Secret Affairs Of Harinagar Colony

This story is strictly fictional and doesn’t involve any real characters.

My name is Raj Kumar. I just turned 19 when I discovered all these secret affairs going in our colony. Our colony has like 400-500 families. I’ve friends all over the place. Well one day, a friend of mine told me he’s going to tell me something but I shouldn’t panic or tell anyone, so I agreed.

He started telling me that there’s an aunty close to his house. She always has eyes on him for the past 6 months. Her name is Vanitha – 35 years-old (36-26-34). My friend’s name is Manish-21. One day he went to her house to borrow some curds coz his mom told him to.

The aunty welcomed him into her house and made him sit on the couch and went into the kitchen. 5 minutes later she brought some sweet made of carrot and told him to eat it. She mixed viagra pills with the sweet. Not knowing that, he ate it completely.

The pills started to work soon and the aunty can see his dick hardening up. He didn’t quite understand why his dick is hardening and he wanted to run away without taking the curd. The aunty pulled his hand and made him sit quietly. She adjusted her saree in a way her boobs and navel are visible.

He began to sweat. Aunty sat closer to him and kept rubbing his thighs. He’s now in full control of her. She held his dick so tightly over his pants and he couldn’t do anything. She unzipped his pants and began giving blowjob. She put her saliva all over his dick and sucking him so hard.

His dick (7-inches) went all in her throat. After continuous sucking, he cummed on her face. She wiped out it all with her hands and licked them clean. It was his first time getting a blowjob and that too with a fair looking lady. He was embarrassed and shy. She licked his dick dry and went to clean her face.

She came back with curd and gave it to him. She said that she liked his dick and told him to come every day at the same time. He nodded and went to his house. On his way to his house, he was still hard. So he went near a tree and tried to shag himself for a while till his dick turned to normal.

After a long time, it shrank back. His mom asked why it took longer to return to the house as the aunty’s house was near. He told her that he was helping aunty with some gardening stuff and went out. The next day he went to the aunty’s house and rang the bell. She welcomed him with a smile.

He sat on the couch and aunty went in to get some things. She brought a chocolate syrup and told him to unzip his pants. He did as she said. She poured it on his dick and began sucking it. He got hard very soon. She was sucking his cock with such a rhythm he was out of this world.

He said he was about to cum but she stopped and told him not yet. Hold it for a sec. She told him that he needs to control his dick coz it is too fast. She made him lie on the couch, removed his shirt and pant and made him nude. She removed her saree, unhooked her blouse, bra.

She lay on him and began licking his body. His chest, his nipples, feeling his abs and his lips. She started tongue kissing him. He began to respond to her by kissing her lips and grabbing her navel. He started licking her navel and pressing her boobs.

He grabbed those two melons in a way he was squeezing them so hard. He began licking those boobs and started to bite her nipples. This made her nipples erect and she was going absurd. He removed her panty and began to see her cunt. It was well shaved and very wet and slippery.

He began smelling her pussy and madly driven by the scent of it. He started licking that cunt that it began to be wet even more. Aunty made him get on position 69 so they both could feel orally. They both are sucking and licking each other as if there’s no tomorrow.

Manish came first in her mouth and she swallowed every bit of it. Later aunty came in his mouth, he tasted it and it was salty and drank every bit of it. She told him it was enough for today and told him to come tomorrow and not to tell anyone. Manish left and came back the next day.

Aunty opened the door and welcomed him to her bedroom. Both undressed hurriedly and hugging each other tightly and feeling each other bodies. They both are on the bed. Aunty gave him a blowjob. Then aunty took the condoms underneath her bed and put it on his dick.

She sucked his cock for a little while for him to get erect. Once it got to its full size, aunty guided him into her vagina. It went in smoothly coz it’s slippery but it’s tight as well. Aunty calmed him since he was nervous and also because it was his first time.

He was not nervous anymore and began pounding her gently for the first few thrusts. Gradually he found his rhythm and was thrusting her cunt hard. She was moaning like hell and he was enjoying it and grabbing her boobs and fondling it.

A few rounds later, aunty suggested doggy style. She bent her ass giving him her cunt full view. Now he put his dick in her pussy and thrusting his cock in a slow manner and gradually increased his pace and pounding her from behind. He was slapping her butt while pounding and making her go crazy.

She was enjoying every bit of it. He started to call dirty words like, “Bitch I like your cunt and want to fuck it and pound it every day very hard to tear it apart. Do you like this bitch? You fucking slut, suck my cock and I’ll cum on your face every day and make it look good. You filthy whore, take it in.”

She began responding,  “Yes, deeper, deeper. I want to lick your dick and I wanna suck it and make it cum on my face and in my pussy every day. Keep pounding my cunt hard. It’s all yours, do whatever you want, motherfucker.” All this verbal talk ended up both of them cumming at the same time.

They both had a few more rounds before collapsing. Later he removed his dick and laid next to her. She took the condom off him and sucked him dry and neat. Both got up after some time and dressed up. He bid her bye by giving her a tongue kiss and told her he’ll see her the next day.

They both began having sex every day, sometimes at day and sometimes at night when her husband isn’t there. Their sex saga was noticed by none. He told me all this and I was horny and perplexed. My friend is a tall guy, a good body but not great looking. She on the other is so fucking beautiful.

I wanted to bang her too with his help. But never really tried coz aunties aren’t what I imagine to have my first fuck. I want to pop a cherry. So yeah I began asking him is there anything that I need to know besides this. He said, “Yes, a lot.”

A lot of stories to continue. My first time, so yeah, don’t bother in advising me how you felt about the story, everything helps in writing better. Thanks for reading, see ya at the next one.

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