My Beautiful Neighbor Aunty In Bangalore

Hi everyone, this is Druvaraj (name changed) and I am 21 of age from Bangalore with an average body and can satisfy any women.

Coming to the story, this is the story about my neighbour aunty Archana. She is 33 years of age and has sexy boobs with medium ass and a medium body.

This happened when I was 19 years old. We moved to a new area and after a few days, here comes my angel Archana aunty too. A few days, nothing happened between us. After my mom and my neighbour aunty became very close and started chit-chatting every day.

As time passed, after one month we became very close. Her husband was working in a small company and used to go on many trips with his friends. She had a 10-year-old girl child. Coming back to the story, I and aunty became very close after some time.

One fine day, while I was walking through the front of her door, I noticed my neighbour aunty sleeping. And there I saw her cleavage through her nighty. And immediately, I went to the washroom and jerked off thinking about her.

Now, I started planing to bang her. Every time I saw her, I used to stare at her boobs. And each time she used to notice me, she would not react to it.

One day I got a little courage and went to her house with an intention to fuck her, but unluckily her husband and daughter were home. I returned home with nothing.

One day, my married neighbour aunty told me that her husband was going on a small trip for 3 days. I was very happy as my parents too were going to the village to a function for 3 days.

The next day, my parents left the house by 6 am. I was still asleep and got up around 9 am. I ordered the food and ate it and got freshened up around 10:30 am.

Now I went to my darling Archana aunty’s house. The house was empty as it was a Sunday. I asked about her daughter. She said that she went with her father.

This made things easier for me. She offered me to watch TV and was brooming the house. Suddenly, I saw her boobs and it got my tool up. But I was scared and controlled myself.

After that, she offered me tea and I said okay. She went to the kitchen. Now I was out of control watching my neighbour aunty’s sexy ass. I went to the kitchen and stared at her beautiful ass. And with some courage, I hugged her tightly from behind.

She pushed me away and slapped me! But then she started to apologize for the sudden anger and for slapping me. I said, “it’s okay, it was my mistake.” We were looking in each other’s eyes. Suddenly, I lifted her and took her to the bedroom before she could protest. I put her on the bed but she refused and got up from the bed.

But I pulled her back and planted a kiss on her lips. This time, she responded slightly. I quickly tore her nighty and went down on my neighbour aunty. The next moment, I started licking the married lady’s pussy like a crazy guy. She started moaning.

She became so horny and began to moan loudly, “Tear me apart. Come on..”

Now I removed my clothes and became nude. I removed her clothes too.

I started smooching her and played with her tongue and bit her lips. After 15 minutes, I broke the kiss and went to her boobs. Those were the best part in her body. I started sucking my neighbour aunty’s boobs and were squeezing them hard. I slapped her boobs very hard and after a deep sucking and slapping of 20 minutes, I asked to open her mouth.

“Make me open it”, she said. I gave a slap on her face and inserted my 6.4-inch cock into my Indian’s neighbour aunty’s mouth. Only 3/4th of it went in.

I again slapped her and pushed my full tool into her, holding her hair. She was moaning and asking me to stop but I didn’t. I kept mouth-fucking her. I was about to cum and finally, I cummed in her mouth and she drank it all.

Then I licked her pussy again for 5 minutes and she had her orgasm for the third time. I slapped her pussy and inserted my 2 fingers into her pussy. I finger fucked her for 10 minutes and she got her fourth orgasm.

At last, I started inserting my snake into her shaved pussy. It was a little tight but I at once inserted my full 6.4-inch into her. My neighbour aunty shouted very loudly. I slapped her face again for screaming. And held her neck and increased my speed like a machine.

She was crying very hard to stop but this made me only fuck her harder and increase the speed. Finally, I cummed in her pussy. I asked her to turn around and she said, “Not in my ass, please. It will be very painful.”

I gave her a kiss and said, “Where there is pain, there comes the utmost pleasure too.”

I took some coconut oil from the cupboard and applied it on my cock and on my neighbour’s ass. Then I started inserting my rod into her sexy ass. It was very tight. So I opened her asshole with my fingers and inserted my tool again. Still, only half of it got inside.

Now I held her like a dog in one hand and closed her mouth with the other. On the count of 3, I inserted my full tool into the aunty’s ass. She screamed and I slapped her many times for that.

Then I started thrusting and slowly, increased the pace. Soon, my neighbour aunty started to enjoy anal sex. She was moaning and making so many sexy sounds.

I used many bad words during this ass-fucking session and cummed in her ass at the end of it.

We were tired. We took a blanket and slept naked for an hour. And we both had many passionate sex sessions that day. We were naked for those two days.

This continued for 4 months until we shifted to another area. We still have sex outside in the hotels.


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