Candid Photography To A Romantic Relationship – Pt 2

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Hi, I’m Vihan back with the next part of my story. I’m glad you liked the last part. Hope you’ll like this about a hot photo shoot.

I asked – Aunty will you be my subject for my photography?

Aunty was numb. She couldn’t comprehend what I had just asked her to do.

Sanjana – What are you saying, Vihan? Are you out of your mind?

Me – Aunty, no one will know. At least have a look at my previous work.

I showed her my work on my iPad. I showed her the nudes of different models. She was going through those pictures one by one. She liked the pictures but, at the same time, was unable to make up her mind as to whether she’ll be able to do this or not. I was constantly trying to persuade her.

Me – Aunty, let’s do this. I’m sure you’ll look good.

Sanjana – I’m not sure, Vihan. I don’t want my pictures online like this.

Me – Done. I wouldn’t post any of your pictures online. They’ll be with me. Safe.

Sanjana – I still don’t know what I’m getting into.

Me – Aunty, if you’re uncomfortable, maybe we can start a normal photo shoot and then take it to the next step.

Sanjana was thinking. Still unable to make up her mind, I pleaded with her.

Me – Aunty please, mazhya sathi ho mhana na (Please say yes for me.)

Sanjana – Oh god, Vihan, this is crazy, but what the hell. Let’s try it out. But the moment I feel uncomfortable, I’m going to stop.

Me – Done!

All excited, I thanked her. I told her to be ready tomorrow. In excitement, I gave her a hug and a small peck on her cheeks and went away. At night I was unable to sleep. I was so excited about tomorrow. At night I texted her what to wear for tomorrow.

The next day, it was a working day. She had taken a holiday from her office. I told my parents that I’m going to my friend’s place. Meanwhile, we had booked a hotel room.

The manager there was someone who I knew and trusted. He exactly knew what my profession was, and he used to happily oblige to my requests. I texted Sanjana the hotel’s address and room no of the presidential suite that I had booked.

I had told her to reach there and change as discussed. I’ll be reaching a bit later so that she gets a bit comfortable with the environment.  My manager friend had shown her the room. She was settled down in the room. I reached around half an hour later.

When I went there, I was stunned to see Sanjana. She was looking damn gorgeous. She was wearing a red color saree with a red blouse with some designs on it. She was wearing minimal jewelry and had her hair tied. She was looking pretty. But I wanted to make her look sexy.

I went near her and told her that she’s looking pretty. But I need to make some changes to her look. Sanjana nodded in approval for me to go ahead. I went near her. First, I adjusted her pallu. The pallu, which was first from front to the back, was now coming from back to the front. Hence exposing her navel and breasts.

I had gotten some jewelry for her – platinum nose rings, bangles, necklace, and most importantly, a platinum-colored kamar band. I started taking off her existing jewelry and started putting the new ones on her – first the earrings, nose ring, and necklace, and lastly, the kamar band.

To tie the kamar band, I went close to her. Put my hands around her waist. I asked her to drop her pallu. I took my hands at the back and brought them in the front to tie the kamar band. While I was doing this, I was very close to her navel. She could feel my breath on her exposed navel and her belly button.

She was breathing slow and was taking long breaths. While tying the kamar band, I purposely touched her navel. She kind of moaned a bit. I looked at her and smiled. She bit her teeth and hit me playfully on my shoulder, saying, “Naughty boy, enough with this, and let’s get on to the photo shoot.”

Me – One last thing, aunty.

Sanjana – Ata kaay jhala? (What else?)

Me – Your hair…

Sanjana – What about them?

Me – They need to be open and not tied. Let me do it for you.

I went behind her back and let her hair free. Now she was looking like an absolute bomb. I told her to have a look in the mirror. She was stunned too. She didn’t know that she could look so hot.

We began with the photoshoot. I started taking her pictures from all angles. I was talking to her, making her comfortable. After a couple of pictures, I would walk to her and adjust her hair and saree. She was now getting comfortable with my touches and me being around.

It was now time for the finale.  I went to her and showed her the pictures that I had taken so far. She was happy with what we had achieved. She was looking like a hot angel.

Me – Should we proceed?

Sanjana – Karaylach hava ka? (Is it necessary?)

Me – That’s why we came here, right?

Sanjana – Ho pan.(Yes, but!)

Me – Don’t be so tensed. It’ll be as easy as this one.

She took a deep breath. And said, “Ok, but please understand I feel very embarrassed to come naked in front of you.”

I went near her. Looked in her eyes. Asked her to trust me and gave her a hug. While I was hugging her, I removed her pallu. And I unbuckled her blouse from the back.

She got to know what I’m up to and tightened her embrace. She hugged me tightly. I unbuckled her blouse. Then her brassiere from the back. I slowly let her go from my embrace. She was a bit teary-eyed. She was staring at me.

I took my hands to her navel. She was breathing heavily. I untucked her saree and went around her turn by turn, untying her saree from her hips. With every round, she was getting a bit shy. She had held her hands across her shoulder to hide her breasts. Now she was only wearing a petticoat and a blouse.

I removed the blouse and the bra and loosened the knot of her petticoat. It fell to the ground. Now she was completely nude. Trying to make an unfruitful effort to hide her assets. She now only had her jewelry on her: the earrings, the nose ring, the necklace, and her kamar band.

All shy, she was standing in the middle of the room with her head down. I took my camera and started shooting her.  I asked her to sit down and pose a bit. A bit teary-eyed, she agreed to my request. Shy, yet beautiful and bold yet so innocent, she started posing for me.

Her hands were still trying to cover her body. After a while, I went to her and whispered

Me – Aunty, haat kadha na. (Remove your hands)

Sanjana moved her head left and right in a disagreement. I held her hands and pulled them apart. She turned her head down in shyness. I lifted her chin up. Stepped back from her and started clicking her nude pictures. The sheer raw emotions and her naked self made for a great muse for my photography.

As we continued, she got a bit more comfortable and started posing a bit freely. We continued our photography saga for at least 2 hours.  Once done, I went to her. She was happy. She seemed content and satisfied to me. I brought a blanket and covered her up.

Me – You did well, aunty.

Saying this, I gave a peck on her cheeks. She stared right into my eyes. We kept staring at each other. I don’t know when but our lips met. We kissed like it’s the end of the world. Breathless, we let each other apart from the kiss.

I took her in my embrace. She held me tightly, and I gave her a kiss on her forehead.

Did we do it? Did we take it to the next level? Stay tuned to know more about Sanjana’s experience at the hot photo shoot. That’s it for now.

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