Seducing Hot Neighbour Bhabhi Jyothi

Hello, everyone. Myself Harish from Andhra Pradesh. Age 22, height 5.6, very good looking with average gym body. I am a regular reader of sex stories. All your experiences made me post this story which was happened real in my life with a very beautiful housewife bhabhi.

Her name is Jyothi. She is 35 years old married woman living next to my house. Jyothi has 2 children and she was a housewife who spends her complete time in her house. She has a very attractive body and always wears saree. For your imagination, she looks like the actress Sindhu Thulani in recent movies.

She has 36-32-38 sizes in which her waist plays the most attractive role in her. God knows to make those beautiful hips for which guys will fell off.

I was a very big fan of her assets, mostly her waist. Oh my god, you won’t believe me, she has a very sexy hip with the right amount of fat. Her blouse cut reveals the shapes of her boobs which are very firm and tight even at this age.

She has a very fair color which becomes reddish if we pinch her hip. Her beautiful smile attracts even a thirteen-year-old guy.

Coming to the story, both our families were very close to each other as we were living side by side. I used to call her “sister”. When my mom was out of the station, she used to come to my house and prepares the food. At this time, I will accompany her as she doesn’t know the places at which ingredients were placed.

During cooking, I used to feel my neighbour aunty’s breasts with my elbows and pretend it to be unintentional. I used to see her boobs while talking without her noticing.

I also used to tease her kid that your mom is mine by holding her waist. Then he will get more excited and tries to hug his mom. That was the chance I will hold her a bit tighter. I was completely attracted to her and was waiting to get the chance to fuck her like an animal.

That was Sunday evening; we both were sitting outside of her house and chit-chatting. To my bad luck, two more aunties joined our conversation like they don’t have any work at their houses, disturbing our lustful conversation.

The light was gone and it was almost 8 pm. While we all were chatting, she signaled me to go to my house through the backside of her house via their garden. I did the same as she said. To my surprise, she came with me saying to the remaining aunties that she had to switch on the garden light to let me pass.

My legs were shivering and I was deeply confused. Why she came with me to the garden even though I knew how to go? Why she did not switch on the garden light? These fucking questions were killing me. Then we had the following conversation in that black dark place.

Jyothi: Sorry. These aunties disturbed us while we were talking. When will you come again to chit chat?

Me: Maybe next Sunday.

Jyothi: Till then?

Me: I have exams.

Me: Sister, I will tell you a secret in our next meet.

Jyothi: What is that?

I just want to tell her that I will watch porn videos daily and will masturbate thinking of some heroines. But to my surprise, it went something different.

Me: no, not now. It will be revealed on next Sunday.

My neighbour aunty was arguing with me to tell the secret right then. During this talk, she was moving towards the inside of the garden where no one can see us.

She was in front of me and we both are arguing with each other. Then she said that she also want to share something with me.

Me: What?

Jyothi: You tell first.

During this argument, I went close to her and while still arguing, I slowly hugged her from behind. My left hand was on her bare waist under the saree and my right hand was on her left boob applying small pressure!! My cock was touching her back.

I didn’t know how I got myself in that position. Believe me guys, that was a heavenly feeling. But we were still arguing.

Me: Ladies first.
She: No no no.

Me: Yes yes yes.
She: Ok then you have to promise me not to telling this to anyone.

Me: Sure, sister. It will be between us forever.
She: You should not think of me in a wrong way.
Me: Why will I? You are a lovely sister. I am here for you.

Telling this, she released herself from the hug and came facing me with the little distance.

She: Why are you staring at my boobs all the time when we meet?

I was shocked to hear this. Until that minute, I thought that I was exploring her body without her knowledge. But I was wrong. I kept quiet for some time.

Me (fear and shy): Sister, nothing like that.
She: Don’t lie. I was observing you for several days. You were staring at me.

Me: Sister, please don’t tell this to my parents.
She: Then tell me why were you staring?

Me: I get some pleasure from that.

Answering this, I went close to her and suddenly hugged and pressed her left boob with my right hand.

She: What are you doing?! I am your sister. Leave me!!
Me: No sister, I love you. I want you. I will never leave you.

I was pressing her boobs very hard.

She: No, Harish. I am your sister. We can’t do this.
Me: Sister, please. Please..

She: Harish, someone will see. Leave me.
Me: No sister, I can’t.

After some struggle, she stopped resisting and allowed me to press her boobs. I gave her a deep passionate lip kiss for which she responded very nicely. The dream was coming true.

I was caressing my sexy married neighbour’s waist like anything and my dick took its peak position. Kissing her lips, neck, waist, belly made me more aroused and her as well.

I moved her saree to the side and I was biting her boobs ver her blouse. She was enjoying and moaning with a very seductive sound. In between, she was making some formal resistance like, ‘please Harish, no..leave me”.

She was pulling my hair and pressing my head on her soft milky whitish boobs. Then I made her stand pressed to the wall in the garden and was enjoying every inch of her body. I removed her blouse hooks and brought her boobs outside her blouse. They were very soft and firm.

I was licking my neighbour’s boobs like a small baby carving for milk. I planted numerous kisses on her navel, belly neck and boobs.

I couldn’t fuck her on the ground there as the grass was fully wet. I made her turn towards the wall facing her back towards my dick and tried to lift her saree from her foot. She resisted.

She: No no, please.. Not now. Someone will come. Those aunties are in the house. They might come.

Me: No, I can’t wait. I have been waiting for years to fuck you. Let me do.

She: Please hear my words. You can have more fun with me in the bedroom on some other day.

Me: I will have that extra fun on that day too. But I want to fuck you now. Please sister.

She: Harish, please understand.

She resisted for some time but I forcefully raised her saree from behind and she placed her left leg forward to allow my dick to dig her pussy. I made her bent a bit forward letting her take the support of the wall. I removed my pants and my fully erected six-inch dick was out to penetrate my neighbour.

I rubbed my dick smoothly on her pussy from behind, teasing her. Then I started inserting my dick into her warm pussy. Even at that age, it was somewhat tight. With one hard stroke, my dick was in her pussy. Her juices were drenching my dick.

Slowly, I increased my pace and moans started coming out of her mouth. The sound of fucking and stroking must have been audible to anyone passing by.

With full strokes, I was fucking my neighbor bhabhi like an animal. She was feeling pain and pleasure.

I was holding her hip with both hands and fucking her pussy deeper. Fucking with full pace made her boobs swing like mangoes. Finally, after fucking her for fifteen minutes, we both came to a climax. I just didn’t want my sperm to flow out and launched my loads of sperms in her hot warm pussy.

She then kissed me and adjusted her blouse and saree correctly. I was even not in the mood to leave her after this wild outdoor fuck. I was biting her hips and boobs over her blouse again.

She: Are you satisfied now, my sweet brother?

Me: Yes, I am. Thank you, my sister. I love you. I love you so much.

She: I love you too, darling. Please leave now. Come again tomorrow. I will make sure that no will be present in my house.

Me: Sure, akka.

I quietly left the place and again masturbated thinking about this fucking incident that night.

I will discuss something surprising that happened the next day in the next story based on your comments.

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