Sex With A Divorced Lady

Well, I am P (name a secret) from Nasik. It’s a beautiful place. I work in a software company which has newly started. I am 5 ft 11 inches tall and have a good long and hard dick. I am handsome in look and have seduced many girls and women.

I work in a software company and share an office with another company because ours is a startup. There a beautiful lady working in our office. She is sexy. I think her measurements would be 34-28-24. She is fair-looking, medium built, and has good lips and face.

I always felt horny towards her. But could never satisfy my desire until one day. I regularly used to talk with her. She was quite friendly. She used to joke and also sometimes make adult jokes. She used to wear a t-shirt and tight jeans. Her boobs used to be open sometimes. (I mean, I used to see her cleavage.)

They were hot, beautiful white melons. Whenever anybody used to look at her boobs, she used to immediately adjust her t-shirt. We used to always see her bra straps on her shoulders. She used to wear different colored bras. I guess her age was around her 30s. She was quite friendly.

I used to jerk at night in my home, looking at her photos. I always dreamed of fucking her. One day my dream came true. One day we all planned to go to a comedy show. She said she would like to join. Our friend had made all the bookings. And this was an adult comedy show full of adult jokes and all.

Well, my friend told me to pick her up. I was surprised by this, but I thought this is my chance. I came to know she lives in the vicinity of my colony. I called her and asked her to get ready, and I will come to pick her up. I reached her house. She was wearing a black t-shirt and nice tight jeans.

Her melons were tightly hugged by her t-shirt. She was wearing a pink bra. By seeing this, my little one got harder. She sat in my car. Then we drove to a nearby club where the show was taking place. My little was still hard. I was continuously adjusting my pant.

She was seeing it and asked me whats the problem. I said nothing. She gave me a weird little smile. We reached the club. Our friends were already there. We went inside the club. I was going to sit with my friend. But she holds my hand and asked me to sit with her. I was on cloud nine.

The comedian came. We had already ordered cold drinks and popcorns and other fast foods. The show started. She was all smile. Then comedian started with adult jokes. The audience started going loud in laughter. She also started laughing.

She was putting her head on my shoulder, holding me all the time while laughing. My dick was getting hard and hard. The laughter continued for the next 1 hour. While laughing, I mistakenly touched her boobs. She gave a weird look and later smiled naughtily.

I was afraid of what she will say. So next time, I intentionally touched her boobs again. And she again smiled naughtily. Now I knew she is allowing me to touch her. So I cuddled her. And touched her again and again, and she was enjoying it.

The show finished. It was night 9 pm. As she and I were on the same route, friends asked me to drop her. While going towards her house, I chatted with her. I came to know that she is divorced. And she lives with her mother. We chit-chatted normally, and we reached her home.

It was 9 30 pm. She asked me to come in. She said that her mom is not at home. Let’s have some coffee. I agreed lustfully. I thought God gave me this chance. We went to her home. We got into her apartment. Her mom was not home. I inquired, and she said her mom is out of the station.

She said she will change and come. She went inside her bedroom. My head was full of naughty thoughts. She came in 5 minutes. She was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and short khaki. Her legs were looking sexy and all the curves. Her bra straps were clearly visible.

She went into the kitchen to make coffee. I said that you are looking nice. She said, “Really? Since when you started appreciating girls?’ I said, “Since the first day I saw you.” She said, “Naughty boy!” She came with the coffee mugs, and we started having coffee.

I asked her about her life. She started asking me about my life. I asked her why she is divorced. She started crying. She sat beside me and started crying with her shoulder on my head. She said it was a bad thing that happened to her. I wept her tears. I asked if I can stay here tonight.

She looked at me surprisingly. She reluctantly said yes. Then we ordered food, and we had food. She was sleepy. She went to her bedroom and asked me to sleep on the sofa outside. I asked can I sleep with you. She said, “Naughty boy you are.” I said I am serious.

As she was entering her bedroom, I came from behind. I hugged her tightly. She said, “P, what’s this?” I said I love you. She was shocked. Then I planted a strong kiss on her lips. She did not push me away. She was looking at me. Then I went again. It was a normal smooch.

3rd time she allowed me a proper kiss. My tongue was in her mouth. She was enjoying it. I grabbed her ass with one hand and boobs with the other. Her boobs were really fleshy. She undressed me. I removed her t-shirt. She was in a pink bra. Her boobs were fantastic.

We started kissing again. She was moaning when I started kissing her neck shoulder. Then I unhooked her bra. She was enjoying every moment. Her nipples were tight. I started licking them. Then she raised me up and went towards my penis. She undid my underwear and start licking my little one.

It was feeling in heaven. She said she had never done this. It was the first time for her. I said, “Don’t worry. I will guide you.” Then I carried her to bed, made her lie down, and removed her panty. I started kissing her from neck to boobs towards her belly. She was orgasming intensely.

She said, “Go on, P, go on. Fuck me like a bitch.” She really wanted it. Her pussy seal was intact. Then I went and kissed her vagina lips. She was moving with shocks in her body. I started licking and fingering her intensely. Her juices were tasty. She was moaning like hell.

Then we got into 69 position. She enjoyed this session well. She said, “Put your tongue inside me now. And fuck me like a pornstar.” I rested her on the bed, and she opened her legs. Then I just teased her pussy lips with my dick. She said, “Cone on, go inside. Don’t make me wait.”

Then I pushed it rapidly inside. She was moaning like hell. I held her with breasts, and in the missionary position, went in hard, faster and faster. She was moaning like hell. “You asshole, fuck me. Fuck me nicely.”

I was nearing orgasm. I said, “Should I ejaculate inside you?”  She said yes. I neared my orgasm and ejaculated inside her. She said she cummed thrice during the sex. Then we went for 2nd round. This time I took her in the doggy style. She was moaning like a bitch.

She squirted while I was fucking her. She loved it as this time I ejaculated on her back. After our sex, we rested in each other’s arms. She felt so relaxed. Tears were trickling down her eyes. She said she never had any boyfriend.  I said, “Don’t worry. I will be your boyfriend and satisfy you daily.”

In the morning again, we had another round of sex. She enjoyed it and me too. Then I went to my home, and we together met at the office.

We are looking forward to another round soon.

So, friends, this is my story about sex with a divorced sex goddess. How was it? Please let me know. All bhabhis, girls, and ladies kindly message me if you need satisfaction on [email protected]

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