My First Hot Girlfriend – Part 2 (Sex In The Swimming Pool)

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Hey guys! This is Aryan Kapur from South Kolkata. Friends can call me Abhi too. I hope the lockdown hasn’t been too hard for you all. Hoping everything recovers soon and our sex lives resume with more vigor and fervor.

So I am 30 now, and can be called a later bloomer. I’m 5’6″, good looking and blessed with a 6.5″ dick, which is enough to please any girl, woman, milf, etc. All my stories are real-life events, and I want to share my experience of sex in the swimming pool with you guys.

So we woke up the next morning around noon. We were both naked with a small blanket covering us. We freshened up, and Mary introduced me to her roommate Eli. I honestly thought Eli wasn’t a real person but a porcelain doll. Fair, flawless skin with light brown eyes.

She looked exactly like Asenla Jamir from the movie Axone. We will come back to her later. Three of us had lunch, and I left that day. My hickeys were amply visible in the office. My colleagues knew my girlfriend informed her about them. I couldn’t have asked for a better ending.

Mary and I wanted to explore each other more and be more uninhibited. Now that we had fucked each other’s brains out, there was no stopping us. She would send me pics of her tits and pussy while I was at work. I would also send her my dick pics from work since she always found some way or other to keep me turned on.

Random texts like, ‘I can’t wait for your tongue on my pussy’, ‘I’m hungry for your dick,’ ‘My lips feel empty without your lips on them and mouth feels empty without your dick in it,’ ‘Your dick needs to rearrange my insides again,’ etc.just constantly kept me going.

We texted over the week and planned to go to a nearby beach for the weekend. We left for the beach on Saturday morning and reached Mandarmoni before noon. We checked in the farthest resort, so we got the most privacy.

Once inside the room, she just took off my clothes, grabbed my dick, and pulled me into the bathroom. She got naked and started the shower. She started smooching me. I was overwhelmed, but I started kissing back. I was hard in no time. She noticed my boner and went down on me.

It was heavenly to stand under a shower, and getting your dick sucked hard. Suddenly she pushed me against the wall, turned around, reached her hand back between her legs to grab my cock, and guided it inside her coochie. I lost my mind. She started fucking me by reversing herself for a while.

I sensed she was getting tired, so I took over and started thrusting. She started moaning.

Mary- Fuck me! Aaaaah! Fuck me, you bastard! I haven’t felt a dick this good ever! Fuck, fuck fuck! I’ve become your whore! Aaah, you fucker! Aaah!

I grabbed her hand and kept fucking her deep while pulling her back and squeezing her tits. She came after 5 minutes. We took a break as the journey and the fucking famished us. We needed to eat. I ordered some rice, dal, and chicken.

We took a nap after lunch since we knew the night would keep us up. We took a stroll on the beach in the evening and went for a swim in the swimming pool after. Since the resort was empty due to monsoon season, I quickly thought and tip the poolside waiter 500 bucks and asked him to switch off the pool lights.

You know what happened after that. Mary was wearing a one-piece, and we swam to the deep end. We kissed, and I slipped my cock in her pussy. In fact, she starts fucking me. Feeling weightless, she started rocking her hip and riding me.

I lost track of time being inside her, and she made me feel like I’m in heaven. She fucked hard, holding the railing, and kept squeezing my cock by contracting her pussy muscles. Mary whispered in my ear,  “How are you feeling?” Me, being pussy whipped blurted, “I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

Though it sounds cringe-y, it was exactly how it felt. We went to our room, had dinner, and sipped some beer that I ordered from the room service. She started feeling the buzz quite quickly. She asked me to go to the balcony and wait for some time.

When she let me back in, she asked me to close my eyes and made me sit on the bed. As I opened my eyes, I saw she had changed into a black baby doll lingerie. She put on some Rihanna songs and started doing a dance for me. She moved so sexily that it didn’t take me long to get hard again.

I shamelessly whipped my erect cock out, and she started laughing. She forgot about dancing, jumped on my dick, and started sucking it. She gave me head for 15 minutes and had completely turned her mouth into a vacuum cleaner. She would quickly jump on dick.

But I caught her before that and put her over my shoulder and started to lick her pussy. She got quite shocked that I turned her up like that and that I was so into her pussy. After making sure, her twat was dripping, I got her ready for the show.

I made her holding the window above our bed. I stood up behind her and slid my dick into dripping pussy. She let out a moan. I went slow going in and out. The AC had made the room cold, and us going down on each other made our genitals cooler. It felt extra hot for both of us.

I grabbed her tits from behind with one hand and choked her with the other. She was a little surprised by the hand around her throat but then starting moaning harder. I knew this bitch was mine. After 15 minutes, I started thrusting hard and full power. Then suddenly, I let her go and stopped thrusting.

She turned and looked surprised. I smiled when I saw she was deep in lust. Then she started reversing on my dick and started moaning

Mary: Abhi, you bastard! You own me now! Aaaaah! Fuck fuck fuck! What a dick you have made motherfucker! I can’t get enough.

I slowly slid my hand down her clit and started rubbing it two fingers. She wasn’t prepared and starting screaming in pleasure. She couldn’t take it much longer and come on my cock really hard. I was sure now that she is a squirter and would have to explore that later.

She was lost in ecstasy and turned around, threw me on the bed, and started riding me like she was possessed. I came deep in her, and we both passed out and slept wrapped in each other’s arms naked, soaked in each other’s cum. This continued for two more days and nights.

More incidents to come in stories ahead. I know this story was long, and the best parts are coming up, but I assure you, it will be worth the wait. If anyone wants to send me feedback or call me an idiot for writing such a long story, write to me at [email protected].

I shall share my FB, Insta details there if we hit off. Also, don’t ask me for more information about the girls in my stories.

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