My Experience With A Sexy Widow

This experience with a sexy widow is in the words of one of our young followers.

Hi, this is one of the best experiences I ever had in my life. Actually, it happened with a neighbor of my friend. How this happened is interesting.

So I live in a village. But I have many of my friends in the city. So once I went to one of my friend’s house to study for an exam. His home has a balcony. They had rented it. Over that room, there was another floor that had a terrace.

It was a sunny day, so my friend and I decided to study on the terrace. So we went there and studied until the afternoon. It was 1 in the afternoon, my friend’s mom called us for lunch, and we started coming down the stairs. My friend was in front of me. He stepped down and went to the ground floor.

I was to step down through the staircase, someone called me ‘Hello.’ I turned back. There was a lady of 30s. She was wearing a nighty. Her medium-sized boobs caught my attention. She was a perfect figured woman whom every man dreams of having sex with.

I asked her why did she call me. She said that her phone was missing. She had forgotten where she kept it. She asked me whether I can give a missed call to her number. So I did, but her phone didn’t ring. It was in silent mode. She asked me to give a call in WhatsApp also to check if it will ring. But still, it didn’t.

She thanked me, and I went down. I asked my friend about her. He said that she was a widow. She was living there for the last 6 months. She was reserved. She didn’t talk much with people. Everybody in the area had a crush on her. It was quite common that men having a crush on such a busty woman.

I checked her dp in WhatsApp. She looked more beautiful. That night I fantasized about having sex with her. I wanted to contact her again in some or the other way. So I sent her a message in WhatsApp asking whether she found her mobile. But no reply came that night.

The next morning when I got up, there was a reply from her. She said that her phone was found. She said that she left it in the bathroom. After that, for some time, we chatted about casual things. She asked me why I was there. I told her that I came there to study.

She asked me what I study and all. I came to know that she was a lecturer in a local college. After that, we didn’t contact for some days. It was some festival, and she sent me a message wishing for that. That day we chatted a little. We chatted about academics. She was a physics teacher.

Although I was a commerce student, I had an interest in some physics theories. I asked her a few questions about Relativity, Space, etc. After that, we became good friends. We started friendly chats. I asked about her husband’s death. She said he died a year ago in a bike accident.

She asked me about my family, friends she asked me whether I had any girlfriends. So we were chatting like this. One day while we were chatting, she said sometimes she feels like she should have a kid. She was feeling alone. At that moment I dared to ask her this question.

I asked her whether I can ask her a personal question she said ok, I asked her, “Don’t you have sexual desires? How do you suppress it? Don’t you feel like having sex with any man?” For this question, she didn’t reply. She didn’t reply for too long. I thought she was angry. I regretted asking such a question.

For the next few days, we didn’t chat. One day my friend called me to his house for something, and I went. When I went inside, she was there! She was talking with my friend’s mom. When I saw her, I felt like going away from there. I couldn’t see her face. My friend and I went to the terrace.

We were studying. I got a phone call. I checked who it was. It was her. I didn’t receive it. She dialed for the second time. Now I walked away from there and received it. She said, “Come to my room, and I will answer your question.” I told my friend I am getting a headache and I wanted to go.

I went to her room. She was in the kitchen. I was standing, bending my head down. She told me not to be too worried, and she didn’t mind what I asked her. She asked me to wait for a minute and went inside her bedroom. When she came back, she had a small box in her hand.

She gave it to me and told, “This is the answer.” I opened it. It was a vibrator!

Then I looked at her. She had no special feelings in her face. She said, “This will help me to fulfill my desire to some extent.” I could feel that she was not at all satisfied with that in her voice. Then she asked me to sit and went to the kitchen to get me some tea.

After a minute, I gathered all my courage and went inside the kitchen. She was preparing the tea. I could see her from behind. She was looking very hot. My dick got very hard and stood up. I slowly walked towards her. She had tied her hair. It made her white back visible. It had made her sexier.

I slowly moved closer to her. Now I was standing right behind her, and I could feel her hot breaths. Then I took all my courage and grabbed her waist. It was a shock to her. She never expected such a bold move from my side. She didn’t try to stop me but cooperated.

First, I started to press her hips and kiss her neck from behind. By the way, her body was shaking. I could understand how desperate she was to be touched by a man. Then I slowly opened the zip of her nighty. Now I could see her white bra. Her boobs were better then I expected. She was facing me.

I locked her lips with mine. I bit and sipped her tongue for some time. Then I took her bra off. Her nipples were hard. I started to suck them. I sucked them until her moan became screaming. She screamed, “Please stop.” Then I removed her nighty. She was wearing a black panty. It was a tiny one.

She didn’t shave her pussy. It was completely hairy. That made me mad. I literally tore her panty and started licking her hairy pussy. It was already wet. She was trembling in pleasure. She was moaning loudly. She was not caring for neighbors, or anyone may hear her.

I licked her pussy red for more than 10 minutes. Then she begged for my cock. I made her put one leg on the dining table and took my cock out. She was impressed by my size. She told my dick was bigger than her husband’s. I started hammering her.

As it was after years at first, she felt a terrible pain. She screamed and cried very loudly. She tried to remove my cock. But I was holding her very strongly. I fucked her slowly in the beginning. After 5 minutes, I increased my speed. Now I think she moaned to the whole city.

She was screaming. After 10 minutes, she got her orgasm. Now I changed the position. I asked her to bend down. I fucked her in the doggy style. Now the moan was low, I spanked her ass many times. I could see the mixture of pain and pleasure in her face.

After fucking her like that for more than 20 minutes sat down and took her on my thighs. I asked her to ride my cock. It was the best position for orgasm. After some time, I was to cum. I told her I want to cum.

She said, don’t. She wanted to fuck her some more time as she could feel her second orgasm and cum with me. So I fucked her for 5 to 10 minutes more. Finally, I bit her lips in pleasure, and she was scratching my back. We both moaned very loudly and cum together.

Then we hugged each other and walked to her bedroom. There we lay down on her bed for more than an hour where I did many things to her. I licked her pussy again and again. I fingered her and made her squirt. Then I shaved her pussy. Then we went to the shower, took a shower together.

After that, we both became just like husband and wife. She used to book a room in a hotel. We used to go there once or twice a week to have sex and foreplay all day.

This happened for more than 1 year. Then she got a government job and shifted to another city where our sex relationship ended.

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