Chennai guy satisfies maid’s daughter.

Marriage is a hard thing and getting married to the wrong person could make your life miserable. Such was the case with Kamini. Kamini was the youngest daughter of my maid, Dhanalakshmi. My maid had been working for us for many years, and she had become close to our family. My parents also often donated money to help out her kids and her grandchildren.
The next big occasion in Dhanalakshmi’s life was going to be the marriage of her youngest daughter, Kamini. Kamini was still very close to her mom, unlike some of her siblings. She used to come to our house often to talk to her mother and sometimes she also came to take her mother’s shift. Her mom loved her and so did my mom and I. But I loved her in a different way. I loved the days that she came home. She was really fun to talk to. She would joke around with me and I loved it. Some weekends, I would wake up late and go outside to be blessed with the beautiful site of Kamini. Her presence would make my day. She had seen different sides of me- a sleepy side, an enthusiastic side, a tire side and even a naked side. Apparently Kamini had come home one day and was left to wait outside for a while as the house was locked and nobody answered when she rung the bell. She caught me naked as she was peeping in through the curtain one day to check if anybody was home and she was struck with a wonderful sight. I would also hit on her often and even got touchy with her. I would have loved to have sex with her, but she said she will have sex only after marriage.
We gifted Kamini a saree for her wedding. I told Kamini what a lucky man her husband was and gave her a kiss on the forehead before she went away to another town to live a happy married life. Our lives continued as normal like nothing had happened. Frankly, I did not even miss her, as she was just a presence in the morning. I was kept busy with my work and with other friends. But two months later, things started getting worse at home. Kamini’s husband was a drunkard and used to come home late at night and beat her. She moved back home with her mother, who still worked for us. Now she came home frequently, sometimes even 7 days a week, complaining about her husband, or just staying there with her mother as shelter. We all felt bad for her. It was really cruel that such a thing should happen to an amazing woman. I comforted Kamini a lot. I took her out to the beach and a few other places, bought her medicines to heal her wounds and pampered her with good food. I told her she deserved better and that she should divorce her husband. But she was afraid her husband would kill her if she did that. One day, I was surprised to find out that she was still a virgin. She had kept her pussy clean from a husband, who deserved nothing. I asked if she was never going to have sex in her whole life. She said that God had planned for her to have it that way. We started a slightly philosophical talk about marriage, sex, god and karma. Finally she said she would go find a better man to live with, who comforted her mentally and physically. She thanked me for all I did and left.
Dhanalakshmi fell sick a few weeks later, leaving Kamini to come home twice during the day. Often, I would be the only one at home, when she came home in the evening, as I arrived earliest from work. One day, I was feeling very horny and thought I could give Meenakshi some stick. I asked her how her pursuit of her new boyfriend was going. She said that it will keep going on. I told her she needed to experience sex as it was the best feeling in the world.
She then asked me when I first had sex. I will narrate that story to you guys next time. She started laughing when I was finished. I asked if she never felt any sexual desires at all. She then said that she did a few times. I asked her what she thought about me. This was when she admitted to seeing me naked. I was a little embarrassed. I pulled her a little close and said maybe I could give her what she was wishing for. She said I had already given her a lot. But she felt a slight nudge on her belly and smiled, knowing what was to come. I smiled too and took off my shorts and underwear. She started playing with my dick like it was a toy. She then got up smiling at just stared at me. I caught her hips, dragged her close and give her a hard smack on the lips. She fell into it and we kissed for a few minutes. I reached for her ass and cupped it. She started orgasming already. I wondered how her pussy will make her orgasm. I undid her pyjama and she took off her chudidar. She was wearing a black bra and green coloured flower patterned panties. She was looking sooo sexy in those, I would have believed if somebody told me she was a model.
I rushed to my room and got some condoms. I thought she would follow me to the bedroom, but she was still in ecstasy as she waiting blushing in the kitchen. I did not bother to drag her back as I could not wait to fuck that beauty queen. I took off her panties and made her sit on the kitchen slab, spreading out her legs. I injected me hard cock into that golden pussy. It was still tight, giving a stronger hold on my dick every time I pushed it in. She seemed to love the pain she was feeling. Her orgasm was very loud, it felt like I had gone to a concert. With perfect pitch and rhythm, it matches with my pumping. The final verse had an extraordinary moan, that I cannot forget. Her pussy burst with cum and I licked it off her pussy. I had tasted cum before, but this tasted like syrup. I wanted more and started licking her pussy till her magical vagina spurt out some more. I drank it all and licked her pussy clean. Kamini was in heaven and she thought I was done. But my cock is like a bull and needed to hit with full force. So I went for round 2 in the same position. We both climaxed around the same time. She fell flat on the slab and I lay on her boobs. I sucked them for a while to play with her a little longer before anyone came home. Kamini got shocked on seeing the time and said she must rush and clean. I helped her with the cleaning and waved her goodbye before my parents came home.
When she left I was hit by a thought. There are girls out there trying to be supermodels. But every woman is sexy if she takes off 1 layer of clothes. I wish you guys good luck in doing that and also encourage wearing condoms to prevent pregnancies.

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