Affair With My Muslim Boyfriend’s Brother

Hi guys, I am Priya and I am from a small town in Haryana. After completing my schooling, I came to Delhi for higher education. In Delhi, I started my sexual awakening and experimented a lot. I am going to narrate my story I had in college.

Before beginning the story, I am going to tell you about myself so you guys can imagine me. In college, I was among the top five most beautiful girls. I am fair-skinned with a slim and slender figure. My boobs are 32C. My face resembles pahadi girls. Many people told me that they thought that I was from Uttarakhand.

One day in college, I saw a very handsome guy with broad shoulders and gorgeous hair. Upon inquiry, I came to know that his name is Fayyaz (the story is not about him though) and he was a Muslim.

Initially, I wanted to stay away from him. But soon I learned that we had a lot of common friends and occasionally we would hang out together while being with our respective friends. We exchanged our numbers started talking to each other through texts. After a few weeks, we jumped into a relationship.

We started going out, kissing, and making out. We booked an OYO room and fucked like horny rats. We could not resist staying off each other and fucked each other as much as possible.

Soon, we ran out of money and it would not have been possible to book any room for months. My boyfriend Fayyaz then suggested his own house. He told me that he lived with his two brothers: Hussain and Tariq and a sister-in-law (SIL) named Fauzia, wife of Hussain the eldest brother.

I was very skeptical of his plan but he convinced me by saying that his family was very open-minded and he had already talked to his brothers and SIL and they had no issues.

We went to his house on a Friday evening. I saw his house which was in a Muslim locality and was a 1BHK apartment.

We had tea and dinner, his family was nice, but I was just looking at Fayyaz most of the time. During that time, I also observed that my boyfriend’s brother Tariq would casually and playfully touch Fauzia. I found it to be a bit inappropriate.

Finally, I and my bf went to the bedroom and fucked each other. After we were asleep, I had an urge to drink water after midnight. So, without disturbing Fayyaz, I went towards the kitchen.

Upon approaching the kitchen, I was shocked to find my bf’s SIL and a guy fucking on the floor. At first, I thought the guy was her husband Hussain. But soon I realized that it was Tariq, the middle brother! I was able to tell that from his body shape and realized that Hussain had left for his office after dinner due to some urgent work.

Fauzia had tied a cloth piece on her mouth to prevent her from moaning aloud. I was excited upon seeing such forbidden sex taking place in front of me!

I hid behind a wall and started rubbing my pussy. Just as they were about to finish, I left.

On returning to the bedroom, I saw that my boyfriend was awake and asked me where I was. I told him I was thirsty. I decided not to tell her about what I saw and went to sleep.

The next day, I woke up and after brushing when I went to the kitchen for breakfast, I saw that SIL was sitting only wearing lingerie with my boyfriend’s brother Tariq who was shirtless on the couch. Tariq was playfully touching Fauzia. I found it unsettling that he was non-hesitant about it in the living space.

During lunch-time, we were all having lunch. I played with Fayyaz’s foot and signaled him to follow me and went to the washroom. At the sink, I was washing hands and I heard footsteps behind me. Mischievously, I arched my back, pressing my ass against his crotch. He held my ass and put down my shorts.

I twerked my ass against his crotch, turned around, and pulled him close. All this happened within a split second. When I looked at him, I almost shrieked and pushed him away. It wasn’t Fayyaz. It was Hussain! I was so embarrassed that I quickly went away.

It was an awkward period at the dinner. I tried not to look Hussain in the eyes. But it was impossible, we were stealing glances.

Hussain was giving me flirty looks. After dinner, I and my boyfriend Fayyaz had very passionate sex and went to sleep.

In the middle of the night, I heard a gentle knock on the door. I looked at Fayyaz, he was asleep.

I quickly wore a t-shirt and shorts and opened the door. There was no one.

As I stepped outside, suddenly a hand cupped my mouth and someone whispered in my ear, “Don’t scream, it’s me Hussain”.

Then he told me that he wanted to show me something. I understood what he meant.

My boyfriend’s elder brother held my hand and took me to the building’s storeroom on the roof. On the way, he told me that he and Fauzia often went there when they wanted some private time.

After my boyfriend’s elder brother Hussain switched on the lights, I saw that there was a mattress in the empty space. Immediately, Hussain pounced on me, with his tongue in my mouth and his hands running through my boobs and ass!

He removed my t-shirt and shorts and threw me on the mattress. With a height of about 6’1” and a muscular physique, he felt like a real alpha male.

My boyfriend’s elder bro removed his trousers and I saw his circumcised cock. It was definitely bigger and thicker than boyfriend Fayyaz’s.

Hussain pinned my hands and body on the mattress and pushed his cock in my mouth. He was pushing his cock to go as deep as possible. I was hardly able to breathe at times.

After the blowjob, the time came for real action. Initially, Hussain was teasing me by rubbing the tip of his circumcised cock on my clit. I was excited and moaned loudly, “Do it, bastard!”

My boyfriend’s elder brother finally inserted his cock into my pussy. We were holding our hands. He told me to come closer and then tightly spanked me.

He told me to come closer again and when I hesitated, he slapped my boobs. It was the first time someone had gone so aggressive while sex with me and I was enjoying it.

Hussain grabbed my mouth by his hand and spat into my mouth. I was made to swallow it. In our passionate sex, I forgot how dirty it was!

Suddenly. he said that he was going to cum. Till then, I didn’t realize that my boyfriend’s elder brother had not worn a condom. It was the first time someone had actually come inside my pussy. For the first time, I felt the warm cum of a man, that too of a married man.

After that, I and my boyfriend’s elder brother began our affair. He told me that he was aware of the affair between his wife, Fauzia, and his brother Tariq but didn’t mind it. I was shocked to learn that.

He said, ‘It happens among brothers and even Fayyaz wouldn’t mind if he came to know about me fucking his girlfriend”. I was shocked to learn all this.

So, here is my first story for you guys. If you liked it, then do let me know. You can also tell me about your views at [email protected]

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