Hotel Room Sex With Sex Bomb Manager Radha In Mumbai

Hello all, my name is Ashok and I am from Bangalore. I have been reading sex stories for 6 years now but never tried or got a chance to express my story.

This is my first story so kindly forgive if there are mistakes. This incident happened a few days back when I and my manager went to Mumbai for an audit.

More about me, I am working in the finance team in a small company. I have an average body of 5 ft 4 in height. Radha is my manager and she is 5 years elder than me.

I broke my relationship with my girlfriend in college and for many years, I have been starving for sex. I and my manager Radha are working together for 3 years. I had a crush on her ever since I  joined this company and have fapped hundreds of times thinking of her hot body.

By the way, I forgot to tell you guys about Radha. She is a sex bomb with bra size 34DD, panty size 90 cm and 5 ft 2 in height. She is short when compared to other girls but looks quite pulpy with a smooth dusky Indian figure.

My manager Radha also handled audits for some part of our group. As I was her favorite team member, she took me to Mumbai to assist her at work for a week.

The first two days went well and on the third day evening, we both decided to go to the beach since it was my first time in Mumbai. We both had a good time and reached the hotel around 9 pm. Since we had more time to sleep, she asked to spend some more time with her.

We both started conversations about our family and career for a long time and then suddenly, I saw a dildo under her pillow. Here starts the main story. I felt shy and kept it back as soon as I took it. The situation was so embarrassed to her as well so I decided to come back to my room.

As soon as I came to my room, I removed my clothes, took some tissues and started fapping thinking of fucking my hot manager Radha.

I jerk on the bed and then I cleaned up myself. Suddenly, I got a Whatsapp message from Radha saying she has ordered dinner for both of us to her room. She told me to come to her room.

I waited for some time and gained courage and went to her room. After dinner and some drinks, she somehow started talking about my sex life.

In the beginning, I felt a little shy. But after 10 minutes or so, I became comfortable with the topic. Our conversation went very deep. Then I gained more courage and asked her, “Can I kiss you?”

Radha came closer, bent slightly and gave me a kiss on my cheeks. As soon as she bent, my right hand went directly to my manager’s boobs and I started pressing them.

Man, it is always an awesome feeling to touch a woman after a long gap. I was on cloud 9. With more courage, I removed Radha’s t-shirt and started pulling her boobs out of her bra.

Once they were out, I started licking them. My manager lady’s boobs were very big and shaggy. I kept my face in between her boobs and was playing with those 2 big melons for some time.

Then I removed her pajama and started kissing Radha’s ass and pressed her ass cheeks. Slowly, I slid two fingers into my manager’s pussy and started fingering her pussy. After a few minutes, my tongue replaced my fingers and it started moving very fast in and out of Radha’s pussy. All the while, Radha was enjoying it and making loud moans.

She was pulling my hair with aggression while I was licking her pussy. Man!! It is very difficult if you are addicted to pussy-eating and not to have it for a long time. I was eating my manager’s pussy like it was the end of the world.

Then she stopped me for a moment and asked me to remove my pants. I quickly removed my pants and gave my dick into her hands.

Radha started blowing my dick like crazy using her lips and tongue. Her blowjob was very remarkable and sent me to the sky. After 5 minutes, I couldn’t hold back and I jerked off, shooting all my juices into her mouth.

Since I had already fapped on her once before, there was only a very small amount of cum which my manager drank completely.

Then I asked her to lie down on the bed so that I can start fucking her. But Radha didn’t agree as we didn’t have any condoms with us at that time. However, she promised to satisfy me the next day once we get condoms after finishing work.

Then I asked her to show how to use her electronic dildo. She showed me and later, we cuddled during the whole night and slept together.

By the time I woke up in the morning, Radha was already ready for office. She kissed me on my lips and told me to get ready as it was already late. I hugged her tightly, kissed her boobs, and pressed her ass while kissing her lips and then went to my room.

I bought a pack of 10 all different flavors condoms and enjoyed my weekend without coming out of her room which I will explain in another story.

We still maintain the same relationship. Whenever we are early or late to office or alone in her cabin, we use to have a quicky like pressing boobs, touching parts or kissing inside her cabin. We have fun at least twice a month since 4 months.

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Hope you all liked my story. I look forward to your mails and feedbacks.

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