A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 4

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Now Kalyani’s only hope for getting a hairdryer was Mahima. But Mahima will only be back in the evening after college. Kalyani was somehow distracted by the apartment beauties for a moment. But now, she is back on track to unmask the culprit.

She reached her apartment and was lying on the sofa, thinking of the results so early. Then she realized that the one who watered the plants must have seen her exposed tits. She was dumbstruck, and she tried not to think too complex. But what if it happened?

And what if Ayesha’s husband was the one who watered the plant? Kalyani was stressed about this thought. With the hands-on her head, she was brushing her hair to express her confused sadness.

She laid down on her sofa and started taking a nap before starting her lunch preparation. Slowly she drifted into a dream. In it, she was on her terrace, and everything was in a third-person perspective.

She could see two women were stretching on two separate yoga mats. She was behind them. They were doing the Marjaryasana and Bitilasana (cat pose and cow pose) very slowly. She could see only their sexy bums from the back.

They both were wearing black yoga pants and tank tops (one in pink and the other in green). Both of their hair was ponytailed with pink bands. As they did the cow pose, their yoga pants revealed their curves and grooves of their butt. Even gods couldn’t resist such nice pieces of butts.

Anyone on that terrace would have spanked them so hard, and Kalyani is not an exception. She slowly went around them to see them. It was none other than dusky beauty Ayesha and Kalyani herself from a third-person perspective. A minute ago, Kalyani was lusting on her own bums.

As they kept doing the poses rhythmic with their breath, it felt so hot. Both their cleavages were visible and were a heavenly sight even for Kalyani. They moaned mildly between changing the cat-cow poses. After a few minutes, they came up and sat on their heels by bending their knees and started to meditate.

After a few seconds, someone’s dark blur image was walking towards them from behind. The image wasn’t so clear until it came and stood near them. Only the lower half of someone is visible, and it was standing right behind them. He was wearing black pants and was standing without any sound.

These two women Kalyani and Ayesha still didn’t realize that some stranger is standing behind them. He lowered his hands and placed both hands on the shoulders of the two women. To her surprise, they still didn’t react.

The hands were covered with black gloves, which were the same as the mystery man from the dreams before. In the third-person view, Kalyani realized that it was the same one from before. She was shouting to warn them, and sound came out of her.

Both the hands are now caressing their bare shoulders and lower neck. He grabbed both the pendants of their mangalsutra and threw them behind their shoulders. The two still couldn’t move or react. In fact, they both could feel his touch as they were biting their lower lips.

A love moan came out of them. Now the gloved hands lowered them straight to their respective cleavages. Kalyani’s breath stopped at the moment, and her heart is near her neck. The girls still didn’t open their eyes but reacted to his actions with a little louder moans now.

He grabbed one boob from them both and started massaging them very nicely and slowly. The girls reacted with love moans. Their hands are still at their thighs in the pose of meditation. And Ayesha gave a bigger moan as he was now pinching Ayesha’s nipples.

Kalyani couldn’t warn them as she kept shouting in mute. With a sudden gasp, Kalyani woke up from her sleep and was panting heavily. Her heart was racing in real. Her face is full of sweat, and she wiped them off with a towel. She looked upright at the clock, and it was 1 pm.

She started preparing her lunch and was involved in some household chores. After lunch, she switched on the TV and was watching some movies. She thought it would be nice to watch some hot movies with lesbian sex. It has been so long since she stopped watching lesbian scenes (except in the morning).

She was surfing some English movies on the TV and couldn’t find one. Then she switched off the TV with a sigh. She wondered what Devi was doing alone when her MIL (mother in law) was not around the house. She went down to the second floor.

She saw Devi was just then leaving her apartment. Kalyani asked her, “Going somewhere?” Devi replied that she was going to the market for some vegetables. Kalyani remembered that she also needs some groceries and vegetables.

Kalyani also thought it would be nice if someone familiar with that area helped her locate good shops. Kalyani asked her if she could join her. Devi replied positively and asked her to take a bag for the items. Kalyani rushed to her flat and cleansed her face and grabbed the necessary things, and joined Devi.

Kalyani was wearing the same red half saree with a blue blouse and a blue petticoat. Her hair was long single braided hanged up to her lower back. She always had the red bindi. Apart from that, she wore pairs of bangles and anklets.

Devi was wearing a dark blue silk bordered saree, with the same colored blouse. She has always worn a silk saree for an outing after marriage. Devi also had a single long braid, and she had the same jewelry and accessories Kalyani had.

Both of them left the main gate and was walking towards the main street. They walked for 200 meters and found a street vegetable vendor. It was a woman in her late 30s, and she was strong and wore a dark old saree. She resembled the South Indian actress Priya Mani and also has a little dusky skin.

But she was so beautiful apart from the old saree. She was already weighing the vegetables for two other female customers. She saw Devi, and she greeted her with a smile. Her face became a little brighter on seeing Devi. The vendor asked about Devi’s well being.

Devi replied so happily to her, and they both exchanged their concerns. Devi introduced Kalyani as the new tenant of the apartment. The vendor introduced herself as Kamala. She was a former tenant of Kalyani’s apartment. Kalyani smiled and introduced herself.

She asked her the reason for her leaving the apartment. Kamala replied that she was living on the third floor with her mother. Due to her mother’s age-related problems, she couldn’t climb the stairs. Then the three women conversed for a little while.

Kalyani’s head went a little naughty, and Kalyani checked her out when she was picking the veggies. Kamala had a height of 5ft 7in, and her body stats are 34-27-35. She didn’t have a fat belly but had very little fat in her hips and lower belly.

Kalyani’s inner demon told her to pinch her hips, as it was visible from the sides. During the conversation, Kalyani figured that Kamala’s mother was also one of Kasturi’s devotional tour members.

Kamala asked Devi what’s the plan tonight. Devi grinned and replied to her that she’ll call and tell her. They both chuckled, leaving Kalyani puzzled. Both ladies said bye to Kamala and were walking towards the apartment. On their way, Kalyani asked Devi about Kamala.

She said Kamala was a widow without children. She was now taking care of her mother. Her husband died 10 years ago in a construction site accident. Kalyani felt sorry for Kamala and asked her about that plan Kamala was talking about.

Devi chuckled and replied that they both used to have a sleepover, order hotel food, watch movies and enjoy without any restrictions whenever their elder went on a tour. Kalyani couldn’t control herself fantasizing about a lesbian threesome between Mahima, Devi, and Kamala.

Kalyani then asked Devi whether Ayesha and Deepika will join them in the sleepover. Devi replied that Ayesha had already told her that she will join if there was a sleepover tonight. Kalyani wondered if Praveen (Ayesha’s husband) would allow her.

Devi replied that he had gone to Delhi for some training right after he arrived the previous afternoon. Kalyani was relieved that the culprit couldn’t have been Praveen as he left the previous day itself.

Kalyani, in her mind, was thinking of asking her out for the sleepover. But she can not control herself. There is a chance that she might try and grope them at night or even seduce them. Kalyani was strict about maintaining her prestige in this new neighborhood.

Kalyani dropped Devi on her floor and was climbing to her floor. Suddenly Devi slapped Kalyani’s ass so hard, and the sound was so high. Kalyani turned around in shock with her one hand brushing her ass cheek.

Devi stood there with a grin. She said, “There was a mosquito, and it was about to suck her,” in a playful manner. Kalyani also took it easy and smiled at her, and climbed the stairs. But she enjoyed that spank very much in secret.

The time was around 4:30 pm. All she wants is that hairdryer from Mahima. And she was waiting for her to return from college.

To be continued.

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