An Unexpected First Fuck With Sneha

Hi readers, this real incident happened to me when I started working in a reputed MNC in Chennai. To begin with, I am funkyboy (name changed) from Kerala, currently working in Chennai.

After graduating from college, I was looking for a job. I ended up joining a firm in Chennai. As a fresher, I wasn’t much exposed to the working typology and office. Slowly, I started getting along the track. In my office almost 90% of the staff were female. And most of them were aged less than 30 years.

I was a funny guy, and people started loving me. I became friends with almost everyone. Within 2 months, our MD assigned me to a huge project with two of our staff. One girl was my age, and the other girl was 2 years older than me.

Let’s call them Sneha and Fatima. (names changed). Sneha being 2 years older than me, I started calling her Akka. But she later asked me to call her Sneha. Fatima was an extreme extrovert. She had many boyfriends and used to hang out with them very often.

I wasn’t much interested in Fatima because she wasn’t my type. But Sneha became too close with me. Oh, to tell you about Sneha, she is 5 feet 11inch tall, a bit dusky in color, and had a size of 32-26-34. Initially, I didn’t have much interest in her.

But we often stayed back at the office to complete the work on time. During this time, I realized that she wasn’t so shy about anything. She used to play hot English songs and comment about the artist in the songs. Later she started openly talking about sex and sexual stuff.

It was a Saturday. I was so bored and was scrolling over WhatsApp. I had a pop-up message, and it was Sneha. She was asking about random stuff and later asked me what I was doing. I said nothing, just lying on my bed. Then she started teasing me. “Aha, I know what you might be doing.”

I started having a boner, and suddenly, I asked her if she likes me. She said, “Of course, baba. You are such a cute guy.” I said I wanted to know if she loves me. There was a huge pause on her side.

She said, “Are you serious?” I said, “Yes, even though you are older than me, I love you very much. I am interested in dating you and maybe marrying you.” She was also responding very nicely. My dick was in full swing under my boxer. I asked her for a picture.

She sent me one, and in that, she was wearing a deep-neck top. I could see her cleavage. I asked her for a hot picture. She immediately sent me one. In that, she was wearing a top and a very short skirt. I started rubbing my 5-inch dick. We chatted for almost 2 hours.

Now I can sense that she badly wants to have an encounter with me. I started sexting, and she was also responding so well. This was the absolute green signal. Later we started sending our nude images and clips. I was craving to fuck my Akka.

The next day, as usual, we went to the office. She behaved very casually, but I couldn’t face her because I felt what I did was cheap. She tried talking to me, but I was avoiding her. In the evening, when everyone left, she asked me, “What happened to you?”

I was still silent. She started caressing my hair and told me, “Tell me what happened. Why are so behaving like this?” After a huge pause, I said, “I love you but can’t marry you. I feel sexually attracted to you. I was drunk yesterday under the influence of alcohol. I said all that.”  I lied.

She went into her cabin and started working. I went behind her and hugged her. She didn’t say a word. I asked her, “Can we keep friends with benefits relationship?” She didn’t utter a word. And later we both went back home.

At night I got a text message from Sneha. She said, “I love you, just wanted to be with you. If you need a friend-with-benefits relationship, then let’s have that.” I was on cloud 9. That day we didn’t text much.

The next morning, on my way to the office, I bought dotted condoms. I was checking if I am lucky or not. Like every other day, after 5.30, everyone left. I went to Sneha’s cabin and hugged her from behind.

She turned back to see who it was. Before she could say anything, I started kissing her. I sucked her lips and tongue. And she also responded well. I asked her to come to the file-keeping room. And I left.

Within 10 minutes, she came to the room. I closed the door and latched it. Like a hungry dog, I started eating her, kissing her forehead, cheeks, neck, earlobes, lips, etc. To my surprise, she started undressing me. I was just in my trunks.

And she started rubbing my 5-inch rod over the trunks. This made me go mad. I made her sit on the table and removed her t-shirt. I started squeezing her boobs over the bra. And she started moaning. This made me hard much more.

I licked her all over, licked her armpits, kissed her navel, sucked navel hole, and pulled her towards me. She was moaning like hell. Even I started moaning like a virgin girl. Yeah, I was a virgin.

Then I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. I could see a wet spot in her panties. I smelled it and gave a small peck over the panties. She then immediately removed my underwear and smelled my cock. I understood that she is damn experienced in this.

She started with a handjob and suddenly started giving a blowjob. I had a shiver over my spine as this was my first experience. She did that for 10 minutes. Then, I removed her panties smelled her pussy which gave me an excitement that I never had before.

Then I caressed her clitoris, and I started licking her pussy lips. Within no time, juices were dripping. And I drank it all. Then I wore the condom I bought. And yeah, I had my luck to fuck Sneha.

She wasn’t a virgin, so it wasn’t a big deal for her. But for me, I was a virgin. She guided me onto her pussy, and it went in easily. I fucked her for almost 20mins. And I cummed in her. Then I ate her pussy like hell, and she had her orgasm.

We both were exhausted and sat there for almost 20 minutes. She liked me, and I was a small boy for her. We fucked whenever we got a chance.

After 6 months she got married. But even now, when she comes to Chennai. She would call me, and we will have an awesome time.  Please send your feedback about my lust for my office friend to [email protected]

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