Green University – Part 6

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With help from Ankita, Sandhya took three fingers inside her pussy. At first, it pained a little, but later she enjoyed it and had the best orgasm of her life. While Ankita left to clean herself, Sandhya lays down on her bed thinking about Sam and everything she wants to do with him.

Inside Aryan’s apartment, Aryan and Manisha cook the dinner naked. After having dinner, they walk inside Aryan’s bedroom. Aryan is already hard while Manisha’s pussy is itching. They both lie down on the bed and start talking.

Aryan (showing photo of Sam and Harry): These two guys are also interested in joining White valley university.

Manisha (getting excited): Then we will have a foursome. You fuck me in the pussy. These two guys will pump my ass and mouth. (She laughs and turns towards Aryan.)

Manisha puts her hand and legs over Aryan’s chest and thighs. While doing so, she touches his dick with her knee. Aryan slides his hand under Manisha’s neck so that she could place her head on his chest.

Aryan (getting curious): That will be so much fun. You have already taken it inside your ass, babe?

Manisha (getting naughty and teasingly touching Aryan’s dick with the knee): No but anything for you guys.

She laughs, and Aryan pulls her on top of him. As she gets on top of him, Manisha grinds her pussy on Aryan’s dick while Aryan takes his hands to her ass and grabs them.

Aryan (squeezing Manisha’s ass): Such a naughty girl you are.

Manisha (laughing and grinding her pussy on Aryan’s cock): I am? Did you notice the girl who was with me at the café?

Aryan (smiling and sliding his finger between Manisha’s ass cheeks): Yes, I did. But I didn’t see her face. Who was it anyway?

Manisha: She is my hostel roommate. Wait, I will show you the picture.

Manisha picks her phone from the side and shows Shruti’s picture to Aryan. Looking at Shruti’s picture, Aryan cannot take off his eyes.

Aryan: Oh my god, she is so beautiful.

Manisha: She is. And you know what? She is a virgin and desperately wants to fuck. We will have a threesome.

Manisha winks, and as she gets wet down there, she slowly sits on Aryan’s cock. Aryan moans with excitement, but he still thinks about Shruti. Putting her hand on Aryan’s chest, Manisha moves her ass up and down his cock.

Meanwhile, Aryan touches her asshole with his finger. The touch on her asshole makes Manisha more excited, and she starts bouncing faster on Aryan’s cock. She starts moaning loud.

Manisha: It feels so good, babe. Do you want to fuck me in my asshole? Huh?

Aryan takes out his finger from Manisha’s ass and puts it inside her mouth while she is bouncing hard on his dick. Manisha sucks his finger like a lollipop, and as his finger gets wet enough, he slides it again between Manisha’s ass. Manisha is bouncing hard, and her boobs are moving in the same rhythm.

Both of them are moaning really hard and loud. The room is filled with their moans. Aryan slowly pushes his finger inside Manisha’s asshole. She gets really excited by that and bends over and puts her lips on Aryan’s.

She moves her ass up and down on Aryan’s dick while Aryan fucks her asshole with his finger. He pushes his finger deep inside her asshole as Manisha moves her hips faster. Both kissing each other, fuck like that for another five minutes. Manisha now moves aside and gets in a doggy position.

Manisha (moaning like a horny slut): Please fuck my ass now.

Aryan obliges and gets in the position behind Manisha. He bends over and licks Manisha’s ass and makes it more slippery. Manisha moves her ass and moans hard as she feels Aryan’s tongue on her asshole. After making her asshole wet enough, Aryan pushes the tip of his cock inside Manisha’s asshole.

Manisha (moaning with pain): Push it slowly, babe.

She takes her hand back and spread her ass so that Aryan can push his dick easily inside. Aryan then pushes his dick slowly inside. All of his dick is inside Manisha’s asshole now. Manisha clenches her teeth and closes her eyes in pain.

Aryan then spits on Manisha’s asshole and slowly moves his dick back and forth. Manisha, who felt the pain initially, now starts enjoying and takes her hand to her pussy. She rubs her clit while Aryan fucks her asshole.

Aryan (spanking Manisha’s ass): You have such a tight asshole. I will fuck you every day after moving to the university.

Both of them moans hard, and Manisha starts rubbing her clit faster as she is about to reach her orgasm. Aryan does the same and moves his dick faster inside Manisha’s asshole. Aryan reaches his orgasm first and releases all his cum inside Manisha’s asshole.

Aryan (moaning hard): Oh fuck.

He takes out his cock after ejaculating all his cum inside Manisha’s asshole. He starts stroking it and drops the remaining cum on her ass. Meanwhile, Manisha moans like a slut as she continues rubbing her clit.

Manisha: Oh yes, babe. Fill me with your cum. Mmmm, I am cumming.

She rubs her clit faster, and finally, she reaches her orgasm. She rolls her eyes while her whole body shivers as she throws her whole body on the bed. Aryan lies down on the bed beside Manisha. They stay there for a while, and then both take a shower together.

That night, they fuck another two times, and finally, they go to sleep. Meanwhile, at Sandhya’s, Ankita puts on a maxi and goes to the bathroom to clean herself while Sandhya is on her bed resting after having the best orgasm of her life.

As Ankita approaches the bathroom, she hears weird noise. Ankita slowly walks towards the bathroom, and she finds out that the door is not closed properly. She peeks through the small opening and sees Sandhya’s cousin brother, Anish stroking his 6-inch long cock, sniffing Sandhya’s panty.

Surprised and still getting hard to believe what she just saw, Ankita peeks for a few minutes and leaves. On her way to Sandhya’s room, she makes a plan to seduce Anish. Sandhya and Ankita later clean themselves and go to sleep.

The next day, Manisha asks Aryan to drop her nearby Shruti’s home. He drops her and then heads towards Sam’s apartment. Sam and Harry are already up and having breakfast. Aryan walks in, and three friends talk for a while.

Sam (Curiously): How was your last night, Aryan?

Aryan (excited): Don’t ask, bro. She let me fuck her asshole. She is such a wild slut, and you know what, she is studying at White valley university.

Aryan continues explaining and also tells Sam and Harry that Manisha is up for a foursome. Harry is having breakfast, and he listens to everything with excitement.

Aryan: Remember another girl at the café? The one with Manisha?

Sam recalls everything. How can he forget such a beautiful face?

Sam (with excitement): What about her? Is she from White valley university as well?

Aryan: Yes, bro. And you cannot believe how beautiful she is. It would be so much fun, bro. We have to get the admissions.

Aryan, with excitement, shows Shruti’s photo to both Sam and Harry. Both of them look at the photo for a while, and both of them are like, “Wow,” even though Sam has already seen her at the café.

Sam to himself: She is mine. I will fuck her at the hostel, and here, I have Sandhya. It would be so much fun.

Sam was in a dilemma earlier. But now, he isn’t as Shruti is from White valley university. He now has a big task of convincing Sandhya. Harry also thinks the same and imagines all the naughty things he wants to do with Shruti.

Harry: So, guys? When are we going to White valley university for admission? I am here for few days, so let’s do this quick.

Sam: Okay, let’s go tomorrow then. Aryan, please call HR and ask for the leave.

Aryan calls HR, and they get the leave. After that, all three decide to visit the White valley university the next day.

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