Saima’s Sexual Adventure With A Servant

Saima is a beautiful housewife with a fair complexion and attractive figure. The most prominent and beautiful part of her figure is her 36C breasts and her 38 hips. Despite her shy nature, she managed to enjoy sex with many strangers, including a group of low-class men. This story is about one such sexual adventure.

On a hot summer day, Saima decided to visit one of her friends. So after telling the housemaid to do the routine work, Saima left for her friend’s house. As she reached there, she noticed that the house appeared to be very quiet. Without paying much attention to it, she pressed the bell.

A young servant appeared at the gate. He immediately recognized Saima. He led her into the house and bolted the main gate from inside. Saima followed him to the drawing-room and made herself comfortable on a sofa. She sat in the drawing-room, waiting for her friend.

But the servant told her, “The whole family has gone out of town for vacation, and they’ll be back after two weeks.” As he spoke to Saima, she noticed that he was staring at her breasts. His penis was fully erect and throbbing.

Saima took a closer look at the servant’s appearance. She noticed that he was in his early thirties, dressed shabbily, and had an unshaven face. He was continuously staring at Saima’s breasts.

His direct gaze at her breasts, along with his throbbing penis (that was clearly visible as he was not wearing any underwear), seemed to turn Saima on a little bit. But she controlled herself.

She got up from the sofa, saying, “Okay! I must leave.” Hearing her leave, the servant panicked and said, “Madam! please stay for a little while.” Saima saw the panic on the servant’s face. She noticed that he was still staring at her breasts, and his penis was still throbbing wildly.

Watching his sexually aroused state, Saima decided to find out what exactly the servant wanted to do. So she sat down on the sofa and said smilingly, “Okay, I’ll stay for a while for you.”

Seeing Saima’s smile, the servant’s courage increased. He smiled back at her and said, “Thank you, madam.” Saima asked him, “Well, tell me, when you knew there was no one at home, then why did you bring me here?”

Watching Saima smile, the servant’s courage increased, and he said, “Madam, you are very beautiful. I have always dreamt of seeing your beauty. Today when I saw you alone, I thought to myself, well, today is the chance to fulfill my dream.”

Saima smiled at the servant’s remark and, looking around the house, asked the servant, “Is the house completely empty?” The servant understood what Saima meant, so he smiled and said, “Yes, we are all alone here.”

Saima watched the servant’s face, removed her dupatta from her breasts, and asked him, “What do you think is beautiful about me?” The servant understood Saima’s gesture and moved closer to Saima. He placed his hands on Saima’s breasts and said, “Ahh! These are beautiful, madam.”

Saima looked around apprehensively and asked him shyly, “Have you ever seen these?” The servant took Saima’s cue. He pulled Saima’s shirt up and saw Saima’s firm breasts heaving in her bra. He said, “Oh, you are beautiful, madam.”

Saima blushed shyly, bowed her head, and again asked. “ I hope we are all alone here?” The servant understood Saima’s shyness and hesitation. So he placed his fingers under Saima’s bra-cups and said with a mischievous smile, “Madam, there is no one here except you and me.”

As he spoke, he pulled up Saima’s bra and raised it to expose her beautiful breasts. Saima lowered her eyes in shame and started smiling naughtily. The servant held Saima’s naked boobs with her pink nipples and said, “Oh, madam. You are beautiful.”

Saima smiled shyly and said, “You are very naughty.” Hearing Saima’s remark, the servant’s courage further increased. He took off Saima’s shirt and bra making her topless. He bent forward and kissed Saima’s bare nipples and said, “Oh my Rani. let’s take advantage of the empty house today and enjoy.”

Saima smiled shyly and nodded her head. The servant became excited and started undressing Saima right there on the drawing-room sofa. He took off Saima’s clothes and made her completely naked. As soon as she became naked, Saima smiled at the servant, placed her arms around his neck.

She said, “It feels erotic to be naked in front of you.” The servant pressed Saima’s bare hips and said with a smile, “Today is our chance, Rani! Let’s take advantage of the empty house and see your naked dance.”

Saima smiled at his request and said, “Jaanu, today I am all yours. Make wild love to me.” Hearing her wild remark, the servant grabbed Saima’s bare breasts and gently pulled her pink nipples. He said, “Rani, I want you to stay naked with me for the next two weeks.”

Hearing this, Saima hugged the servant and said with a shy smile, “Jaanu. I would love to be completely naked with you for the next two weeks. Come on. make me your naked bride.”

The servant pushed her down on the sofa and made her sit in front of his throbbing penis. Saima understood what he wanted from her. So she pulled the string of his shalwar and let it drop to the floor. The servant’s huge erect penis struck Saima’s beautiful face.

Saima smiled lovingly and placed her delicate hand on his hot erect penis, and kissed the tip. The servant went ecstatic and closed his eyes. Smilingly naughtily, Saima started flirting with his penis with her tongue.

The servant groaned and pulled Saima’s head towards his penis. He slipped it into her smiling mouth. Saima took the servant’s large penis into her mouth and started giving him a lovely blow job. The servant couldn’t hold himself for long, and within minutes he came in Saima’s mouth.

Although Saima had never done it for her husband, she drank all the cum oozing out of the servant’s penis. As Saima licked the servant’s penis clean, he turned her and made her bend on the sofa and kissed her asshole. This was a new feeling for Saima.

She closed her eyes in pleasure and started moaning. The servant licked Saima’s ass vigorously and brought her to a shuddering orgasm. Satisfied with the servant’s licking pleasure, Saima turned and, grabbing his penis, she kissed the tip of his penis.

The monster immediately responded to the warmth of Saima’s lips. Within minutes it was erect and throbbing wildly. The servant again turned Saima, made her bend on the sofa in the doggy style. He rubbed his penis on her asshole, which got lubricated by his precum.

The servant further lubricated it with his finger with Saima’s juices from her clean shaved pussy. Now Saima was shamelessly spreading her ass before the servant in the doggy style. He inserted his penis into Saima’s virgin ass. Since Saima had never done it before, it was painful initially.

But Saima held herself tight, preparing to bear the pain. The servant understood Saima’s response and said, “Don’t worry, my Rani. I’ll bring some oil and lubricate your beautiful ass.” He brought some oil and slowly rubbed it into Saima’s asshole. Saima relaxed a little and let the servant have his way.

As he inserted his penis into her beautiful ass, Saima started moaning. She turned her face towards the servant and locked her lips with him in a deep passionate kiss to divert her attention from the pain.

The servant pushed his tongue into Saima’s eager mouth and continued sliding his penis into Saima’s beautiful ass slowly. After a while, the servant felt Saima’s ass expanding to accommodate his monster penis. Meanwhile, Saima’s pain also subsided as he took her anal virginity.

She also started enjoying the feeling of the servant’s penis ramming her ass. She started feeling love tremors as she enjoyed the anal sex in the doggy style. The servant kept pumping Saima’s tight ass as Saima moaned loudly.

“Ahh Janu, take my ass. I love this erotic feeling of your monster in my ass. Please do it faster. Jaanu. I am all yours. I want to love you forever.”

Within minutes both of them reached their climax together, and the servant shot his cum deep inside Saima’s ass. Saima turned smilingly and locked her mouth with the servant’s mouth, giving him a deep passionate kiss. They lay down on the three-seater sofa.

The servant grabbed Saima’s bare breasts and started pressing them wildly. Small streams of milk oozed out of Saima’s naked nipples. The servant was surprised, and he said, “ Rani, are they full of milk?” Saima smiled back at him and said, “ Jaanu, all my milk is for you now.”

The servant grabbed Saima’s bare breasts and started squeezing them hard. Saima smiled at him lovingly, laying in his arms completely naked. She smiled at the servant, reached up for his mouth, and locked her lips on his mouth.

They continued their erotic sex until afternoon. Saima said, “Jaanu, I must go now.” The servant kissed her nipples and said, “ You are my dream girl.” The servant made Saima pose naked for him as he took her nude pictures on his mobile. Saima smiled naughtily and posed for him completely naked.

She hugged the servant and said, “You are my true love, Jaanu. I have never felt the erotic desires that I experienced with you today. I want to stay with you like this forever. But you know I have to go home for now.”

The servant kissed Saima’s pink nipples and said, “Rani, I’ll wait for you tomorrow.” Saima kissed him passionately on his lips. She hurriedly put on her clothes and left for home, thinking about her sexual adventures that she would enjoy with the servant in the next two weeks.

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