Cute Indian Married Girl Fucked During Lockdown

The story is about how a sex deprived individual was made happy by a beautiful cute girl during lockdown in Sydney.

Karthik was not able to travel back to India or bring his wife to Sydney due to closure of international borders. It is almost 6 months now since the lockdown, only PR and citizens were allowed to travel while people on visa cannot travel. Karthik got into depression due to lack of intimacy, there was no one to even hug him.

Karthik usually liked tall girls with long legs like his wife. But after 6 months, all the females were beautiful for him. He stayed in a suburb which was packed with Indians. It was difficult to find any sexy dressed female in his suburb.

The story starts when the NRI guy Karthik was shopping in a supermarket when he saw this beautiful female with long hair in white tops and black jeans in jogging shoes. He started walking behind her throughout the supermarket just to catch a glimpse of her face.

He did not buy any items in the shop and just pushing the trolley either behind her or in front of her but he was never able to see the face. But they did have 4-5 eye contacts during that 1 hour. He knew that this was just longing for a sex and decided to continue his shopping while she completed her purchases and went.

After completing his purchases, he took the lift and the same Indian girl also came near the lift. Again both of them locked their eyes with each other and he stopped the closing door for her to enter. Once in, she thanked him and he acknowledged.

Karthik was thinking whether to strike a conversation or not and by that time, the lift came to the ground floor. The Indian girl was stepping out when he said, “Can I see your face? You should be very pretty. Just wanted to see your face behind the mask.”

The girl turned around, pulled her mask down and said, “Happy now?” She was very pretty and he was stunned and lost his words. The door closed and he did not respond and just stood there. When he opened it again, the cute Indian girl was not there, she had left.

There was a get together by one of the friends a week later and they had invited him since he was staying alone and would have some company. Four families came and Karthik was the only individual.

The families were discussing about buying homes while Karthik moved away and started playing with the kids. One of the ladies came to give food for her kid while playing and she started her conversation with him.

“Do you remember me?”

Karthik was trying to recollect her but he was not able to recognize her. She was pretty but he was not able to recollect. She introduced her as ‘Indu’ and said that she met him in the supermarket. Karthik remembered and cursed himself for not recollecting.

He apologized and the conversation was pretty normal and they went back to their homes. Karthik got a “hi” message on the next day from a new number and it was Indu! They exchanged pleasantries during the day and in the night, he got a call from the beautiful and married Indian girl.

She asked him about why he was following her in the supermarket the other day but never discussed it.

Karthik was sorry about it. He told her that he was not on his right mind the other day and apologized for his behavior explaining his situation to her. She was empathizing with him and told him that depression was not caused because of people not near you.

She told him that she was also feeling very down when Karthik told her that she was very pretty and it had been months she heard some appreciation from her husband. She was in doubt about her but Karthik’s word was very soothing.

While this conversion was going on, the married girl Indu spilled her coffee on her tops and she wanted to clean it asap. Karthik offered her help as his house was nearby. She was in the same white tops but in skirt. She was cleaning her dress in the master bedroom while Karthik was waiting like a gentlemen in the living room.

Once cleaned, Karthik offered to put it in the dryer for her for 20 minutes. Karthik was expecting her to give the tops but Indu walked out of the bedroom with her bra to the dryer!

Karthik stopped breathing, is it guilt or seeing a beauty so close by without any tops?

Indu was speaking with him but his gaze was on her breasts only. Then then cute Indian girl came near him and stood there for 2-3 minutes and Karthik never spoke. Indu shook him up and they locked their eyes. Suddenly, they started kissing each other and then moved to the bedroom!

Both were naked in seconds and exploring each other. It was fast and when she touched him, he came in seconds! But they never stopped, they were still exploring each other.

Karthik was sucking the married and cute Indian girl’s breast while his fingers were exploring the walls of her inside till she cummed! They did not have sex but were exploring and relieved each other. Both of them stopped at this and did not explore further.

Indu went in to take a bath and Karthik followed her. His hands started exploring Indu’s ass while sucking her breast while she was applying soap to his manhood! One led to another and they started having sex while standing!

Without even drying, they moved back to the bedroom and continued in different positions till they were exhausted.

They never spoke during this time and she left for her home. Both were happy, it was just sex, they went back to their family.

They did not chat, it was a just one-off sex with no strings attached. They just made each other happy and joined back their life. They met in other gatherings but it was just a meet and greet.

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