Sensual massage with a techie girl from Bangalore

Hello readers. I hope you all are doing well. I have been an avid reader here and have been following this website for a long. I thought to share one of my experiences here.

About me: I am a software engineer working for an MNC in Bangalore. As my hobby, I have learned massage from a reputed place in southern India and work as a masseur as a source of side income. I have been with multiple clients (females and couples) across Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune.

I had put on an ad over social media and multiple websites about my massage. I was offerings at a very nominal price, asking females/couples can reach out. I had no hope of receiving replies. It was to try my luck. After a few weeks of posting, I got an email from a girl from Bangalore.

She was a techie and was going through a very hectic and tiring work week. She wanted to give herself some time and relax over the weekend. Initially, I thought it to be a prank being played. I was replying to the details she was asking for. She enquired about all massage types, procedures, and charges.

At last, she decided to go for a full-body sensual massage. But I was still unsure of her genuineness. She somehow understood that and shared her hangouts id, and asked me to do a video call. Now that we both were confirmed of each other’s genuineness.

She asked me to come over to her place on the weekend and shared her location over hangouts. It was Saturday, and I reached her place at the decided time and rang the bell. When she opened the door, I was looking at her with my jaws dropped. She must be around 26-28 years old, very fair and cute face cuts.

She looked a lot prettier than her video call looks. She had neck-length hairs and curves all at the right places. She called me twice to bring me back to my senses and welcomed me to her hall. She offered me water.

We sat there talking a few things about her personal, professional life and relationships to be comfortable and remove the awkwardness. That’s when she said, “Let’s begin the session.”

We moved to her bedroom, where she had a single bed. She opted for a full-body sensual massage. I asked her to remove her clothes and told her the massage included touching and exploring her private parts. She was a bit nervous.

So I told her to be in her inners, and then we could proceed. She went to the washroom to change. Meanwhile, I had set up the perfect environment for a massage. I set up an aroma diffuser, which I carry with me, played some relaxing (instrumental songs), and set up my oil warmer.

I also placed a towel over her bed not to spoil it. She came back, and I was amazed looking at her beauty. She had big boobs. They were dying to come out of the blue bra she was wearing. Her body was smooth and fair. She gave a smile looking at all the preparations done, and came near me.

I asked her to lie tummy down. She had a figure to die and was looking mesmerizing. I asked her about her preferences where she wanted me to massage first. She suggested I start with her legs as she was experiencing some pain. I applied lukewarm oil over her legs and put my thumbs to play.

With minimal pressure, I was pressing various pain points around her foot. I spent some time over there. Now I applied some oil over her legs and started massaging them. I was reaching till her inner things just below where her panty ended and was going down.

I then asked her if she wanted me to massage her ass. She just nodded her head and raised her ass as a green signal. I held her panty by its elastic and removed it from her body. My junior immediately woke up after looking at her neatly shaved pink vagina and wonderful ass.

I applied oil over her ass cheeks and started massaging them by applying low to mild pressure. I poured some oil over her crack. She shivered when oil flowed from her crack to her asshole towards her vaginal opening. I started to work my way towards her ass crack.

Seeing no objection or discomfort from her, I started massaging around her assholes and pussy lips but didn’t touch her pussy. She was aroused, which could be understood from her light moans, and was continuously grinding her ass up and down.

I then asked her if she wanted me to explore her anal opening as well. She mentioned she had never done that before and was afraid of it. I decided not to go for it and moved to her back. I asked her to remove her bra. She unclasped her bra immediately and removed it.

I applied oil all over her back and started my task. I spent 5-7 minutes over her back and left no chance to feel her boobs. She had a smile on her face and was enjoying it. I then moved to her shoulders and arms. She was completely relaxed and praised me for my skills.

That’s when I asked her to turn around as now was the turn to massage her frontal body. Without any hesitation, she turned around. She was a true example of beauty, a milky fair body with great round boobs, erect brown nipples, and neatly shaved pussy lips. My dick was rising to its maximum.

I was having difficulty keeping it inside. She suddenly asked me, “Why don’t you remove your clothes? It will be more comfortable for you.”

“As you say, madam,” I said. I removed my clothes and was only in my boxers. My dick was at its maximum and was dying to come out. She smiled, looking at my erection, and said, “Looks like someone is enjoying.” I then poured some oil over her boobs and nipples.

As the lukewarm oil touched her nipples, she arched her back, and a hissing sound escaped her mouth. I started massaging her breasts by encircling around her nipples and pinching them a couple of times. I kneaded both her boobs and squeezed them with minimal pressure.

I twisted and rotated her nipples. She was in ecstasy and was continuously moaning. All of a sudden, she put my hands inside my boxers and started playing with my dick. After massaging her breasts for some time, I moved to her vagina.

I spread her legs and said, its time for some “Yoni Massage.” I asked her to relax and take deep breaths. I applied oil over her pussy and started massaging her vaginal lips using my thumb and finger. I kept doing that for a while. She was extremely aroused and started to play with her boobs.

She was continuously moaning. I then took some more oil and inserted my finger inside her vagina. A sweet moan escaped her mouth. I then worked my fingers inside her vagina for some time and took it out. She had orgasmed and had a relieved look on her face.

The moment I took my fingers out, she grabbed me by my face and started kissing me. I kissed her earlobes and neck, and she did the same with me. She then took my face and pressed them against her boobs, and asked me to suck them. I started sucking one of her boobs and was playing with the other.

I bit her nipples a few times, and she dug her nails on my back in response. Meanwhile, she removed my boxer and started playing with my dick. She then went down and started licking my dick. She then gave me a blowjob. She was an awesome sucker, and it was the best blowjob of my life.

I could not hold longer with her skills, and I came in her mouth. She drank my cum completely and then hugged me. She then lay down and asked me to lick her pussy. I spread her legs and went down. I started to kiss her inner thighs and was not touching her pussy.

She then grabbed my head in frustration and pushed me to her pussy. I then started licking her clitoris. She was continuously moaning and asking me not to stop. I then inserted two fingers in her pussy while my tongue was busy playing with her clitoris.

I continued this for 15 minutes, and she had come twice by then. She then asked me to put my dick inside of her. I got up, kissed her, and started playing with her breasts. My dick was touching her pussy lips, and she was getting uncontrollable. She then grabbed my dick and guided it towards her pussy.

I asked her to wait, wore a condom, and positioned my dick at her entrance. With one push, my whole dick was inside her. Since she was wet and had an orgasm, it didn’t find difficult to enter. I had to close her mouth with my hands to control her moans.

I then slowly started pushing my dick in and out and started kissing her. I then increased my pace, and she crossed her legs around me, making me go deeper. After some time, she wanted to ride me. So I got up and lay down. She came on top of me and guided my dick inside her pussy.

She started grinding her ass on my dick. Her boobs were juggling, and I placed my hand over her ass cheeks. I gave her a couple of spanks, and she liked it. I was on the verge of cumming, and so was she. I could feel her pussy walls tightening.

Within a few minutes, we both came together. We lay down in the same position for some time. She then kissed me for 5 minutes and then got up. We cleaned ourselves, and she thanked me for the session. She went to the washroom to clean herself up.

Meanwhile, I cleared up all the mess and packed all my belongings. When she came out, I went to the washroom along with my clothes. I cleaned myself up and came out dressed. She was sitting over her bed with just a big size t-shirt. She thanked me for the session and paid me my sum.

She was completely relaxed, and I was happy about it. We then kissed one last time where she again played with my dick. I played with her naked ass.

She mentioned she would plan the next session with me soon and suggest me to her friends. This was the first time she had a massage from an erotic massage therapist, and she had a great time.

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