Master Tastes Slaves’s Fire Behind The Burkha

It has been a never-ending question roaming in my head. The thoughts of those females behind the burkhas!

How is their thinking! Are they sexual? How do they engage in sexual activities? Do they have dark desires like everyone else? Do they also do the kinky stuff? Will they do this BDSM stuff!

The answer to all my questions and doubts came this Saturday when I met this hardcore Muslim girl. The girl behind the BURKHA!

I have been on this site for quite some time, looking for someone real to be my slave and who is up for real BDSM play. As I love to subdue the bold and beautiful woman and play with her in bondage and blindfold.

This is the extreme secret dark side of me that almost no one ever imagines. I guess everyone has such a dark side.

On 12-Sep, I was supposed to meet a sub. We were having a conversation for about 2 months. I had prepared for everything but at the last moment, for some unforeseen reasons, she dumped me!

I was very irritated with this kind of idiotic, useless online conversations and virtual stuff. I was so done with all the crap that I started looking for something real, though it took time.

As everywhere else, this site too had some stupid despos who just want to fuck without any knowledge or understanding of BDSM or kinky play. These guys just spoil the mood and excitement. So I was just skeptical about this profile and just sent a friend request to check out if she was real and would accept.

I saw the ID with the name ‘Petit Jasmin’. Her profile said that she was looking for a relationship, mentor/teacher, friendship, and Master. She was 22 years old, exactly 14 years younger than me.

I got a message asking if she knew me and the conversation went like this,

Petit Jasmin: Hello! Do we know each other!

Fearsome_Master: No, but I wanted to know what you are up to here!

Petit Jasmin: Well, that’s hard to pinpoint. I’m seeking a master, seeking new friends, reading what people have written, etc. May I ask what are you here for?

Fearsome_Master: I’m a master and teacher, looking for a true and real sub.

Petit Jasmin: Alright.. Teacher as in?

Fearsome_Master: How to be a real sub and disciplined slave obeying the master, and pleasing him.

Petit Jasmin: Okay.

Fearsome_Master: And what about you? Did it before?

Petit Jasmin: What I’m up to is what? Also, did what before? May I ask you a question?

Fearsome_Master: Baby, this site is for people interested in kinky and adventurous sex. Have you ever done Sub before?

Petit Jasmin: Yes.

That was the end of the conversion around 3 am. To my surprise, there was her ‘good morning’ message early on Sunday morning.

Fearsome_Master: Where are you from little fellow?

Petit Jasmin: I’m from Hyderabad. And you?

Fearsome_Master: Me too. Where in Hyderabad? I stay near Madhapur.

Petit Jasmin: That’s just a 20 minutes journey from where I live. That’s all I’m saying.

Fearsome_Master: Well, that’s just enough. Would you like to come over today?

Petit Jasmin: Woah.. that is a quick invite. We never even spoke to each other! So, I’d have to decline.

Fearsome_Master: Well, if you can come down, we can have some time together.

Petit Jasmin: I don’t even know you. How do you expect me to trust you? Also, what are you seeking from me, if it is quick fun, then please, I’m not the right person?

Fearsome_Master: What do you want to know?

Petit Jasmin, Can we talk on a hangout audio call? I’ll prefer that.

Fearsome_Master: Sure.

We exchanged our IDs and she called almost instantly. She introduced herself as Haina Khan, that was when I got to that she was a BURKHA girl.

The initial intros went well and then the real talk started with her question asking me how I dared to call anyone directly to my place without knowing them.

My answer was pretty simple – a real and genuine master has nothing to wait for! He wants his sub to be in his presence as soon as possible.

The Muslim girl claimed that she had done a “sub” thing before, been in a relationship and all. To my surprise, she said that her parents do know that she was into BDSM and was sexually active. It seemed like her parents had accepted her choices and were open-minded.

The burkha girl conveyed that her parents used to have a lot of books on BDSMs and sexual activities. She said she had kept reading those books secretly. So, with all that she had told me, I had the impression that she had some experience in this.

I asked her again if she can come down. She said that she will ask her parents, take their permission and come if they agree. I was ok with that.

After a few minutes, she sent me a message on WhatsApp that she was coming and she did, right on time 3 pm in front of my apartment. And, to my surprise, her dad dropped her.

I went down to receive her. She was 4-5 inches taller than me, with broad shoulders, and was completely hidden in a burkha.

I took her in, had a normal conversion and she started to remove her burkha. I was just watching her.

She was the first-ever BURKHA girl, taking off her burkha, in my home within a couple of hours of our little conversation. She was dressed in red-netted designer chudi, with soft inner clothes.

The Muslim girl sat down on the bed (I have my bedding on the floor) and we were having a general conversation. I was making an effort to make her feel comfortable.

Then I moved close to her and told her to take off her glasses. She obeyed. I touched her cheeks and her voice was muffled, eye contact lost and I could hear her heart start racing.

I remembered her user name and said, “Do you want to be daddy’s little princess?”

Her response was, “I don’t want to do stuff,” and she was very nervous. Her breath had gone short. She seemed to be struggling.

I made her sit on a chair, gave her some water, and let her be alone until she calmed down. I gave her some space to recover. When she started being normal, I hugged her.

I wanted to give her confidence, telling her that we will not do anything that will make her uncomfortable and insecure. Only if she was willing we will be getting into action or else will have a simple normal conversation.

The burkha girl hugged me tightly for some time, then took my hands and stood up. She looked deep into my eyes and said, “I am a princess and I want a Daddy.”

“Will my daddy be soft and loving?” I smiled and said, “Daddy loves you, baby. Come let me help you explore a few sweet kinds of stuff.”

Saying so, I made her go on her knees, kissed on her soft lips, sucked her lips, looked into her eyes, and asked, “Did you love daddy’s kiss princesses!”

She nodded, “Yes.”

“Let me show you a few exciting stuff. Let’s start with a blindfold.”

I took my black dark tie and tied it on her eyes. The sight of her on her knees and with her eyes blindfolded was already making me hard and excited.

I slowly took both her hands and tied them at the back. Now, the play has begun. This Muslim girl has so much within her, that I have never imagined.

Truly speaking there was a lot behind the burkha. The slow kisses on her collar bone made her breath shorter, her voice had completely gone. Even though she wanted to talk, the words were not coming out, and her struggle was making the play interesting.

I took her face in my palms, brought her close to me, and kissed her. Man, this brat princess had such a fire inside her that we were now engaged in wild tongue-wrestling.

When she seemed to be at her peak, I broke the kiss and stepped back. The sight of my submissive slave breathing heavily, with her eyes and hands tied up and on her knees and with her pleasure just stopped in its peak got her restless.

I loved the moment she was sticking her tongue out expecting to be sucked. Now, she was ready to enter the next level. I took off her blindfold so that she can see what she will be doing next.

I stood near her in such a way that my hard dick is right on her face, and said, “Little brat, it’s time to serve your, daddy. Go on feel him,” and I pushed my dick into her face.

The burkha girl slowly started cherishing it. When she was in full swing, I freed her and, she voluntarily pulled off my tracks and kissed my semi-hard dick.

I said, “Please him,” then she pulled back the skin so that my dick-head is out and ready. She slowly took it in. This bitch has her mouth warmed up. I could feel her deep-throating me. It was choking her.

I pulled her closer and started fucking her mouth. She would choke with every slow and sturdy push deep into her mouth. At one point, she almost coughed her lungs out and all the saliva dripping out of her mouth.

I let her catch her breath, made her stand, and removed all her clothes. Damn, she had huge boobs as if she was a mother of two. They were huge and hanging, but with small nipples, almost like some size of a button. They did grow hard and poked out a little.

She was very sensitive with her nipples. The moment I pinched her nipple, she went wild. Now she was trying to tease me resisting or not allowing me to do what I was trying to. Of course, she was a Princess brat and won’t give in so easily.

I had understood that princess will only be sluts when there were overpowered. So I took hold of both her hands and pinned them onto the floor and took the nipple between my teeth. I knew that immediately her voice will change to pleasing, her body will arch almost trying to beg.

By that time, my half-hard dick started knocking on her already dripping pussy. And this bitch, would slowly try to slide her hand and try to play with her pussy. That’s another breakpoint that I had discovered.

Do not allow her at any cost to play with her pussy. This will make this Princess go weak and more submissive the longer I don’t allow her nor I enter her.

I just held the sensitive nipples in my mouth between my teeth with both her hands pinned on the sides as roughly as possible.

After about 20 minutes or so, she finally said, “Daddy, please fuck me.”

Well, I’m the master and I should give the orders. Now is the time for questions and answers.

Fearsome_Master: Who is the Master?

She was reluctant to answer, so a hard bite on the nipple and hard sucking, then she would say,

Petit Jasmin: You are.

Fearsome_Master: Good, who is teasing who now?

She is reluctant again, and she got the same punishment. She shouted, “You are are..Now dada, please fuck me, I’m dying, please put something in there and just fuck.”

With the same position, I have pushed in my dick and she cried out loud, “It’s big, it is fucking big, it’s hurting, please..please take it out..Ahhh it’s burning.”

I was like, what the fuck is this. She said that she was sexually inactive and can’t take my dick even for a second!

I took some coconut oil, dripped it on her pussy and my cock, and slowly pushed in as deep as I can go. This bitch had almost lost her breath for a few seconds. I thought for a second that she will pass out .I had to stay just like that, letting her adjust to my thick dick.

Once she is ok, she acted a true slut. Something like, “Princess by day and slut by night.”

I was enjoying seeing the desperation and restlessness of this bitch that she was going through. It took quite some time for her to adjust with my dick inside her, and cummed once already just to adjust. And then, when I started giving her slow and long deep fucks, she cummed again for the 2nd time.

But I was not done yet. I took over and fucked at full speed until I cummed for the next 5 minutes. And when it was done she lost her energy completely.

When we checked the time, it was around 5 pm. We got up, cleaned ourselves, and were having a normal conversation. This time she wanted to cuddle and listen to me talking, I agreed.

She was slowly drifting into sleep. I woke her up, she asked for lovemaking, this time it was wild kissing and lover’s play she didn’t stop me fucking her without a condom this time. But I was cautious and took it out before I sprayed out my liquid.

By the time all this was done it was almost 6:20. She got up booked a cab. While waiting for the cab, I asked her, “How did you feel, meeting a stranger on a kinky site, and then the next day being at his house doing stuff?”

To which she said, “I have come to talk and know you, and didn’t expect all this to happen.”

Fearsome_Master: So, how was the stranger?

Petit Jasmin: Stranger looked good and polite, but treated me very badly, (with a grinning smile).

Fearsome_Master: So, you liked the treatment?

She smiled saying, “I’ll come back again, and this time I will expect daddy to treat me softly.” And then she left.

After she left, the answers to all my questions about the burkhas were answered.

Truly, there is a lot behind the burkha.

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