Fucked My Hot & Sexy Reader Saira – Part 3

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Hi, I am Neeraj, aged 33, from Kolkata.

Saira and I were still lying on the bed. We were still recounting the moment we spent a few minutes ago. Saira closed her eyes to re-live those moments. I moved my right hand on her soft boob and pinched her pinky perky nipple. She let out a soft moan and looked at me.

Me – Any other fantasies you have?

Saira – I do have. But I think it’s time for me to leave now. It’s quite late.

Me – Okay, before you leave, tell me any three desires you wish to complete with me. I mean, your top three sexual fantasies.

Saira –I have many, but I shall let you know since you have asked for just three. First, sex on a terrace when it’s raining, second – Sex in a dark lane, and the third is sex in a moving car.

Me – Wow, your desires have blown me off. So, which one do you want to do first?

Saira – I don’t know, honey, you decide. Now drop me at home. I have to get back home in an instant.

I booked a cab to drop her near her home location. We got down from our room and saw the waiter smiling at us. I winked at him and assured him that it wouldn’t be the last time.

Our cab arrived at the door, and we got inside quickly. The cab would take at least half an hour to reach the destination. Saira was kind of tired after non-stop hardcore fuck, and thus, she slept on my arm. Under the dim traffic lights, I saw her beautiful innocent face.

All this while, I have been horny for her, but this moment was romantic for me. A trail of hair came above her eyes, which I pushed back. I didn’t want anything to hinder my view of her beautiful face. I rested my head upon hers and laid back.

I was praying to God to delay the journey to her destination so that she could hold my arm for some more time. Probably, he heard me.

Out of a sudden, it started raining heavily. Soon, the area was waterlogged, and the traffic was hardly moving. Saira woke up due to chaos around us. She looked outside and then looked at me with a puzzle.

Saira – What should we do now? It’s raining so heavily, and the traffic isn’t moving at all.

Me – First, call at your place and tell them about your whereabouts. At least they won’t panic. Moreover, if any of your family members are nearby, he might pick you up.

Saira – Point.

She took out her phone and called her mom.

Saira – Mom, I am stuck near Exide More. It’s raining heavily, and I don’t know how much time it would take to clear the traffic. I shall be late.

Mom – It’s okay. A few minutes back, your dad also called and informed me the same. He is also stuck in the rain. Update me after half an hour about your whereabouts.

She hung up the call. Saira looked at me and hugged me back. I whispered slowly in her ears.

Me – I think it’s time to grant your wish to have sex in the rain upon a terrace.

Saira – Are you crazy? We just had two rounds, and you still have the energy to go for the third round?

Me – I am sure I can go for it. I want to know about you. If you’re comfortable, we can do it.

Saira – But where will you find a terrace?

Me – Leave that up to me. If you’re in for the adventure, we may do it.

Saira – Okay, let’s do it.

Saira and I left the taxi and took a walk on the footpath. We were trying to avoid the water splashes and drizzling of rain, but somehow our clothes were soaked in the rain. Her white jeans were showing her panty outline. Every single guy was ogling at her smooth skin and the panty outline.

Her yellow top was drenched and making her black bra strap more visible. I was feeling lucky to fuck the girl whom the crowd was ogling. I called up my friend Hemant whose house was nearby. He stayed alone in his two BHK flat, which was attached to the terrace.

Me – Hi Hemant, where are you?

Hemant – I am off to my maternal uncle’s place. My aunt passed away last night. Anything urgent, bro?

Me – Yeah, bro. It’s raining heavily, and my friend and I are stuck in the rain. We are completely soaked in the rain and need a place to dry ourselves. We are near to your place.

Hemant – Okay, don’t worry. Go to the watchman and connect me with him. I shall ask him to let you go to my room.

Me – Thanks a ton, bro.

I looked at Saira and winked at her. She looked at me and whispered.

Saira – I am quite lucky to fulfill my long-awaited fantasies in just a day.

Me – Let’s see how many wishes you shall be granted today (Wink)

I took Saira to Hemant’s apartment. I called Hemant and gave the call to the watchman. After the call, the watchman gave us the keys to Hemant’s apartment. Hemant’s apartment was quite old.

It was a five-story building with two flats on each floor. Hemant’s dad purchased the top floor upon the wish of Hemant. The building had a lift, but it would stay non-functional on most occasions.

As predicted, the lift was out of order. We took the stairs. It was completely dark. Due to heavy rain, the power supply in the area was disrupted. We finished waking floor I and continued walking towards floor V.

I watched Saira’s ass while walking behind her. It was moving in synchronization. Her jeans were completely wet, and her panty outline was making me go crazy.

I couldn’t control them any further and slapped her butt a little hard. She looked at me with a smile and stopped walking.

Saira – I guess we have to walk to the terrace to live up to my fantasy.

Me – How about adding some fun to this fantasy?

Saira – How?

Me – Let’s start fucking here, and we shall walk each floor like this. Then, after reaching the terrace, we may do as per your wish.

Saira – Sounds interesting, but also risky. What if someone watches us or comes in between?

Me – Then, we may let him taste your juices (wink)

Saira – You’re such an asshole (wink)

I pulled Saira close to me and felt her breath on my nose. It was aromatic. Her breath was still minty fresh. I put my lips on her and started sucking her upper lips. We kissed madly on the stairs. I pushed her against the wall and put my hand inside her top.

Her boobs were eager to come out. I pulled her top up and freed her boobs from the cage of her bra. I was sucking her boobs madly. I bit her boobs hard. Her boobs were making me go crazy.

Saira – Aah, a little easy, baby. It’s all for you only.

I sucked her nipples to my satisfaction. I pulled her pants down and pushed my dick in her.

Saira – Aah, it’s so hard again. Tell me what you do to keep your dick so hard. I would love you to fuck me every day, as and when I want.

Me – My dick loves your tight cunt, and it’s unable to get rid of your cunt’s hangover. Possibly, My dick wants to stay inside you forever.

Saira – Tell your dick it’s his home now. He may fuck it as and when it wants to.

We kept on fucking on floor II for a while and then walked to floor III. I went down and licked her juicy pussy. It was damn wet by now.

Saira – Aah, you’re so hard, Neeraj. I never thought I would be so crazy for a dick. My cunt loves your cock, baby. Now slide it in.

I rubbed my cock on her pussy, and it was inside her wet cunt with a twitch.

Saira – Aah, it’s so fucking amazing. Fucking a God damn stranger in an old building on the stairs. How come this was never on my wish list?

Me – Probably I might help you to widen your list.

Saira – Do whatever you want to do. I am in. You’re such a one hell riding, fellow. I would be happy to take the drive with you whenever you want to. Aah, Fuck me, baby.

We fucked on floor III for a while and moved to floor IV. She went on her knees and grabbed my dick. She made that sloppy sound, just like a pornstar. I must say, I loved it.

Me – Aah, you’re such an expert in sucking a dick. Even a pornstar might feel jealous of you.

Saira – I don’t want to make someone jealous. I want you to love it and enjoy it. Am I good at sucking your meat piece?

Me –Don’t ask about it. I don’t have words to express how good your sucking skills are. Suck me deeper and lick the balls harder, baby.

She deep-throated my cock and played with my balls. It was much harder and longer now. I inserted my dick from behind and cupped her boobs. I was pinching her nipples while fucking her pussy from behind. She was moaning on every stroke.

I put her bra in her mouth to muffle her voice. I stroked her harder than before and slapped her butt numerous times. I pulled my cock out, and we moved to floor V. I hugged her tightly. My wet t-shirt was touching her bare boobs. She shivered but hugged me tightly.

We kissed passionately. Her hairs were wet and looked damn sexy. I sucked her boobs for a while and then lay on the floor. She came on top of me and started riding my cock. Watching her boobs bounce made me extremely horny. I was stroking her pussy hard.

Her pussy was completely wet, and lubrication was damn good. We fucked for a while and then moved to the terrace. I opened the gate of Hemant’s flat and got inside quickly. The terrace had the entry from two sides. One was from Hemant’s flat and the other one from the side of the stair.

We quietly walked towards the terrace of Hemant and found an ideal spot. There was some marble sitting arrangements on the terrace. I took off all the clothes of Saira, and Saira took off all my clothes. We both kissed each other passionately.

My hand refused to let go of her juicy boobs. I sucked them again and bit them hard. She screamed at the top of her voice and pulled my mouth away. She looked at me and kissed me hard. She bit my lower lip and avenged me for her boobs. Rather than getting hurt, I was enjoying it.

I held her in my arms and made her sit on my dick. My dick slid inside her, and I started stroking her a little harder. She looked into my eyes and then kissed me. It was a soft and romantic one. She kept her hands back for support and stroked my cock harder.

Then, I went into the spooning position. There was less space on the marble for spooning. So we decided to chuck the marble top and lay down on the wet floor of the terrace. I came behind her and rubbed my cock upon her pussy. She spread her legs apart to make space for my legs. I entered inside her slowly.

I pulled her mouth towards me and kissed her hard. I was pressing her boobs and fucking her damn hard. We fucked in the same position for a few minutes. Then, I took her in my arms and made her sit on the marble top. I widened her legs and inserted my dick in a classic missionary position.

I was fucking her like a crazy bull, stroking without a break. Her pussy was completely wet, mixed with my precum juices. I looked into her eyes. Her eyes were shut, waiting for the orgasmic release of her juices.

She shivered a little and came hard. I slowed down my speed so that she could attain her orgasm well. She opened her eyes and looked at me.

Saira – Neeraj, if you want, you may cum in my mouth. I would love to take that in my mouth.

Me – Are you sure?

Saira – 101%.

I pulled my dick from her pussy and shoved it inside her mouth. She sucked me for a while, and I came hard into her mouth. It was awesome. I kept on hitting spurts after spurts. Saira took the last drop and cleaned my shaft with her tongue. She swallowed the entire cum shot without wasting a drop of it.

I got up and took her in my arms to Hemant’s flat. We took a shower using the phone light and dressed. We booked an Uber for her destination. While getting down, I asked her if she would give me her bra or the panty.

Saira – Why do you want that? (wink)

Me – I want to savor your fragrance till we meet again.

She smiled at me and took off her jeans, and pulled out her panty. I took her panty and smelled it. It smelled fresh with her cum spot on it.

I kissed her, pressed her juicy boobs, and left the apartment to take the cab.

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