Hyderabadi’s Fun In Kochi

Hello everyone, this is Arjun from Hyderabad. I am 24, with a height of 5’10 working in an MNC in Hyderabad. It has been a long time I have written a story. What to do? I did not get to have much action in the last year or so.

I am a regular reader of ISS. Not only I read I comment on stories and send my reviews. On one such fateful day, I happened to really like a story. I sent a message to the heroine of this story and of course mine too to Regina. She just replied with thanks and we used to chat once in a while.

I observed that whenever her mood is good she used to be naughty and kind of flirted with me which I liked and I did the same too. Whenever I used to ask her if I come to Kochi will you meet me, she used to say “No.” So I thought there is no chance for any fun.

Last month I got an opportunity to go to Kochi for a friend’s relative marriage. I informed her of the same. She did not show any feelings about meeting and I did not force her. On the day before I leave for Kochi, she just asked where I would be staying. I replied where I would be staying in Kochi.

I did not have any hope because I did not see any enthusiasm in her. I landed in Kochi and took a cab to my hotel. I got a message from her asking did I reach my hotel and I replied yes. She just said I want to join you and I had no words for that.

She was just playing along and trying to give me a surprise by not showing any interest till then. One thing is that I have never seen her. Although I have seen her in a number of sexy and hottest pics that she has sent me. I was so excited to meet her. We decided to meet at a mall for lunch.

Meanwhile, I told my friend I am going somewhere. He said he is leaving the hotel now and will be at his relative’s place. I now have a room as well I thought. I was waiting at the decided spot for lunch looking around. Not only for her but also for checking out girls around.

I got a message from her asking what color shirt I wore. I told her. She came from behind and closed my eyes. I understood it was her and decided to play along. I was saying many girls’ names except her. She removed her hands and came in front complaining you must have been with many women.

This is the first time I have seen her face. Oh my god, her face is so cute and expressive. I don’t like comparing it to the actress but she has all the features of Nayanatara. I was awestruck and looking at her without even blinking. She shyly said let’s have lunch.

After lunch, we roamed around the mall. I was admiring her beauty. Forgot to tell, she was wearing a pink tee and black jeans that stuck to her tight ass. After some time in the mall, I asked her to show me around. She naughtily turned around a couple of times showing her figure around. I said I meant the city.

She said she thought I asked her to turn around. I told her that she is the hottest I have been till now to which she blushed. I directly asked her. I am alone in the room and would you like to join. She was not shocked at my question and said she had already brought her luggage from home for a couple of days.

She told the home that she is going for a picnic with friends. Hearing that I have two days with this beautiful lady I was so happy and wanted to make the most of it. On the way to the hotel, I bought all that is needed. Condoms and some snacks if at all we get tired after the action.

Once we reached the room, I closed the door and pulled her to me and just blew some air on her face. She closed her eyes and was just feeling my breath on her. I left her and started the TV. She had a surprised look. I was planning to rise the beast in her which I know from all the chats we have done.

She understood what I was up to and she removed her pants first. She started teasing me. She has got shapely thighs with a mole on left thigh visible from at least 10 meters. As a response, I removed my tee. She proceeded to remove her tee now and I pulled her to me.

I kissed on her neck and started licking her all over on the neck. She was in a blue bra and black panty. I opened her hair loose and then moved to her eyes. I gave each of her eyes a kiss and moved to her lips. I gave a soft kiss on her lips and was waiting for her reaction.

She pulled my hair towards her and stuck her tongue into my mouth and now I know the beast in her is up. I responded to her and we had a tongue war for some time. My hands were on her hips and sexy ass. While kissing I was squeezing her ass to which she was responding by biting my lips and tongue.

When I spanked her on her ass she broke the kiss and looked angry. I pulled her again and this time went for her boobs. Removed her bra and licked her cleavage, 1st holding her boobs in both hands. Her nipples were erect and she had big areola.

I licked her nipples and took a boob in my mouth while I was massaging the other. She was groping my dick above pants. She successfully removed my pants and we were naked on the top with just undies on the below. I made her sleep on the bed and started licking all over her top body.

I then moved to her navel. Her belly button is so big that my whole tongue can go inside. I licked for it very long and then moved down to her pussy from the top of her panties. It was already wet. I removed her panties and was about to lick when said she wanted mine.

We went to 69 position after I removed my undies. I made sure not to cum because she has some great skill in sucking. I wanted to give her pleasure so I gave my best in licking. She said she is going to cum and I took all her juices. When she was cumming she stop having my dick which helped me not to cum.

Had she licked for a minute more I would have cummed in her mouth. She told me she wanted my dick her and I was waiting for this. She opened the condom and placed it on me. I placed my dick at her pussy and pushed it in one go. She gave a loud moan when I closed her with my lips. I started with slow strokes and slowly increased the pace.

We were in a good rhythm of fucking. I was first to say I was cumming and I speed the strokes up and cummed in the condom. I lay her boobs for a minute and slept beside her. I asked her how it was when she said it was one of her best experiences to which I blushed.

We ordered food as it was night 11’o clock already. I wore my track pants while she was sleeping. When the food came I took the food and closed the door. I fed her and she fed me naked. We slept after that as I know the next day is all mine. I was holding her in my arms and she stuck her boobs to my body while sleeping.

When I woke up in the morning to pee she was still sleeping. When I returned from the bathroom I removed the blanket on her to see her naked. I was surprised she had worn her black and floral leggings. She was sleeping with her back facing the ceiling in a sexy pose. I took a picture of that pose as a memory.

Some story is left which will be told based on feedback. Regina is a married woman so stop asking for her details. Any girls and aunties, Please feel free to comment or send your feedbacks at [email protected] Your privacy is my first concern. Remember my name is Arjun, signing off.

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