Gave GF Birthday Surprise – Nutella Chocolate And Semen!

Hi guys, I would like to tell you all a romantic real story that happened between me and my girlfriend. I am Ankur Verma, 20 years old with an athletic figure. I am from Odisha. I have completed my BBA from a posh university in the town.

The story I am going to narrate is a real story that happened a year back.

It was November 17th and it was my girlfriend’s birthday. Oops, I forgot to tell you about her. My girlfriend’s name is Payal. She is the girl everyone would desire. She was a complete package. She was a slim girl with right amount of fat at her boobs and ass.

So, it was her birthday and I had some plans to surprise her. I booked a hotel and arranged everything for a night’s stay. It was to be our first ever night-stay. We had always craved for one and finally, it was possible. I had already told my gf that we will be going for a late-night ride and she agreed to that.

I went to her flat and picked her up. She was delayed by 15 to 20 minutes. It was around 11.30 pm. She came and hugged me tight, but I ignored it a bit. Then I didn’t talk to her too much. She felt a little upset by that.

I directly took her to the hotel and she asked me why we were here. I didn’t reply. My girlfriend became even more upset. Then, I blindfolded her and took her to the room. Till then, she was there with a frowning face.

I opened the door and removed her blindfold. The time was 12.00 am. The room was full of candles, rose petals, and balloons, and a cake was lying on the center of the bed. She was shocked to see all this and had a broad smile on her face. I wished her, “Happy birthday, baby.” In the background “Duniya” song was playing.

My lover was so surprised with all this that she hugged me tightly and kissed me deeply. Then she cut the cake. We shared the cake with a kiss. We ordered our dinner and by the time our food came, we got freshened up.

We had our dinner and wine. Then we started watching the movie, ‘Fifty shades of grey’. There was an intimate scene that came on in that movie, and she kissed me very passionately at that time. We were kissing each other for like half an hour!

Then, my girlfriend came over to me and sat on my lap, looked into my eyes, and told me, “I love you the most, baby,” I kissed her again.

Payal was wearing a top and jeans. I was in my night suit. I took my hands under her top and started caressing her boobs. They were so soft that anyone would want to hold those!

We were lost in ourselves for a while. Suddenly, I unzipped her top and removed it. I kissed my girlfriend neck and her breathing started rising.

Slowly, I came down to her bras and kissed her boobs all over her bra. I gave many love bites all around her body. It was damn passionate.

Then I removed my gf’s bra and took her boobs in my hand and started tickling them. I took my lips and left a peck on her nipples. There were goosebumps all over her body. Then I kissed her boobs and her small pink nipples. By then, she was moaning slowly. I sucked and pressed her boobs for a long time.

Suddenly, Payal took charge. She removed my t-shirt and came over to me. She gave me lots of kisses on my chest and bites too. She let me suck her juicy boobs and I sucked her nipples very deeply.

Then I laid her down on the bed, and unbuttoned her jeans, and took it off. My girlfriend was now lying there, wearing only a pink, wet panty. I gave a small peck on her pussy over her panty and she let out a small moan.

I licked all her juices that were on her panty and kissed it. I removed her panty and kissed her pink, wet pussy. Payal started moaning slowly. I licked my girlfriend’s pussy deeply and along with that, I was pinching her nipples. Her moans started increasing and my pace of licking too.

Then, came the best part.

I had bought a chocolate hamper for her as a gift and there was a Nutella bottle in it. I brought that Nutella bottle opened it, and spread it all over her pussy.

Then I started licking it slowly and she went mad. The taste was beyond everything, a mixture of Nutella along with her juices.. uffffff!

My gf was moaning so loudly that her moans were echoing in the room. Meanwhile, I fingered her pussy along with licking her clit. Her moans were that which was arousing me the most. I kept on fingering and sucking her pussy, and she had her first orgasm with a loud moan.

Suddenly, she came with a load of juices which was mixed with Nutella and I licked all of it.

Payal then got up and gave me deep kisses. She whispered in my ears, “Baby, you are the best with your tongue,” and winked at me. I gave her a smile. She came closer to me, and unbuttoned my pants, and unzipped the chain. She pressed my dick and my balls over the boxers. She took off my boxers and held my dick in her hand. I felt a sensation.

Then she gave a peck on the tip of my dick and then licked it. She started stroking it slowly along with kissing me, and I was pressing her boobs with one hand and rubbing her pussy with another. She let me lay down on the bed and started sucking my dick slowly. My breath was getting heavier now.

Payal started pressing my balls while sucking my dick, and the pace was increased. She sucked me for like 20 to 30 minutes, and then I was about to cum. I told her but still, she kept on sucking. After a couple of minutes, I came inside her mouth and she sucked all my juices.

Payal then gave me a smile, came closer to me, and whispered, “Baby, this was the thing I was craving for so long!” I hugged her tightly.

Then I brought the condom packet from my bag. It was chocolate flavored as chocolates are her favorites. I gave it to her. She winked at me, and told me, “So, it was already planned,” and I gave a smile.

My girlfriend took the packet and opened one, and put it on my dick. I laid her on the bed, and kissed her, and was rubbing my dick over her pussy to tease her.

Then she said, “Baby, please don’t tease me so much. It’s not good to tease your baby so much.”

We were in missionary position and slowly, I entered my dick into her pussy. It was the first time for both of us. It was a little painful for her, but I kissed her, and she felt comfortable. We were feeling as if we were in heaven.

I started banging my girlfriend on her birthday – first slowly and then increasing the pace as she kept moaning loudly with pleasure. I was kissing her all over her body at the same time.

After some time, we changed our position to doggy style. I applied some saliva on her wet pussy and started entering her pussy from behind. I was pressing her boobs along with banging her. My gf’s sexy ass was bouncing. She was moaning, “Baby, cum for me. I want you inside me forever. Baby, harder please, please.”

I increased my pace and started banging her faster. My dick was ready to cum and finally, I exploded in her. She too came at the same time.

Payal again came closer to me and whispered in my ears, “Baby, you are perfect,” then I hugged and kissed her. I cuddled her inside the blanket and we slept fully nude.


Guys, I know the story was long. If you enjoyed the story do let me know. It was my first story, so let me know if there were any mistakes.

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