Steamy Sex With My Pissed Boyfriend – Part 2

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Hey guys, I am Diya. I am back to share another experience about steamy sex with you all. Thank you so much for giving me such a good response to my previous story.

I told you how I got fucked with my boyfriend and two of his other friends in the last story. Let’s continue about how my boyfriend and I again enjoyed a private session.

After getting fucked by three of them, my pussy was sore. My hard, big, milky boobs got loose. If someone would pump them now, then I was sure that I’d scream. But still, my lusty boyfriend had not got enough.

He: After making you feel like a bitch, I want to fuck you again, having all of you just alone by myself.

Me: Oh, no, I am sore and tired.

He (gripping my throat): Don’t you understand what master says? I told you I want to fuck you, and that’s my order. Now go to the other room where I have kept a dress for you. Get dressed and wait for me like a good girl.

I went to the other room and saw a bag. It had a red lacy bra and g-string thongs, a red lehenga, and a blouse. There were some makeup items and some bangles. I started wearing them.

As my boobs were swollen, the bra would barely cover any of that. It was tight, and so my boobs were barely staying in it. Even the g-string thong just covered my pussy and asshole, exposing my whole ass. The blouse was also backless and had a deep neck.

After getting ready like a newlywed, I sat on the bed like brides do on their first night. After some time, he came into the room with whiskey and glass. He sat on the bed where I was sitting and drank his whiskey. He asked me to get up and pulled my dupatta.

He started biting my lips and pressed my boobs over the blouse. I was shouting with pain and moaning with pleasure. He removed my blouse and tore off my bra. He asked me to feed him like he was a hungry baby. I sat on the bed and asked him to sleep on my lap.

I put my already erected nipple in his mouth. I thought he would suck it, but he bit it hard till the blood came out of it. It turned me on a lot. He then removed my lehenga. He blindfolded me, tied my hands with handcuffs. I was lying there with my panty blindfolded and hands tied.

He took the ice in his mouth and started rubbing it with his mouth all around my body. He rubbed it on my neck, sending shivers on my spine. He took it to my navel and kept ice on it. I was shivering with all the sensations and was getting frustrated. He then started rubbing my clit.

He rubbed my pink wet pussy for a while. The suddenly kept ice on my pussy. He was licking my clit and rubbing ice my pussy at the same time. I was getting tight inside. I wanted to press my boobs. Whenever I tend to reach an orgasm, I press my boobs. But he purposely tied my hand, so I can’t do that.

I was getting desperate to cum, but that bastard stopped it right then. He removed my blindfold and handcuffs and told me to get dressed in regular clothes. While I was getting ready, he came and inserted a vibrator in my pussy. I got to know his game.

We then went for dinner. While I was going through the menu, he started the vibrator whose remote was in his hands. A soft moan came out of my mouth.

He: Be quite, you slut, otherwise you’ll be punished more.

Me: Yes, daddy, but it feels so good, I can’t control my moans.

He: So should I gag you now with my dick?

Me: Sorry, daddy, I’ll be quiet.

He then increased the pressure of the vibrator. I said I was going to cum.

He: Don’t cum till I permit you.

Me: Please, daddy, let me cum. I’ll please you like never before.

He: Beg for it in a better way.

Me: Please, daddy, let me cum.

He: OK, bitch you can cum.

We came back to our room. He immediately removed my clothes and inserted his dick in no time. He pushed his entire dick in and pulled his complete monster out. He teased me for a while.

When I couldn’t control it, I jumped on him and kept my pissed boyfriend’s dick in my pussy. I started riding it. My big boobs were jiggling in the air. He got an idea. He asked me to get up and came up with clips and a weight.

He clipped it with my nipples, which were already paining because of the blood. On top of that, he put weight on that string. My boobs were hanging now. It was quite painful. I started screaming.

He: Now ride me, baby.

I sat on his dick and started riding him. As my boobs were jumping, I was feeling pain. He started pushing me from down. He fucked me like that for 30 minutes.

Then we got into the doggy style. My boobs were jiggling more now. He inserted his dick in my asshole and fingering my pussy. Then he started spanking my ass. Trust me, my ass looks like big cherries when it gets spanked. He started ramming me with more force.

He held my hair around his fist and pulled it towards him. I was feeling like a horse who is being ridden. He pulled me straight, snatched out those clips, and came hard in me. I cum along with him, enjoying the sex like wild girl.

On one side, I felt the pain in my boobs, and on another side, I was feeling pleasure due to my orgasm. We lay down there as we both were tired as hell.

That’s it for this story. Please give me your feedback on this. I’ll tell you how my boyfriend made me do lesbian sex with his sister in the next part. Do write to me at [email protected]

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