Introduced To Erotic Massage Therapist

Hi friends. This is a true story of one of my recent massage sessions.

I am a part-time male massage therapist, and this is just a hobby for me. I am 28 years old with an athletic build. I am an avid sportsman and successful businessman in finance.

I had a personal therapist while I used to play nationals until I had a back injury. It’s been 4 years since I left it professionally. I provided professional athletes with massages sessions on weekends. Until Covid-19 was over and I had to return to my hometown, Kanpur.

It was now June 2021, when Covid had settled down. I wanted to try an experiment during lockdown weekends. I wanted to provide people with quality professional massage sessions and earn some good money.

People generally don’t know. But a good massage reduces stress and increases relaxation, reduces tension improves circulation, energy, and alertness, lowering heart rate and blood pressure. I could help a lot of people. So I started posting ads on sites hoping that I could at least start with one.

Luckily I was hit with a male request which I accepted once he agreed with my charges. It went well, and he agreed to spread the word for me and seemed to be a well-connected person. Soon I had 1-2 clients for massage sessions every weekend.

In July, my phone rang at noon. It was an unknown number on a Friday. I picked it up and heard a woman with a sweet voice on the other side. She was asking for a session, and one of her friends had given me a reference. But she was asking for it on a Monday.

Being in a profession myself, I was quite reluctant to do it. But giving a home massage to a female was a first to me, and hence I agreed. Over the weekends, I was a little excited and nervous as well. I was aware of unforeseen circumstances.

Monday was here. The client had already shared her address and time. It was at an apartment in a well-known society that had multiple security checkpoints. At around 11 am. I rang the bell feeling very nervous.

The door opened, and standing was a beautiful lady with features somewhat like 36-32-38 in her mid-thirties. Tall in her suit and nervous as well. We greeted each other, and she welcomed me with a cup of tea. We spoke for a while, and she mentioned this being her first time with a male therapist.

And that she usually gets a massage in hotels while traveling with her husband. Being a professional, I don’t ask for any details except for their problem area for the massage. Hers being her back and legs.

But she seemed to be very talkative and mentioned that her husband was out for work. I didn’t need to worry as they were the only 2 people living there. Soon I asked her to change into her comfortable clothes. I moved to her guest room for prep. I generally dim the lights and keep a 24-25 temperature.

In 5 minutes she came. I was jaw-struck. I had never seen such a hot woman in just her bra and underpants and had just a towel draped over her. There was a 2-minute silence, which felt awkward. But I tried to break the ice to make her comfortable by asking for her choice of oil.

Soon I put calming music on and asked her to lie down with her head down. I used 2 towels, so I covered her back. Now her creamy, perfect legs were exposed at my discretion. I started my massage with her heels with mild pressure. Erotic thoughts did start through my mind.

But soon, I was concentrating on my massage. 15 minutes passed. I was finishing up on the lower thighs. She started making low sounds I thought must be due to pressure. Hence I lowered the pressure and moved on to her hips and back.

I was a little nervous about asking her to open her bra. But she did it herself. Now I was sitting slightly on and off between her legs, working on her back and sides, getting the sensation of touching her side boobs.

After a while, I asked her to change position with her head on the tail side of the bed with her head upwards. I could get a better position for her neck and chest. As she was turning, the towel slipped off her back. Now her whole body was uncovered.

Seeing her being comfortable, I covered her eyes with a small towel. I started working on her arms. Quickly enough, I asked her if she could re-open her bra for her chest massage. At this point, I was turned on but somehow managed to carry on.

She had opened her bra but had not removed it. Now I slowly started working on her neckline and had to move towards her chest. As I was moving, I had to work under her bra strap. I thought about going until she felt a little shy.

3-4 minutes passed, working on her chest. I moved on to work on her boobs. This time with courage, I moved on to her boobs, working for my hands in a circular motion.

As soon as I moved there, she had a slight moan. She moved her head, due to which the towel on her eyes slipped. We had eye contact, which showed that she wanted to go on. As I was working on her boobs, those perfect creamy round boobs, she was turned on.

She was now making low moans. Within no time, she grabbed my dick from the outside, which was already erect. Feeling her nipples became stiffer, and I could see her wet underpants. On seeing it, I could not control myself. I jumped on her, took off my T-shirt, and kissed her madly.

We kissed for 10-15 minutes, and she asked me to fuck her. I wasn’t carrying a condom, though, realizing she rushed to her bedroom and brought a condom. My thick dick was 6inch erect and ready to spurt.

The oily body made us even more excited, and soon my dick was inside her. We fucked around for 15 minutes. She came twice and to finish. I came on her boobs. We took a shower together, where we fucked again. Soon realizing it was already 1 pm, I decided to wind up.

While leaving, we had a small talk, where she requested me not to share any details with anyone. She did love her husband. But this was one of her needs that he would not understand. Being an understanding person, I did agree with her situation.

I even asked her not to refer to me to many people as it was just a hobby. She agreed to call me only when required and not often, and we waved our goodbyes.

I hope you have liked this erotic hot spa story. I would request any girl/woman interested in discreet massage sessions or a quality fantasy to contact me or post feedback at [email protected]

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