Sensational Massage Experience

Hi Friends, I am Ray. This time I am narrating my sensational massage experiences in a  parlor. Firstly, thanks to all who read my previous story titled ‘Erotic Bus Journey With Mother and Daughter.’ Those who haven’t read it, please read it.

For those who don’t know me, I am an average-looking guy. I am 6ft tall. I am fit and healthy. I am working as a software engineer in an MNC in Bengaluru.

Coming to the incidents. I said that I am in the IT industry. I commuted to the office on my bike, which is a little far from my home. Because of this, I had severe back pain. I wanted to get relief from my back pain, so I decided to go to a massage parlor.

I checked google for a good massage parlor. Luckily I got one very near to my home, which was near Manyatha Tech Park. I decided to go on coming Sunday.

On Sunday, I called and booked an appointment for 4 PM. I was tensed as It was my first experience. I reached the place on time and entered the lobby. The place was neat. There were 3 mirrors which they were using for haircuts. There were three doors on the right side, which is for massage rooms.

The receptionist asked about the appointment and guided me to a room. Let me describe her. Her name is Rosey, she was a bit short, maybe 4’8″ tall. She has a round face with cute smiles. She was slim with small tits and ass. She has a captivating voice which I liked.

I went inside and sat waiting for my masseuse. I thought the same girl will come to give the massage. But it was a different girl who is more beautiful than her. Her name is Anjali, who is around 5′ tall. She is having the right amount of flesh in the right parts. I think she has a figure of 36-28-38.

She was looking stunningly beautiful in her black t-shirt, which was the uniform of the parlor. I told her where and all I have more pain and want a massage. Once I am done, she told me to lie down, and she started her massage. She started with legs. She poured oil and started massaging.

It felt great. I was feeling relaxed. My muscles have started to loosen up. I was enjoying it. Once the lower legs are completed, she moved to my thighs. At this point, I started to get aroused. She was moving her hands to feel like she will touch my balls, but she won’t.

Her hands were making magic, and my tool started to harden. I was enjoying all this. Once my legs and thighs were over, she did good work on my back. I felt relieved and was happy and told me to turn around. That’s when she saw the tent formed in the underwear which they gave.

That thin underwear was all wet with oil because of the massage, and my cock was visible because of that. She just smiled and continued her massage. Though I felt embarrassed, I wondered what will happen next.

She started massaging my chest. While massaging, she was pinching my nipples which in turn sent an electric shock in my body. My cock got even stiffer. Slowly she started to rub her hands to the base of my cock and take it up. Instead of the massage, I wanted her to stop teasing me.

I wanted her to jack off my cock. Once she is completed the massage, she said she is done. At this time, I became a little mischievous and wanted to try my luck. I told her that I opted for a complete body massage, and you left some parts. She was a bit curious and asked what it is.

I slowly pointed towards my cock. At this point, she started to tell me that they won’t do such things here. It’s illegal. Meanwhile, she signaled me to be silent and went out. I was worried that she will tell somebody or make a scene. She came back and signaled again to be silent and told me not to make much noise.

This time she put her hand inside the underwear and slowly pulled it down. She applied oil in her hand and started to massage my cock. She was asking how it feels. I was enjoying her soft touch. She peeled off my foreskin and started to stroke my cock. I was getting extreme pleasure.

She was pinching my chest while stroking my cock, making me more excited. She touched my balls. I was already about to cum, and her touch on my balls made me cum. I shot huge loads. She was stroking till the last drop of cum oozes out. I was very happy and relieved both pains.

I gave her a nice tip and told her that will return again. She told me not to tell anyone that she gave a handjob as it would be a risk for her. I agreed and left for that day.

After three weeks, I decided to get a massage again. I wanted to feel her touch on my cock. This time I wanted to make it more memorable, so I took a bar of chocolate to give to her. I went to the parlor without an appointment, and she was happy and surprised.

This time she took me to the massage room and told me to change, and she went to bring the oil. I was waiting for her to enter with oil to change in front of her. I gave her the chocolate once she entered. She was happy and asked why I hadn’t changed and was about to leave so that I could change.

I stopped her and stripped nude in front of her, and wore the underwear provided by them. She had a mischievous smile and hugged me once I changed. She started her massage, this time, she was teasing me more.

She was pressing my bums while massaging my back. Sometimes she used to lean so much that I can feel her boobs. I was enjoying every part of the massage. Finally, she told me to turn around, and I obeyed her instructions.

This time she started moving her hands on my cock first, she pulled the undies down. She slowly moves her hands from balls to the tip of the cock. It was a great feeling. I was excited, and I started pressing her soft bums.

She didn’t object and smiled. I got the green signal and started to press them hard. She started to stroke my cock slowly. I moved my hands from bums to boobs. They were soft and big. I started to play with them.

She denied taking off her t-shirt as it is risky Instead, she allowed me to put my hands inside the t-shirt and feel her boobs over the bra. I wanted more, so I tried to push my hands inside the bra. It was so tight I could not. I tried to unhook her bra and succeeded.

Now the big boobs were free for me to play, and I started playing with them. As I was pressing the boobs, she started to stroke my cock harder, giving me immense pleasure. I made sure that while pressing her boobs, her t-shirt is lifted up so that I can see those melons in the darkroom.

She didn’t notice it because of the pleasure. I could see her big white boobs with brown nipples. Those nipples were hard because of my act. I pinched them, she left out a soft moan.

I tried to sit down and suck them. That’s when she noticed and pulled her T-shirt down and told me not to sit down. I felt sad, but she continued to stroke me and allowed me to play with her boobs. I enjoyed it to the core, and after some time, I again shot a huge load.

She grinned happily and cleaned my cock with a towel, and kissed me on my cheeks. I was happy once again. This relationship was ongoing till covid. I am missing it now.

Please give me your feedback to [email protected] about this story of a wonderful massage. If any ladies or girls in Bengaluru want to have discreet fun, please mail me. I assure 100% confidentiality.

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