Shyness Got Stolen In Hotel Room

Hello, this is my first story here I hope you like it. I am Bellesa and I am 22 years old. I love reading erotic stories and watching porn videos more than doing actual things. I never had sex before this incident but I was a very lusty and horny person and this is my story how I lost my virginity.

I started pursuing my master’s degree and was new to the city. After some time and due to a group assignment, I made some friends which was a good thing for my social life. They were so frank with each other. I was still hesitated to talk and always listened to their stories.

After the semester was over, my friends decided to go on a trip to Manali and I agreed. So our journey started on a Friday around 10 in the morning. It was winter season so we all were packed with appropriate clothes.

We rented a car. Shikha sat on the front seat next to her boyfriend who was driving. I was sitting with two guys in the back seat. They turned the heater on and soon, we all got out of our coats.

Everyone was really cozy. We decided not to drive at night so we went to a hotel and rented three rooms – one for Shikha and her boyfriend Kabir, one for me and one for Siddharth and Karan.

We had dinner and decided to settle down in our rooms. I went to bed and turned on the heater. Soon I started to feel really hot. I removed my top and changed into a tank top and shorts and went under the sheets. I removed my bra and panty too.

I started to feel a bit horny too so I started reading sex stories on my phone. Soon I felt so aroused that I started moving my finger around my nipples and used my thumb and finger to tap on both my nipples at once. I was using my other hand to scroll the story.

I felt so good. I kept the phone aside and used my one hand to pinch my nipples and the other to rub my clit. I started pacing up and suddenly, I heard someone knocking on the door.

I quickly wore my top and went to open the door. It was Karan and he asked me if I wanted to join them as they were watching a movie and Shikha and Kabir were out buying drinks. I don’t know why but I started to picture Karan in a very erotic scenario with me. It made me feel more horny and I said yes.

I went to their room. The hallway was a bit colder than the room so my nipples got hard which I didn’t notice until very late.

I sat on the sofa. They were sitting on the bed. Karan started talking and I couldn’t help but notice his lips. I felt I wanted him to kiss me real hard at that moment. I started feeling hot again.

Soon Shikha and Kabir joined us. We all sat on the carpet in a circle and started sipping our drinks. The alcohol really set the mood and everyone was very cozy. After 3 rounds, Shikha and Kabir decide to go to their rooms and I thought I should go too.

I got up and started to leave but Karan stopped me and we all had another round. Siddharth was passed out by this time and I decided to leave finally.

I went to my hotel room with my drink. I wasn’t totally knocked off. I went to my room and had another drink and decided to do something really daring. I called Karan on the phone and asked him to come to my room. I removed my top and was just wearing a tank again.

I went to open the door with my cleavage was clearly visible. I wanted him to notice my boobs. I wasn’t wearing a bra underneath and it made me so horny.

He saw me and I could clearly see the lust in his eyes. I asked him whether Siddharth was asleep and he said yes. I asked him to sit on the bed with me and we started talking. I went to the bathroom and when I came back he had my mobile in his hand and he was like what were you reading and started teasing me.

I leaned forward towards him and whispered in his ear, “I want you” and he looked at me with surprise. A few seconds later, we were kissing like really hard. He sucked on my lower lip and bit my lips softly. I started sucking his tongue.

Our tongues were wrestling with each other. He started to rub my boobs and was licking my nipples from the outside. It was just like I imagined in my head, Then he removed my tank. I was totally topless and folded my hand to cover my big boobs.

He pulled my hands away and placed them on his throbbing dick. His dick felt so hard. I pulled his shorts down and oh my god, it was really a huge dick.

I took it in my hands and started stroking just like I have seen in porn. Then I spat on it and started sucking on it like it was some lollipop. He was so surprised but was enjoying it really hard.

He clenched my hair in his fist and started fucking my mouth. He forced it deep inside. I could barely breathe. Then he pulled out and I started licking on the tip. I couldn’t stand now. I lied down on the bed. I was over him sucking him real good.

After a few minutes, he came in my mouth and his juices dripped down my mouth and all over my boobs. Suddenly, we heard someone knock on the door.

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