Sex With My Neighbor’s Lady

My name is Ajil. I am a 34-year-old software engineer basically from Kerala but working in Dubai. I am 5ft 8 inches tall. I have a fit body and 6-inch rock solid dick. My specialty is that I can make any ladies squirt with my finger and also with my dick.

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The heroine of the story is Ms. Rita, one of my neighbor’s wife, 38 years old with 2 kids. She had a sexy figure and used to check me out whenever I saw her in the lift or in the walking area. Her figure was like 36-32-38 and she had a whitish complexion.

She was from Gujrat and moved to Dubai after her marriage. Her husband was working in an oil and gas company. A good for nothing fellow who always sleeps. I used to see Rita most of the time in the lift when I used to go to the office. She used to come down to drop her children on the school bus.

She always used to look at my eyes and I used to check her ass and her boobs. She had a sexy thick lip too that immediately made me horny whenever I look at her. She knew that I check her out. Maybe that’s the reason why I saw her dressing changed from loose pajamas to tight leggings and tight tops.

One morning I saw her in the lift again when I was getting to go to my office. And as soon as I entered she smiled at me. I smiled back and said ‘Hi’. Then I looked at the children and smiled too. I asked them their names. She replied the boy is Jeffy and the girl is Jenny.

I said, “Nice names,” and asked her name too. She said it’s Rita. I told her my name. By that time our lift reached parking and I left. They were going to the ground floor. I took my car and left to office. On my way, I saw her standing, waiting for the bus to drop the children.

I smiled at her. This used to continue a couple of days. Sometimes we say ‘Hi’ sometimes not. But every time I never miss a chance to check her out and she did the same too. In the evening too I used to see her on my way back from the gym.

One morning I was going to the office and met her in the lift. She said ‘Hi’ and asked me if I do workout always and which gym I go to. She wants her husband to do a workout. She told that he is working in the construction industry and is always lazy and tired. His favorite entertainment is sleeping.

I smiled at her and told that my favorite entertainment is working out and I never miss a chance to do it. She just smiled at me. After couple of days, I met her in the grocery store near our apartment. She was purchasing some vegetables. She saw me and came to me.

Rita: Hi! How are you?

Me: hi Rita. I am fine. How are you?

Rita: Fine too. So how is your job and workout going?

Me: Going good.

Rita: Are you married. I never saw your wife.

Me: No, I am not married. That’s why I am purchasing all these vegetables alone and cook alone. I stay alone too.

Rita: It’s good that you know to cook. That’s why you look healthy and fit.

Me: You know I work out a lot too. So how is your husband? Has he started working out?

Rita: No. He is still lazy. Now I am thinking of making myself more fit and motivate him to do the workout. Can you give me some tips to workout? Because I don’t get time to go to the gym.

Me: You don’t have to go to the gym. You are already in good shape. I can give you some workout that you can do at home. Also if possible buy some small weights and a yoga mat so that you can do workout at home.

Rita: Yoga mat is ok. But weight I don’t think I can. Because I have kids it’s difficult to keep it safe somewhere. They climb in all places.

Me: No problem. I will send you some workouts. Can you give me your number?

She happily agreed and gave me her number. I told her that I have some weights at home. So if she wants I can give her that and she can use it and return to me later. She said it’s ok. We then billed the items and walked together to the lift.

Me: I have sent a message in your WhatsApp ok. That’s my number. Save it.

Rita smiled, took her phone and saved my number also replied a hi on it. I couldn’t control looking at her curvy figure and my dick was getting hard. Our building lift is a small one so may be only 5 to 6 people can be accommodated in the lift.

There were two other guys who looked like Arab nationals in the lift. So I couldn’t be freely talking to her. My floor reached I said bye to her and left.

Next morning. I again saw her in the lift with her children. She smiled at me and I smiled at her back. When I was in the office I received message from her.

Rita: Hello. Where are my workouts?

Me: Oh, sorry. Tell me what do you want to improve in your body shape.

Rita: I want to look good and in shape. That’s it.

Me: Ok.

So I sent her a couple of workouts, abs, upper body, and lower body. I told her to check with me every day before the workout so that I can guide her on which body part to work out each day. This way I can guide her to achieve a good result.

Rita: Agreed.

After 1 day of workout the next day, I met her in the lift. She told me that her body is paining due to work out. I told her it happens but don’t stop working out as only then it will have a result. This continued for couple of days. The next day noon she messaged me.

Rita: Hi, I am having pain in my back and my legs little because of the workout.

Me: Where exactly? In your hip?

Rita: No.

Me: In your butt and inner thighs?

Rita: Yes.

Me: That’s ok. It’s because I made you do squats and those muscles of yours are stretching. It’s a very important exercise for ladies to be in shape. As you know those are the sexy parts of a female body.

Rita: (sends a smiley) May be I am not doing it right. Can you show me?

Me: But where to show. Can you come to my floor? I can show you how to do that exercise properly.

Rita: Ok. Today evening I will come.

I waited in the evening for her but she did not come. She messaged me that unfortunately her husband came home early today so she can’t come. I told her that’s okay and we can postpone it for tomorrow. Next day evening by 6:15 she asked my room number and came to my room.

I asked her to sit on my sofa and asked her for coffee. She said that’s okay. I asked her where her kids are. She replied there is a neighbor lady to whom she drop her kids whenever she comes out to the supermarket. The kids will play with their kids. She also had a kit of some vegetables.

I think she picked it so that when she goes back they don’t ask here where she was. I then brought her to my room where I had the yoga mat and a couple of dumbbells in place. I asked her to do the squat first. She was doing it ok. But still I asked her to spread her leg a little bit more and do squat.

I showed her how to do it. She then tried to do it and asked me to guide her. So I stood behind her and watched her. My dick was getting hard looking at her ass. Then I slowly placed by hand on her hips and did squat with her. She was completely ok with me touching her.

My dick was hard and rubbing on her ass now each time she did squat. I noticed that she was pushing her ass more to me when she did the workout. I took a little chance and touched her ass and told, “I think your booty is getting in shape.”

She smiled and continued her workout. I took this as a yes and then took my dick out of my pants and rub on her ass when she did squat. She did not said anything. So I asked her.

Me: How does it feel?

Rita: Feels good.

Me: Do you want to feel more good?

Rita: Yes.

Me: Then you have to bend a little.

Rita immediately bent her upper body and stood as if she is waiting for me to do something with her ass. Then she asked me, “Is this ok?”

Me: This is perfect. I then pulled her pajamas down and started sucking her ass

Rita started to moan out of pleasure. Then I inserted my dick in her pussy and started fucking her. Her pussy was so wet that it was making a sound. Fluck fluck fluck. Along with that her sound of pleasure.  I kept fucking her for another 20 minutes in same position and then came in her mouth.

She drank my cum fully and gave me a kiss. She told me that she is satisfied after a long time as her husband doesn’t fuck her now days. This is the best sex she had in a long time and she would like to try it more. I told her that I am not done yet and kissed her again.

Then I lifted her in my arms and inserted my dick back in her pussy. Took her towards the wall and started fucking her back and forth squeezing her towards the wall. She kept on crying. I was not able to control hearing her moaning with her sexy voice.

In between, she told me she was about to cum. But I kept fucking with out stopping. She tried to get out but I still continued. She was crying and shouting with pleasure. I fucked her real hard for 30 minutes. Finally I came inside her. From then we are having sex once in a week.

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