Tinder Sex At Her Home

Greetings. This is Danny (name changed, a Marwari) from Mumbai. This is my first story on ISS about Tinder sex. It just happened a few months back in December 2020. The lockdown was getting on the nerves, and it was getting frustrating day by day. So, I decided to install Tinder.

I am an average-looking guy, and I had received just a few matches in 10 days. It was around 1 AM, and I was awake browsing porn as I had a very high sex drive. Finally, I got notified about a match. Well, her name is Krupali (name changed, a Gujarati).

I paused my porn to see who this match was. I was amazed. She was an average-looking girl just about my age (26), and her profile said ‘Married.’ We started talking for a few days, and eventually, we got to know each other. Our chats became intimate.

We started sexting and phone sex. Her husband was always on some of the other tours. So she could talk to me so freely. I wanted her super bad in my bed, but I took things slow. I didn’t want to spoil things between us. I didn’t expect a Tinder date to lead to hot steaming sex.

Few days passed, and things were usual. Then came the day I was waiting for so long. She, without texting me, called on my phone directly. It was around 1:30 AM. She asked me if I could come over to her place as she was very horny and wanted me badly.

Who would say “NO” to such an opportunity? I snuck out of my house very slowly and took my scooter (Activa) keys. I took few condoms from a medical store and reached her place. I texted her when I reached her building. She asked me to come to the terrace. I climbed the stairs to the terrace and found no one.

I waited for a minute, and there she was. She was simply in her PJs, looking very beautiful. We started talking for a few minutes, and we were standing near the ledge of the terrace. The sexual tension was building up high. We both were just wondering how it should start.

I held her hand just like a couple, and she looked towards me. We came closer to each other and kissed. We made sure that no one would come to the terrace by closing the door. We kissed for a while, and it was romantic. Things were getting wild between us.

Our kisses were getting passionate, and my hands were running over her body. I was pressing her ass and grabbing it tightly while our breaths were getting heavier. Finally, she held my hand, unlocked the door of the terrace. I thought that was it. But she took me home.

Her home was on the third floor. I was very happy and amazed, and it made me very hard. She took me to her room. I pushed her on the bed, got over her, and kissed her good. We explored each other’s mouths with tongues. I was pressing her boobs quite hard and pinching her nipples above the top.

My entire body was on top of her. Her boobs were really good and firm, and they were getting pressed against my chest. I was enjoying our making-out session. I made her sit, removed her top, and she removed my t-shirt. We both were shirtless.

We started kissing wild with our mouths full open and ready to eat each other. I broke the kiss and gave a long lick to her neck. That made her go even crazier as she pulled me and gave a deep smooch again. Things were getting nicer and intense. We loved each other’s bodies.

She licked my chest and kissed my nipples. God, that felt amazing. I squeezed her boobs tight, gave a small bite on her boobs, and started sucking over her nipples. Her skin tasted so nice. I slid my one hand into her pajamas, and she was not wearing her panties.

She had little pubic hair, but I was okay with it. I rubbed my hand on her pussy, and it was getting wet and slippery. My fingers felt very smooth when I was touching her love hole. I rubbed her clit while kissing, and she grabbed my dick. She pressed it hard over my shorts, and it made me moan (a small aaah) a little.

We both removed our shorts and pajamas. She was so turned on that she made me sit on the bed, took my underwear off. Then, she sat on the floor and started blowing me. First, she spat on my dick, rubbed it nice. Then, she started sucking my dick with speed and sloppiness, making slurping sounds.

She was so good at handling my cock. I was holding her hair, and she was in no mood to let me go. She sucked it nice till it was rock hard. I was very hard, and I sensed that I could cum any moment. So I pulled her up, holding her hair, kissed her more, licked her earlobes. I pushed her again on the bed.

She was lying naked on the bed, and I pounced upon her as a lion pounces upon its prey. I started kissing her inner thighs with small and fast kisses going towards her pussy. I could see her getting restless. I reached her pussy, slapped it slowly.

With my mouth wide open, took the pussy in my mouth and started licking it. I spat on the pussy, licked again, spat again, and fingered her with two fingers. She started enjoying herself and was moving her body up and down. She started moaning louder, holding me tighter towards her pussy.

“Danny, babe, I can’t wait any longer. Bas ab mat tadpa, and give me your dick.” She put her hand on my head inside my hair, and she was holding it tight. I got off her and immediately placed my dick over her unsatisfied pussy. She was dripping. She was well lubricated for my dick from her juices.

I teased her pussy by rubbing my dick over her pussy. She got so wild with the teasing that she grabbed my dick and placed it on her love hole. She moved towards me, making my dick slide inside her. It was so comforting and warm. My dick was inside her without a condom.

My dick was moving in and out as I was fucking her with great passion. The pussy felt so nice, as if it was made only for my dick. My dick fit so perfectly inside her pussy, and her pussy gripped my dick. I was feeling the walls inside the pussy while stroking her.

I fucked her for few minutes in a missionary position. After some time, she came over to me. She started humping over me, making me feel very relaxed, and I was about to cum. I let her know about it as I was not wearing any condoms.

She did not want me to cum inside her. So I pulled my dick out and sprayed my load on her belly and her pussy. We were so relieved after that. We cleaned ourselves and rested for an hour, watching a movie. We fucked again that night.

We have fucked multiple times, and I go to her as and when the opportunity permits. We are still in touch, but I am looking forward to more such experiences. Show your love at [email protected]. The feedback or constructive criticisms are welcomed as well. I hope you liked my Tinder date sex with a horny chick.

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