A night with girlfriend and her friend

This happened about 12 years back when I was dating my now-wife. I used to stay in a 1 BHK apartment with my mom. My mom is quite modern in her thoughts and lets my girlfriend join me during weekends.

We didn’t want to break her trust in doing anything that might cross the boundaries. But we still had our bit of fun at night. This became a regular thing wherein my girlfriend joined us during Friday night and left for her PG on Sunday evening.

Some weekends, our mutual friends also joined. It was an opportunity for them to relish some home-cooked food. They also loved my mom’s company.

One weekend my mom was away. She had to travel to our native for some family functions. Since I had work, I stayed back. My girlfriend and three of her friends had come for a sleepover.

It was fun to have cooked biriyani and some desserts with four girls. They were also enjoying the time getting a kitchen to themselves. Evening they wanted to try some booze which I arranged along with starters and sides.

None of them are really into getting high. But they wanted to try something adventurous since there was no one to stop them. The taste didn’t work for anyone, so we finished the food, watched a movie and decided to sleep.

Now, I usually sleep in the hall watching TV, and the bedroom is for Mom. Two of Shruti’s friends took the bedroom. Shruti and Reema, and I were in the hall. Not to make Reema feel awkward, I slept in the corner with Shruti next to me, followed by Reema.

With lights off, Shruti and I got closer to each other and started kissing with us covered in a blanket. I never really had any physical relationships before. So I made sure to use it every moment I got with Shruti. Since Mom used to be home, we never got naked or really had sex.

I was looking forward to this weekend, but Shruti’s friends became spoilsport. We were kissing under the blanket, with Shruti giggling at times. My hands were inside her T-shirt, running over her back while our tongues were dancing.

When kissing became aggressive with Shruti sucking my tongue with soft moans, I undid her bra. My hand came from behind, ran over her stomach to the now loose bra. I pushed my hand under her bra to touch the soft boobs. Her nipple was hard, but the whole boob was in my palm, so soft and fluffy to press.

With me rubbing her nipple between my thumb and index finger, her moaning increased. We paused a bit to see if Reema was awake. But she had turned around and kept a good one-meter distance from us. We continued our bit of fun with me going down to suck her nipples.

Shruti slept on her back, letting me lift her T-shirt and bra to her neck, exposing her boobs. It was ok to do so as the room was pitch dark. The soft boobs were in my mouth with my hands massaging them. My tongue was running over the nipples.

Shruti had her legs rubbed to contain the tingling pleasure in her vagina. I went up to kiss her, but the T and bra were blocking. I swiftly removed them completely. We kissed again, and I had a hard dick by then. I kissed her eyes, then to her ears and her neck.

Her neck was her sweet spot, and she submits once I kiss her lower neck and some bites. She was wearing nighttime shorts, which I easily removed. With no panties, I had easy access to her vagina. I went down on her, kissing everything in between until I reached her vagina.

Slowly spreading her thighs, I went down to lick her. Slowly spread her vagina lips and started flickering my tongue on her clit. Shruti was like a fish out of water. I had to lock her palm with mine to ensure Reema was not disturbed with her movement.

I heard a slightly loud moan, and I knew I had to stop. All her friends would know what we were up to. I went up to Shruti and kissed her again is when she asked me to fuck her. I was shocked because, as much as I wanted to fuck her, I didn’t have a condom handy.

Shruti asked me to enter without a condom and that she will take a pill in the morning. That was my signal, and in a flash, I had my shorts off. I went on top of her when she spread her legs. With one hand, she held my dick and kept it next to her vagina.

I slowly pushed inside when Shruti locked her legs, pushing the whole of my dick in her. We kissed and kept kissing while I pushed in and out of her vagina. A couple of minutes and I knew she climaxed. A small jerk in her body and her hands clutching on my back was all it was.

Once she was done, I couldn’t find any grip inside her vagina as it was too wet and slippery. I pulled out, and to my surprise, Shruti was asleep and moved to the corner of the bed with just the blanket covering her.

Even more embarrassing was that the shorts I removed were also rolled inside the blanket, locked with Shruti’s body. Trying to pull the blanket was in vain, nor could I wake Shruti up without waking Reema.

I slowly went closer to Shruti, and with whatever blanket I could get, I covered my still-hard dick. I don’t know how long it had been, but I felt a hand on my dick. It was cold and smaller than Shruti’s. My heart was beating heavily, and in no time, my dick was hard.

I took my hand down to check the hand on my dick, and I confirmed my fear. It was Reema’s. I pushed her hand away without knowing what to do. In no time, that hand was back on my dick. This time, she was stroking me. I had no idea how she had this kind of guts to do this.

Reema is a silent girl but very caring in nature. I have never looked at her in any other way to make her think I had any feelings for her. Today, she was bold and maybe naughty. I could feel Reema coming closer to me, and I was lying there stone cold.

I could hear Shruti snore, and maybe that was Reema’s confidence. Reema removed her hand from my dick, brought it to my face, held me in her palm and kissed on my lips. She was cold, very cold, and her lips were small. Few efforts from her, and I was done.

I had opened my mouth to her, and she was roaming inside me. Her saliva was warm and her tongue smaller than mine, but it did the job. It was a different feeling. Fear of Shruti waking up and looking at Reema in the morning. I was confused but equally lusting.

Reema removed her top and her bra, took my hand to feel her boob. She had small tits and nipples compared to Shruti. She was more like a petite. She came above my head, bringing her boobs to my mouth. I sucked her nipples and boobs while Reema was reaching for my dick.

Her whole body was tiny for me, and I had her on my chest. When our skin touched, I felt thunder in me. She didn’t have to do anything more as I was on board and doing my things. I pulled her pants and panties down, which she completely removed.

I wanted to cum, and I didn’t waste any time. I took my dick to her vagina, and unlike her body, this was big. Maybe I was wrong, and this girl had her fair share of fun before. I went inside her smoothly and started fucking her with her half on the bed and half on me.

It felt good to have support on her shoulder while getting in and out of her. I had to do it faster, so I went on top of her. No moaning but just heavy breathing. Five minutes of good fuck, and I had my cum in her.

When I released mine in her, she had hugged me tight, which is all I could feel. She got dressed and went back to sleep, and I went inside the blanket. I couldn’t sleep anymore and had to wait till Shruti moved to get hold of my shorts.

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