Candid Photography To A Romantic Relationship – Pt 1

Hi everyone. I’m Vihan back with a new story. It’s been a while since I wrote something. I thought I should start a new series. Here’s presenting to you a tale of romantic encounter with my hot neighbor which was led by candid photography. Let me know if you like it.

This is a story about my neighbor Sanjana. Sanjana is a wife and a mother working in a bank. Around 5 feet 4 inches tall, she had black hair up to shoulder length and a fair complexion. She has streaked her hair a bit red.

She had gained a bit of weight on her hips but was still capable of turning a few heads in her direction. A bit on the heavier side, she was a perfect milf.

During my college days, she shifted to our neighborhood. I had a very cordial and nice relationship with her. We used to chat, share jokes, laugh at each other, and were very comfortable around each other. None of us had any bad intentions towards each other.

I used to do photography in my college days. I used to love doing nature and wildlife photography. But my real passion was in doing exotic monochrome photography. Being somewhat of a drifter in life, I had an inclination towards this kind of art.

No clothes, no makeup, and only raw and true emotions were something that I really liked to capture in my pictures.  But not everyone in society likes this kind of stuff. Erotica is something still frowned upon in this country. So I used to do this secretly. Neither my parents nor any of my relatives knew about this.

So this once there was a wedding ceremony in our society. My friend’s elder brother was getting married. All the neighbors were called to the wedding. My neighbor Sanjana and my family were also going to the function. I went to the wedding hall in the morning itself.

Since it was my friend’s elder brother’s wedding, I was given the task of covering the ceremony’s candid pics. I was doing my job since morning. Had quite a few nice pictures. Around noon, my family, along with my neighbor Sanjana arrived at the wedding hall.

Hair tied at the back in a pony. She was wearing a red-black saree with a sleeveless silver blouse and silver jewelry.  Today, she was wearing heels, which made her look a bit taller with a protruding hip and bosom. All in all, she looked like an angel.

She came to the hall, climbing the steps of the hall swaying her ass left and right. My mouth open, I kept staring at this beauty. She just walked past me towards the main function. She blushed a bit, smiled with her head down, tucked her hair behind her ears. She walked past me.

I skipped a beat when she passed me. At that moment, I had made my mind that hell with the wedding, I was going to capture this beauty in my lens today. I spent the entire time at the wedding, ogling at this beauty and capturing her through my lens.

Once the religious ceremony started, I was standing near the stage, taking a few pictures of the couple. Around that time, Sanjana came near me and said,  “I didn’t know that you were a photographer too.”

Me – You never asked, aunty.

Sanjana – Well, now I’m asking you. Mazhe photos pan kadhshil ka?  (Can you click my pictures as well?)

Me – Vicharaychi garaj nahi aunty. Mi adhich kadhlet. (I have already clicked a few pictures of yours.)

Sanjana – Kharach? Dakhav na. (Really? I want to see.)

Me – Atta nahi, weekend la coffee pyayla bhetuya tevha dakhavto. (Not now. Let’s meet for a coffee this weekend. I shall show you then.)

Sanjana – Ok

As she was leaving, I just commented – Done, it’s a date, then.

She froze for a second, looked back at me, and confused, she left the floor. Over the rest of the ceremony, I took a lot of candids.

As decided, I met her on the weekend at her house. There was no one at the house. She invited me into her house. She had not tied her hair. She was wearing a salwaar kameez with a thread holding it at the back.

The kameez was cream-colored with some pinkish pattern on it, and the salwar was pink in color. The dupatta was missing, and so was her mangalsutra.

Sanjana asked me to sit on the lounge and inquired if I needed any coffee. I told her not to bother. I’ll make it for the both of us. While I was preparing coffee for her, I asked her to connect the memory card to her TV screen. She got busy with doing that, and I got busy with making coffee.

After around 5 minutes or so, she screamed my name and called me to the hall. She was sitting on the floor, shocked.

Me – Kaay jhala? (What happened?)

Sanjana – Tu mazhe 300 photos kadhlet? (You have taken 300 pictures of me?)

Me – Yes, aunty. You were looking so beautiful that day, and your face is so photogenic I couldn’t resist.

Sanjana blushed.

Me – Bagha na photos, sanga mala awdtat ka? (Go through the pictures and tell me if you like them?) Ani aunty white theek ahe pan black khup changla dista tumchya var. (White is fine, but black really suits you.)

I exclaimed while I was heading back to the kitchen. She was confused. She didn’t get what I was referring to.

She continued looking at her photographs. They were all candid pictures of her. I came back offered her coffee. She came and sat down right next to me continued going through the pictures while having coffee.

Sanjana – What were you saying about white and black?

Me – Photos bagha na tumhala kadel? (Go through the pictures, you’ll understand.)

And as she was going through those pictures, she suddenly stopped. Mixed emotions were on her face. A bit embarrassed, blushing, and a bit angry too. One of the candids that I had clicked was of her adjusting her bra strap. The brassiere that she wore that day was black in color.

Once she got the context, she looked down at her breasts and noticed that she was wearing white today.  She started blushing a bit and biting her lips. She hit me playfully on my arm.

Sanjana – Naughty boy!

Me – Me kaay kelay? (What have I done?)

Sanjana – Nothing. But these are really good pictures, Vihan. I never knew you were such a good photographer.

Me – Thanks, aunty

Sanjana – I have a request for you?

Me – Bola na (tell me)

Sanjana -Click more such pictures of me na. How about a photoshoot?

Me – Sure, aunty. But this is not my specialty. I specialize in some different kind of photography

Sanjana – And what’s that?

Me – Nako tumhi ragval. (I won’t say, you might get angry.)

Sanjana – No, I won’t. Tell me

Me – Promise you won’t get angry and won’t say this to anyone?

Sanjana – Haan baba I promise. Now tell me

Me – Aunty, I specialize in erotic monochrome photography. I click pictures in black and white. I like to capture the natural beauty of a woman in my lenses. Without any makeup and…

Sanjana – And?

Me – …without any clothes. Nude pictures. And if you don’t mind, I would like to click your pictures too?  Aunty, will you be my object for my photography?

Did aunty say yes? What happens next? Stay tuned for what happened at the hot photo shoot.

I’ll explore the story in the next part. Till then, if anyone wants to reach out to me can do so by email or hangouts. My id is [email protected].

Looking forward to hearing from you. Adios!

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