Sex Weekend with a Reader

This is a sex weekend that happened recently. Please read my previous stories too. From the title, you would have already guessed what the crux of this story is. But go ahead, read the details, be patient as this has a long narration and enjoy your time.

A brief introduction about me. I am Danny (name changed, a Marwari) from Mumbai, 27. I am 5’6 tall, thin to medium built, with comforting looks that could make you bring to a level of trust.

After my previous story, I got a few responses on Hangouts, appreciating my efforts and experience. I didn’t expect to experience a reader, but I was glad I did.

I got a response from a woman named Stacy (name changed). Well, she was a Catholic, and she was absolutely sweet in her conversations. Speaking about her looks, wheatish, an average figure but an irresistible voice. She had a really good ass.

Little did I know how wild she could get in bed. We started talking about normal stuff and work. It became our normal schedule to share our day. We used to have our sex chats once in a while. We had decided a specific time to fuck each other on chats – every alternate day at 12:30 AM.

It was working for both of us. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t that good in chats. But I really enjoyed talking to her and learned a thing or two by talking to her. This became our routine, and we started sharing our photos as well (not the nudes).

I knew I wanted her bad. But I was too scared to ask her even though she was from Mumbai as well. So, one night we had this conversation:-

D: God! Aren’t you an amazing woman?

S: I guess your sweet words turn me on, and it makes me eat you more every time.

D: I wish to meet you and make love to you for real.

S: Whoa, tiger! I feel the same, but…

D: And this “but” is my biggest enemy.

S: Let’s destroy this “butt” and win over together?

D: Haha. Are you serious? I can’t wait now.

S: Yeah. After Diwali?

D: Sure.

In the meanwhile, we had some more random conversations. I couldn’t stop myself thinking about what would happen and how everything would work. I was too desperate for the day that we would make love.

S: Hey, I’ll be free this weekend if you want to go out.

D: Let me check my calendar, haha. Checked, and I’m free.

I had my Saturday working. But I had asked for sick leave and informed my family that I may have to go for an Audit out of Mumbai.

So, we decided to meet each other in Goregaon. She showed up looking so elegant and beautiful and simple. She had no makeup at all on her face other than a mild brown lipstick. She was wearing blue jeans and plain blacktop.

I don’t own a car, so we were riding on my Activa towards some café. We decided to spend some time there before we headed on to a hotel. Due to talking daily over chats,, we were familiar with each other. We didn’t have a single void moment.

We were continuously talking and laughing and holding each other’s hands romantically, like a couple. It was a good feeling, and we knew what was going to come next.

So we headed out of the café and kissed for a few seconds. I pressed her ass strongly. She moaned lightly (aaah), and we giggled. I immediately opened the OYO app to book us a room. To my surprise, she knew many hotels that could help us have a good time.

We were away for the weekend. So we took a bottle of wine and went to a hotel she recommended. It was just a few minutes of ride to the hotel. The hotel was near the airport, and it had a beautiful view. We checked into the hotel, and the room was amazing.

It just had the perfect lightings, plus it was around 2:00 in the noon. So the room was sufficiently bright. I kept the bottle of wine in the fridge in our room. I removed my footwear and stood near the window, enjoying the view of the garden and the pool.

She removed her footwear too and stood next to me. The sexual tension was high by now. She held my hand and came close to me. Wow! What a feeling, right? I took her in my arms, and we hugged for a few seconds, and we kissed. This time the kiss was different.

The kiss was deep and passionate, our mouths dying for each other’s lips. Our tongues were exploring each others’ mouths, and the breaths were getting heavier. I was holding her tight. I pressed her towards me, rolling my hands on her ass and back, giving her slight squeezes.

She held me from my neck, and she was coming on to me as well. Things were getting out of control by now, and we didn’t want to control it anyway. She held my hand, took me towards the bed and pushed me on the bed. Stacy went near the window, and she closed the curtains.

The room temperature was right, and we were both getting hot. Stacy came on me and started kissing me. I was turned on by now, and my dick was quite hard already. We kissed for a couple of minutes, and while kissing, my hands were all over her ass and back.

Her boobs were getting pressed against my chest. I couldn’t wait to turn her over, pin her to the bed, hold her hands tight over her head and make a small bite on her boobs over her top. I kissed her neck.

She got up and removed my t-shirt. She started kissing my chest and licking my nipples. Wow! What a feeling that was! I pulled her face out of my chest by pulling her hair. I looked into her eyes and pressed her boobs while looking into her eyes. She closed her eyes, and there was a soft moan.

I took her top off, and we started kissing again romantically. She looked so beautiful in her black bra and her jeans. I removed her jeans, and she had such beautiful skin underneath. Smooth all the way down, clean as fuck.

I took my jeans off and took her on the bed above me. I was just in my underwear (Navy blue). She was in her lingerie (all black). I unclasped her bra and took it off. She was rubbing her pussy on my dick over my underwear.

Then she slid her hand in my underwear, getting a hold of the animal inside. She tried to tame it with her amazing touch. I’ve had sex multiple times, but it was the first time that made me moan.

D: Aahh fuck!

S: (Came near my ears and whispered) Shhhh. Muaahh (Kissed my earlobes and gave a lick)

D: (Squeezing her ass and putting my hand inside her panties) I want to remove your panties and rub you.

S: I am all yours, babe.

Stacy stood on the bed over my face, removed her panties, and slowly sat on my face. I was so amazed at her and was enjoying her every move. I started licking her, and she was moving her pussy over my mouth. I held her ass tight and tried not to let her move.

I opened my mouth wide and placed it on her pussy. Then stung her pussy with my tongue again and again. She was having a great time with me. I could sense her pressure on my mouth, and I pushed her on the bed. This time I stood on the bed and took my underwear off.

She sat and started to rub my dick and took it in her mouth. She was so good with her lips and tongue over my cock. I was holding her hair, and she was deeply sucking my dick. I was about to cum, but somehow I controlled. I was all set for action.

I took my dick out from her mouth, drank some water to cool myself and came close to her again. I made her lie on the bed, lifted her legs and started to fuck her in a missionary position. Her pussy was so wet and smooth. It was so well lubricated that every push inside her felt soft and sexy.

I didn’t even spit on her pussy as her wet pussy was just perfect and natural. We fucked for a couple of minutes, and then we switched positions. She sat on me. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold for long, but I let her sit on me. We were fucking in this position for another 5-6 minutes.

I sensed a jerk of her pussy. She tightened her pussy and moved her ass slowly. This slow movement of her ass made me cum instantly. Aah! My dick was still inside her, and she rested on me. I hugged her and took her in my arms. I let her rest for a while.

We bathed together, and that was no sex shower. Just hugs, kisses, blowjob and me licking her in the shower. We dressed up, and it was already evening, so we decided to go out for dinner.

We had more sessions that night and the next day. To be honest, I miss her. But some stories may end with a sad ending. She shifted to Bhopal for work. She met me again before leaving, but we couldn’t fuck again. Ah! What a weekend, right?

Irrespective of your sexual orientation, if you liked or loved my experience, do show your love on Hangouts or mail [email protected] Danny, Mumbai

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