Raj And Riya’s Cuckold Fantasy

This is a fantasy story based on two characters Raj and Riya residing in Chandigarh in a live-in relationship. Being in a relationship for more than six years, their sex life has somewhat gone boring.

Raj is a 26 years old, average looking Indian boy. Riya is 24 years, average looking but nice body statistics 34-28-26. Both are madly in love with each other.

“Ah, harder, Raj.”
“I am cumming inside you, Riya.”

So once after sex, they were having some discussion regarding their sex life. Raj asked Riya to explore their sexual fantasies to make it better. Thus they started a discussion about sex with other men which made Riya excited. Their conversation was going bolder.

From then they start having sex fantasizing about other men. It worked for some weeks. Then they come over the topic of cuckold. Where they found that Raj and Riya’s common interest is some third male or bull could fuck Riya in front of Raj. This single thought made both wilder.

Then after fantasizing for some months, they decided to start it somewhere.

“What excites you the most?” Riya asked Raj.
“I want to watch you getting fucked by someone,” Raj responded.
“But you know na that everybody knows us over here. So that might not be possible here. But we can try abroad after marriage,” Riya replied.

“At least we can do here what makes both of us wild?” Raj asked.
“You tell me what do you want me to do. Just that we don’t get caught,” Riya asked.

“You can wear shorts or sexy revealing clothes. So that boys can check you out and it would excite me too.”
“Yeah, this can be done. So let’s make the plan,” Riya replied.
“Sure let’s go to the club with a short dress and see the response,” they decided.

They both bought small denim shorts up to Riya’s thigh and crop top with black heels. When Riya got ready she looks amazing. Her ass bulged outwards. And her long legs were just making her sexy. They both entered the night club.

While they entered bouncers started checking Riya from top to bottom. It made both of them wild.
“I think the bouncers wanna fuck you,” Raj told Riya.
“Not only bouncers, everyone wants to be my sex slave,” Riya replied to Raj.

Every guy was checking out Riya which make both of them mad. After having 2 pegs they both jump to the dance floor. Raj’s hand was on Riya’s ass and he was squeezing it while Riya was been mad. Guys on the dance floor were trying to touch Riya. But nothing more happened.

Both of them returned home and had the best sex of their lives thinking incidence.
“It was exciting, yaar,” Riya confessed.
“I liked it too,” Raj added.

After 15 days suddenly Raj checked out that night clubs Facebook page. They had uploaded Riya’s pictures in different poses. The comments under that pic made Raj mad and he shared it with Riya. She felt the same. It worked as fire to their fantasy. They decided to move further.

Raj made Riya’s Tinder account where he uploaded her most sexy and revealing pictures with face crop. He told Riya to select a guy from Tinder and fulfill her fantasy. She readily agreed. Because of her sexy body, she got a number of matches. She shortlisted some guys and started a sex chat with them.

This made Raj mad. Their sex life was thriving because of this little experiment.

“Why don’t you go on a date with one of them?” Raj asked while checking out her tinder.
“Are you sure?” Riya asked.
“Yeah, let’s move one step ahead now, “Raj replied.

“Okay, then help me to find someone suitable. He should be hot and have a good physique,” she smiled in a naughty manner.
“Sure,” Raj replied.

“Actually I am confused between two boys both are hot. So tell me which one to date?” Riya enquired.
“Both of them,” Raj replied.
“Ok,” Riya nodded.

Riya went frank with these two guys she met on tinder. Sex chat and all was going regularly Riya and Raj were loving it. So one weekend they decide to meet up with one of the Tinder guys.

“You need to buy some sexy clothes for you. I want him to go mad after you,” Raj exclaimed.
“I want the same,” Riya replied.
They bought a one-piece up to the knees which make Riya very sexy.

“I bet he will fuck you like hell on the first date itself,” Raj told Riya.
“I wish the same,” Riya bit her lips.

Then both of them left for CCD according to the plan. Raj and Riya sat separately. Both were excited and horny at the same time. One tall, fair and handsome guy entered the shop and introduced himself to Riya. Riya got shy and nervous as it was the first time she was doing anything like that.

Raj, too, felt ashamed of that guy’s personality.
“Hey, I am Akshar and you look far more pretty in person,” he said.
“Th…Thanks,” Riya replied.
“Two cappuccino and garlic bread,” Akshar ordered.

She liked his confidence and looks. Riya completely forgot for some time that she was in a relationship and this is all planned.
“So…Do you like it? like meeting with someone on Tinder?” Akshar asked.
“Yeah,” she replied.

Akshar understood that Riya is feeling shy and he should do something to make her comfortable. They had a coffee together in which Riya was just replying “Yes” or “No”.

“Let’s go somewhere else,” he asked Riya.
“No, it’s fine here, ” Riya replied.

Raj had lost his confidence because he knew that Akshar is superior to him in all ways. And definitely, Riya would fall for him. But the thought of fantasy in which Riya was getting fucked by Akshar while he is watching and masturbating thrilled him.

So keeping his confidence aside ne decided to go with it and watch her love under someone else cock. This thought aroused him and his cock got erected. He felt like masturbating. He went to the washroom and thinking about his love and Akshar fucking one another. He started masturbating fast.

He imagined them together. Akshar was like a bully and he is a sex slave and Riya was abusing him. Thinking them he ejaculated. After relief when he came back‌. He found that Riya and Akshar were nowhere. He got scared.

To be continued

It’s my first time. I don’t know if you guys are gonna like it or not. But I want your feedback. Do reply @[email protected] Your feedback will decide whether I should continue or not.

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