Steamy Session With My Pissed Boyfriend

Hi everyone, this is my first story here. I have been reading stories on XIS, and it makes me really horny. So let me start now.

My name is Diya. I have a great figure which would attract men. I am 5’6 with stats 36-28-36. The best part of my body is my boobs. My milky boobs are like a present when its nipples come between your lips.

My boyfriend’s name is Raj (name changed). He is 6.1, and he’s damn handsome. His manhood is 8 inches long.

The story starts like this. I work in a software company. I have got many fans there because of my sexy figure. People stare at me, thinking that I don’t know about them starting me. I actually feel hornier when I get those looks.

When I breathe, my boobs literally heave up and down, which is very easy for people to notice. My ex-boyfriend works in my company and because of work purpose we have to communicate with each other. He still has a lust for me.

Whenever we are alone in his cabin, he would squeeze my ass or press my boobs. I would not say no to him because even I loved being touched by him. He would never kiss me. His lust was just for my boobs and ass.

Once my current boyfriend got to know about this. My boyfriend and I had an argument, and we haven’t been talking for a while. My man gets wild when he can’t have sex for more than 2 days. So after 3 days of our fight, he called me and said that he wants to talk. We met in his car.

He told me that he would forgive me if I behave like a good girl (his slut) for one night. As we wanted a new experience in our relationship, I said yes. He took me to a hotel room. I knew what was going to happen. That my pussy would be torn because he would fuck me wild.

I knew that something dirty would happen. So I wore a lacy black bra and a thong inside my tight jeans and T-shirt. As soon as we entered the room, he kissed me wildly for 10 minutes. He started sucking my neck and gave me love bites.

He was squeezing my ass at the same time. He then removed my t-shirt and attacked my boobs. I was wearing a black lacy bra, which drew him more wild. He started crushing them. While doing this, the hotel room’s door opened. I was scared.

Two of his friends entered the room. I knew Raj did this for punishing me with gangbang. His two friends- Jash and Tirth, came and started kissing me. Jash was kissing me. Raj was pressing my boobs while Tirth tore off my panty and starting eating my pussy.

Slowly he started fingering my pussy. He was sucking my clitoris and fingering me. My legs starting shaking, and Tirth rewarded me with a hardcore orgasm. Raj asked me to bend down. I did. He then started spanking my ass. He did it till my ass was cherry red.

Trust me, guys, my man is very rough while punishing, and I take it as his slut. Then Raj took out his dick and kept it in my mouth. Three of them were standing with their dicks out, waiting for me to suck it. I ate their dicks turn by turn. My love got the first chance.

I pleasured him, and he came on my face. He slapped me with his dick. Then I took Jash’s dick. Then he also came on my face. I turned towards Tirth.

Meanwhile my man started fucking my pink wet pussy. Jash took his chance and unexpectedly inserted his cock in my asshole. I was sucking Tirth’s huge cock. His cock was largest and thickest among three of them. I was worried about what would happen when he drills my holes.

Tirth was gagging me, and then he came in my mouth. He placed his dick between my boobs and started rubbing his dick between them. Raj and Jash were punishing me hard and rough. Then Tirth got up and stood beside Raj.

He said, “Now you’ll see how it feels to be a slut. You are our slut, and we can punish you as we want, bitch.” And he inserted his dick along with Raj’s dick in my pussy. I screamed out of pain. My face became red. All the 3 men were fucking and drilling me in an awesome foursome.

I was enjoying it. I was pressing my boobs. I took one of my nipples in my mouth and gave it a bite. Three of them came inside me. They removed their dicks and told me not to touch myself, leaving me desperate. I was looking like a pornstar after getting a rough fuck.

They asked me to dance for them. I did a sexy dance. All there were stroking their dicks while watching me. After making three of them cum, they took me to the bathroom. Tirth pushed me towards the wall and started fucking me from behind. Jash was taking our pictures while Tirth was fucking me.

Tirth asked, “Have you enjoyed this much with Raj, bitch?” I said, “ No, you are the real man.” This made Raj mad. He asked Tirth to back off. And started ramming in my pussy like there was no tomorrow. My pussy was sore now. Raj came inside me.

The three of them asked me to kneel, and then Tirth pissed on me. Jash pissed down and asked me to lick it. I licked all of it. Raj pissed inside my mouth directly. I was covered with their cum and urine. They tied my hand while I was standing and asked me to pose.

Raj showed me the pictures, and I was looking sexy. I self admired myself. Jash and Tirth left. Raj and I had another lovemaking session.

That’s all for this story. If you want to read more of these punishing fuck stories and send me your feedback on my email id: [email protected]

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