Sucking Lollipop Leads To Sucking Crush’s Dick

This a work of fiction. One of my girlfriend’s sister had this experience in her office in Bhubaneswar. Her name is Moushmi. This story has been told from a woman’s point of view.

“Grown women don’t walk around with lollipops,” Moushmi said to me in her best critical tone as I unwrapped the cherry lollipop. “Grown women don’t suck on lollipops at work,” she continued, as we walked from the break room back to our desks.

“Where do you read things like that?” I asked. “Is there some manual I missed? ‘How to Behave If You Are a Grown-Up’?” She shook her head. Her perfect copper curls bounced. “It’s just not done,” she insisted. What Moushmi didn’t know was that I like to do things that ‘aren’t done’.

Things that are edgy. But how edgy was a lollipop? I’d bought several on a whim at the sandwich shop around the corner, craving a little candy dessert to follow lunch. “Save it for after work,” she hissed before sitting in her cubicle. “No,” I said trying to keep the bitchy tone out of my voice, but failing.

I was going to eat this fucking lollipop. I was going to enjoy every sordid second of licking and sucking, and maybe, just maybe. I got carried away with the slurping sounds. Because in only a few seconds, Tarun, who sits two desks down, came to visit. He didn’t say anything for a minute.

He simply looked at me, his head tilted slightly, as he watched me. I had the lollipop in my mouth, and I felt my cheeks go pink. Had I gone over the top? He winked at me. I blushed deeper. Tarun had been my office crush for months. Had it taken sucking candy to win his attention? Apparently so.

“I had a question for you,” he said, straightening up and acting all professional. “It was about this file. Would you mind going to the stockroom with me for a moment to see if you can help me locate it?” The stock room. With Tarun, I had no problem with that whatsoever.

I crunched the remaining bits of my candy with vigor, shot Moushmi a ‘keep your mouth fucking shut’ look, and trailed after Tarun. Handsome Tarun with the athletic build and the sleek jawline. Tarun of my dreams. Tarun of my fantasies. There was no file. I was sure of that.

There was only going to be the two of us, in the backroom, searching each other for a missing ‘0’. Once we got into space, we looked at each other. We’d been flirting heavy-duty for months. But being face-to-face in a quiet, nearly unused stockroom was something new.

There were file cabinets along with three of the walls. But Tarun made no motion to open a drawer. I leaned back against the door and waited to see what he would say. “That Moushmi is kind of bossy, isn’t she?” he asked. I nodded. “Yeah. She knows how things are done.”

“How about you?”

“Am I bossy?” I asked him.

“Do you know how things are done?”

“What sort of things?”

He stepped closer and kissed my cherry-flavored lips. “All sorts of things,” he said, and his hand went to my waist as he pulled me tight against him. “I know how some things are done,” I said, so close that my breath must have warmed his skin. I bit my lip and gazed up at him.

He leaned down once more and licked my lips this time, obviously savoring the flavor of my lollipop. “You definitely knew how to suck that candy,” he said.

“I heard Moushmi telling you not to. So I had to watch and see what you’d do. And let me tell you, there haven’t been many things I’ve seen in my life that are sexier than the way you licked that lolly. You really went to town on that candy on a stick.”

I grinned. I couldn’t help myself. Somehow, I’d known that candy would bring me good luck. Right now, it was bringing me my office crush, who was harder than fuck. I could tell he had serious wood in his slacks. With his eyes bright on me, I bent to my knees and started to undo his buckle.

“Let’s see what else I can work my mouth around,” I said. He looked as if he couldn’t believe what was actually happening. But he could believe it. We were both on the same page, here. That missing file? The first two letters were O-R. and the last four were GASM.

There was going to be an explosive one, I could tell, within a matter of minutes. I was about to win myself the sweet satisfaction of Tarun’s cum. Talk about dessert! Tarun moved us so that he was leaning against the wall. I was reaching into his blue-and-black striped boxers to free his dick.

I took a moment to observe the beauty of his tool. He had a reason to be proud. Eight inches, at least, and fat. Just the way I like them. I started by treating the head of his dick like the lollipop I’d savored. I licked the tip, then swirled my tongue all over the head.

Tarun moaned. A little too loud. I thought of Moushmi down the hall. Backing up for only a second. I said, “Shhh. You don’t want anyone else to come looking for a missing file, do you?” He shook his head and said, “No. Not
now. Just the two of us.”

I resumed my motions, pulling more of his shaft down my throat with each bob of my head. He started to talk as I worked him. To my surprise, he had a dirty streak, a filthy streak. Now, he said, “Yeah, baby. Suck it. Go on. You’re going to make me come so hard, aren’t you?”

His voice was low, almost hoarse, and sexy. His words turned me on even more. My answer was garbled around his cock. The words slurred and barely intelligible as I said, “Oh, yes.”

“Work it, Radhika. Work that bone.”

I wanted to smile because I’d always thought of Tarun as a little bit uptight. But this Tarun wasn’t. This Tarun, with his dick in my mouth, was filthy. I was thrilled by the revelation. I could feel how wet I was growing as I continued to suck him attempting to take him all the way down my throat.

I failed at this. He was too big for me. So I wrapped my fist around the base of his dick and worked him faster and faster. Right up until he said. “Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck,” stretching out the word as he shot down my throat. I’d been striving for this moment, but the speed caught me unprepared.

I dribbled a little of his cum down my chin. I wiped my face with the back of my hand, feeling sticky and hot all over. He pulled me to my feet and kissed me, which delighted me even more. Then he said, “My turn.”

“Your turn?” I raised my eyebrows. Didn’t he remember where we were? He looked around the space. There were the filing cabinets, and then off against one wall was a desk that nobody used. He brought me there and spread me out on my back.

“That’s one hard-to-find file,” he said as he pushed my skirt to my waist. “Excuse me?”

“When Moushmi asks what took you so long,” he continued, pulling my panties down and off. “You’ll just say that we had to look really hard. Really deep.”

“Deep and hard,” I murmured. He bent to taste me. The first flick of his tongue against my folds had me moaning and wanting more. He flicked his tongue repeatedly against my clit. My whole body seemed to hum. When he paused for breath, he said, “You taste like candy. Come on my tongue now. You can come on my cock later.”

“Later?” I panted. “After work.” That sounded fine to me. He touched me again with the broad part of his tongue. Bestowing a series of ravenous hard licks that held me enthralled until I crested. Pleasure coursing through my whole body in serious waves of lust.

I settled back against that old desk, trying to catch my breath. Then I realized Tarun was up and rummaging. What was he doing? I stood and came to his side. He had one of the file drawers open, and he was fingering through the different stiff folders. “What are you doing?” I asked.

He hadn’t actually needed something from the stockroom, had he? “What do you think Moushmi will say if we come back red-cheeked and empty-handed?”

“I don’t give a fuck about Moushmi,” I said before I could stop myself. Tarun shot me a wry smile, but he already had a file in his hand. “This one will be fine,” he said. We kissed again. Then we floated out of the stockroom together—or it felt like floating.

I went back to my cubicle to unwrap another lollipop. I’d have to keep my mouth busy until later. What happened after the office will be in the next part. Feel free to email me at [email protected] for any suggestions or queries.

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