Sex With A Wild Girl

This story about how I fucked a wild girl Ankita, but the truth is she dominated me. Let’s start with the beginning. I work in a company and live in a nearby flat company. A group of girls lives in my neighboring flat. They also work, I don’t know which company.

It was some festival holiday, and I have some pending work, so I decided not to go home and stay in the house. One more reason to stay here is that I want some break from work and enjoy and watch movies and roam here there.

It was around afternoon, I was still sleeping, and my doorbell rang. I was just lying on the floor in the hall. I woke up and was in half-sleep. I open the door and, peeking from the door’s side, I saw Ankita standing there. I got shocked.

Me – Yes!

Ankita – Do you know how to repair things?

Me – Sorry! What?

Ankita – Current is not coming in my kitchen. Can you help?

Me – I don’t know, let’s see.

Ankita – OK! Come.

I took my shirt from bed and follow her. I was in half-sleep. So I just followed her. I entered the kitchen. I check all the switches, none of them working. Then I went and check for the main power supply. There I saw one MCB was down. I just up the MCB and the current came.

Ankita – Oh! There was a problem. Thank you.

Me – It’s OK.

Ankita – You did not go home?

Me – No, I have some work, so I decided not to go home.

Ankita – Yeah! Same here. All my friends are gone, only I am left. By the way, thank you once again.

After that, I come to my room and get fresh and do my things. At night it’s around 11 or maybe more. I was watching a series on my laptop, my doorbell rang. I opened the door just a little and saw Ankita was there standing.

Me – Hi!

Ankita – Can I come in?

Me – Sure.

She came in, and I closed the door. I looked in her eyes. She is looking hungry for something.

Ankita – You live alone here?

Me – Yes.

Ankita – Do you have any girlfriend?

Me – No. (slightly laughing).

Ankita – What are you doing?

Me- Just watching some series.

Ankita – (sudden) Had sex?

Me- (totally blanked) Ahh, no.

She was wearing night grown, she opens it suddenly, and she was only in bra and panty.

Ankita – Do you like me?

I got stunned. She has such a perfect body. All things are perfect – her boobs, her hip, her round ass, all things perfect.

Me – It’s heaven.

Ankita – Want to fuck me?

Me – Yes! Please.

Ankita – Remove all your clothes and get nude.

I open all my clothes quickly and become nude in front of her. My dick became so hard, and I was standing with a hard dick in front of her. She first touches my face, then chest, and then holds my dick. Her hand was so warm. She shakes my dick then put some spit on her hand and shake it again.

After that, she removed her bra and open her panty. Her boobs were so perfect. Her nipples became hard and her pussy so fluffy and little hairs there, making it looks so hot and sexy. She holds me and kisses me on my lips. I also grab her and start licking and kissing her neck and chicks and kissing her lips.

She smelled so sweet. I was holding her boobs and keep licking her neck and lips. After a few minutes, she put her mouth inside my mouth, and we keep licking each other mouths.

Ankita – Put your tongue out.

I put it out, she starts sucking my tongue like a mad person. She holds my head and grabs my hair and suck my tongue so badly. I grab her ass with one hand, and on the other hand, I was pressing her boobs so hard. She licked so hard that I could feel her warm breath, after 3 to 4 minutes of sucking.

Ankita – Do the same to me.

I hold her and press against the wall. I told her to put out her tongue and keep sucking her tongue. I press harder on the wall and suck her so hard and keep sucking for more than 6 to 7 minutes. Then she holds my face and puts her mouth on me and starts kissing. She broke the kiss look at my eyes, and said.

Ankita – Put your saliva in my mouth.

She opens her mouth, and I put my saliva in her mouth and kiss her so hard. I start sucking her boobs and licking and biting her nipples. She was moaning so hard. I look in her eyes. There was lots of wildness on her eyes. I keep sucking her boobs, her boobs full of my spit, and all over my teeth mark on it.

Ankita – Eat my pussy now, I will cum.

I sat down and put my mouth in her pussy. She put one of my legs on my shoulder as we still near the wall. Her pussy was so wet, I put my mouth and start sucking and licking it so hard and bad. She started moaning like hell, and her sound making me so crazy. So I start licking harder.

After a few minutes, she cum inside my mouth only. When she was cum in, she holds me so tight. She came down, kiss me so wildly, and lick all over my face.

Ankita – Uff! Let’s go to bed.

I lay down on the bed, and she was above me. She grabs my dick and spits on it. She spits lots and put it in her mouth and keep sucking it. It was feeling so good. She grabs my ass with both of her hands and sucks my dick so hard. I was pressing her head while she was sucking it.

Ankita – Choke me.

I grab her hair with one hand, and on the other hand. I press her neck, and she was sucking dick like hell. After 3 to 4 minutes, she put out dick from mouth and breadth heavily and spit lots on dick. After that, she told me to lift my ass a little bit higher.

I did, and she spits in my asshole and starts licking my ass. She licked it for a few minutes, and after that, she again started sucking my dick. After 5 to 6 minutes, I cum in her mouth. I cum lots in her mouth, and she drank it all.

After that, she lies in bed, and I come on top of her. I started licking her body and sucking her boobs. I suck it so badly and start biting her all over her body and lick it. I made my teeth biting marks all over her boobs and hip.

Ankita – Come here, kiss me harder.

She was lying in bed, and I lay on her and put my mouth inside her mouth. We both kissing and licking each other mouth like hell. I was holding her face, and she mines. We both kissing and sucking each other.

In between kissing, she was asked to spit in her mouth. So I was spitting inside the mouth and keep kissing her. We keep kissing each other for more than 10 minutes.

After that, I move downward and start licking her pussy. She was so wet, and we both sweating so much. I put my tongue inside her pussy and start sucking it. I also spit on her ass and start rubbing it.

I was licking her pussy with my mouth and with one hand, I was rubbing her asshole and with another hand pressing her boobs. She was holding my head with her hand. She was moaning so loud that making me horny. After a few minutes, she said.

Ankita – Now put dick inside and fuck me like bitch.

I put my dick inside her wet pussy. It was such a tight pussy and so warm inside her. She started screaming and breathing heavily when I put inside her. But slowly, I put whole dick inside her and started fucking her slowly.

She was moaning so heavily. So I start kissing her and at the same time fucking her. She was holding my ass and spanking on it. After some time of slow fuck.

Ankita – Now fuck me harder.

I increase my pace and start fucking harder. My bed was shaking so badly. I lift her and put her on the floor and start fucking her. Now I was so horny, and her scream and moaning were making me hornier. So, I start fucking harder. She started biting me on my chest.

Now she starts slapping and abusing me. That makes me mad, and I start fucking her like hell. She starts screaming and abusing me. I hold both of her shoulders and fucking like a mad person. She looks like crying, but still, she was biting me and slapping me.

In between, I was spitting in her mouth, and she was spitting on me. After 7 to 8 minutes of hard and rough fucking, she grabs me so harder. With a scream, she cum and fell like an energyless person. I didn’t cum, and my dick was hard. But she looks exhausted. So I pull out my dick, lift her, and put her on the bed.

I keep kissing her body and face. Then she comes over to me and starts sucking my dick after a few minutes. I also cum in her mouth, and she drank all cum. We kiss each other for a few minutes.

Then we both hug each other and sleep nude in each other’s arms. We did sex many times after that and enjoyed a full holiday.

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