were so soft, and I could taste her lip gloss as well.

Our tongues played with each other, and we were both lost in the kiss. She broke the kiss and then looked into my eyes. I got back to my senses and said, “What are you doing?”

“Shhh,” she said as she covered my mouth and took me into one of the toilet stalls. She closed the door and pinned me against the wall. In a flash, I inserted her finger under my dress right into my pussy. She looked at me and said, “Look at how slutty you are, no panties!” as she started fingering me.

Oh, I couldn’t stop her! I started moaning a little. She removed her hand from my mouth and pulled down my dress from my shoulders. Now my boobs were completely exposed. She looked at me with lust in her eyes and started sucking them. All this while she was gently fingering my pussy.

I was in the 7th sky or whatever the proverb is. I had no words to describe the pleasure I was feeling. I closed my eyes and enjoyed every moment of it. Then she got on her knees and started licking my pussy. As I was already horny, I was about to cum in a few minutes. I told her.

To my surprise, she stopped. I was pissed. I didn’t want it to end yet. She got up, kissed me, and said, “It’s better if we take it somewhere else.” I understood and told her to follow me. I quickly wore my dress and adjusted it properly, and left the club from the back entrance.

I called my friend on the way out to tell her I left. We got into my car and drove towards my place. On the way, she started fingering me again. I pulled up her t-shirt and started caressing her 34 sized boobs with one hand while the other was on the steering.

Soon we reached my place. We parked the car, and as soon as I got out, she pinned me against the car and started kissing me. I stopped her, saying that we might get caught here, and guided her to the elevator. We got on my floor. As soon as I opened the door, she pushed me in.

She closed the door with her legs and pinned me against the wall. We kissed again. This time there was no fear of being caught. I ran my hands through her hair and over her leather pants, caressing her ass. We both moved onto the couch and kissed for a good 5-10 minutes.

I got up and pulled down my dress and was now completely naked in front of her. She got up and kissed me on the neck, and started sucking on my erect nipples. I pulled off her t-shirt and undid her bra, and out popped her beautiful and perfectly round boobs.

I started pressing them and pinching on her pink nipples. I pulled down her pants, and now she was just in her black panty. I pushed her on the couch and pulled down her panty with my teeth. Her pussy was well trimmed and was already dripping wet. I took her hand, and we went to the bedroom.

We got onto the bed. She made me lie down and, without wasting any time, got her face into my pussy. She started licking me again. I cannot stress on this much, but there’s just something about girls licking other girls that guys will never be able to achieve (no offense, guys).

Oh, what a heavenly feeling that was. She was squeezing my boobs with one hand while licking me. I had my hands in her hair, pushing her face deeper into my pussy. Now the pleasure was uncontrollable. With one loud moan, there was a shiver down my body as I released my cum in her face.

She drank all of it and looked at me with a slutty smile. Now it was my turn. I exchanged positions with her and started licking her wet pussy. As this was my first time, I just tried doing what I would like someone to do to me, and it worked.

She was a loud moaner, and her moans were turning me hornier. After licking and fingering her pussy for a few minutes, she came into my mouth with a huge load. We lay next to each other for a few minutes, just cuddling and running fingers in each other’s hair.

After a few minutes, she started fingering me again. I looked at her and said, “Again?” She gave me a slutty smile and said, “Yes!” I got up and kissed her. Now we both sat on the bed with our legs crossed and started scissoring each other. Rubbing two pussies with each other was a completely new experience for me.

I was enjoying it thoroughly. We kissed and sucked each other’s boobs, squeezed them. We were having the time of our lives. We tried 69 position, playing with my dildos and all sorts of kinky stuff. After a night full of moaning and multiple orgasms and squirting all over the place, we finally got some rest.

The next morning we woke up pretty late, around 1 pm. I saw her sleeping next to me. I gently kissed her and whispered, “Thank you,” in her ears for this experience. She smiled and did the same as we cuddled in bed for some time.

So, guys, that’s it from me. I hope you all liked the story. You can also read my other story here. I’m open to any and all suggestions and criticism. Do let me know in the comments. You can also reach me out on [email protected]. Until next time then. Bye. Take care.

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