Erotic Bus Journey With Mother and Daughter

Hi all, I am Ray. I am here with one of my experiences which happened to me around 5 years back. I am from mid-Karnataka and currently staying in Bengaluru for my work. I was traveling to my native place once or twice a month.

This incident happened on one of the journeys. To tell you about myself, I am 180 cms tall, with an average body. I think it’s sufficient for now, let’s get to the main part.

It was a Friday night, and I was on my way to my native place. The bus had left Majestic and I knew they will stop at a few more places to get people on board before hitting the Highway.

I was sitting beside the window in the three-seater near the door. Two ladies boarded the bus in Goragunte Palya and sat on the seat beside me.

I was wondering why they sat there initially and realized it was because one of them (the mother) had drunk some alcohol and was a bit high. Though I hate the smell of alcohol, I didn’t object as I was having a tingling feeling.

The conductor gave us tickets and soon the lights went off as the bus hit the highway.

I tried to get some sleep, as it was already 10, and dozed off for a while. I woke up after some time, and I saw that the elder lady was leaning on me and was smelling badly of alcohol. I thought of pushing her to the side and tried by placing my hands towards the side. She didn’t respond and was in deep sleep.

Seeing the lack of response, I got some courage and placed my hands carefully, just on top of her side boobs. My hand was not visible to any as it is dark and also her saree gave a good cover.

I slowly started to apply pressure and feel her boobs above the jacket. I never imagined that I will get lucky like this.

I started to massage her boobs which were soft and fluffy. They were big and nice. I was enjoying every moment. Slowly, I brought my hand to the front and started to feel her right boob which was nearer to me. She let out a small moan but didn’t stop me!

I enjoyed playing with them above the blouse for some time. Then I tried to insert my hand inside from the top of the blouse, which of course was not possible because of the tightness of the blouse. Luckily, it had hooks in the front.

I opened the top 2 which gave me access to the heavenly place. Then I pushed my hand inside from the top and I could sense that the melons were larger but were locked because of her tight blouse.

It was a nice feeling as I was able to touch the smooth skin of hers and those soft boobs. Though she had a bra that had a very thin fabric, I was able to put my hand inside it easily. I found her nipples and started to pinch them.

By then, I had totally forgotten about the foul drinks smell and was fully enjoying the upper part of this beauty with her daughter sitting next to her. I was also excited and my cock had stiffened because of this act.

I unzipped myself and took out my cock and started to stroke it. I wanted to kiss her boobs but unfortunately, the lights turned on.

I hurriedly took my hand from her breast and covered my fly and acted like I was sleeping. Meanwhile, I pushed my dick inside. The conductor announced that it was a short break for snacks. I acted like I woke up and the lady also woke up. I realized she was enjoying whatever I did to her and was pretending to be asleep!

I got off the bus to go to the restroom. I went and shagged for some time and all the cum flowed out. I felt relaxed and came back.

I was sad to see that the daughter had exchanged the seat with her mother and now her mother was sleeping in the aisle seat. I thought the fun was over and came to my seat and tried to be normal.

For the first time, the daughter spoke to me on her own and asked me if I had water. I told her that I had some water, and offered it to her. She spilled some on her dress while drinking which made her churidar stick to her body. She said, “Thanks,” and tried to wipe the water with her hand.

I offered her my hanky, and she happily accepted and wiped off the excess water. As the lights were on, I could see everything, and it was almost transparent. It was a yellow churidar.

As it was wet and sticking to the body, I could see the black bra. I didn’t want to take the risk of being caught, hence I pretended to sleep.

After some time, everyone came back to the bus. The bus started and the lights also went off. Though I wanted to hit on this girl, I was a bit hesitant.

After some time, I felt her hand on my thigh! I thought she might have placed it in her sleep and I ignored it. She slowly started to move her hand towards my cock. I was getting aroused because of this.

She reached my zip and started to feel my hardening cock. I was anxious to see what will happen next.

She slowly leaned on my shoulder and whispered in my ears, “I know you are awake, and what you and my mom did.” I was shocked and was tensed. Even my hard-on disappeared suddenly.

She sensed it, and laughed and said, “Don’t worry, I am not going to create a scene.”

I was a bit relaxed and opened my eyes. She had a cute face. She smiled and told me to open my zip so that she can feel my dick. I just obeyed her.

She took my cock out and started to stroke it gently. I asked her how did she get to know what I had done to her mother? She told me that my zip was down while going out, and she had noticed her mother’s blouse hooks were opened, so she sensed it.

She told me that it had been long since she had a man’s touch as her husband died a year ago in an accident and asked me to do the same to her which I was doing to her mother.

I was happy and started to enjoy her boobies on top of her churidar. She kept on stroking my penis. I slowly inserted my hands inside her top and started to feel her boobs. They were not as big as her mother’s. I told her to bend forward so that I can unhook her bra. She bent forward and helped me unhook her bra.

Her top was lifted as I had my hand inside and her tummy was exposed. She was aroused too. I was making her hornier by twisting her nipples and pressing them hard. She was restless and was crossing her legs.

Then I put my head on her lap and started to suck her. I bite her occasionally and enjoyed sucking her boobs.

I came back and started to insert my hand in her pants, and I guided her to my cock. She took it in her mouth and started to suck it. She began to lick the tip and go till the base, and again take my shaft in her mouth.

I slowly started to mouth-fuck her holding her head. She was making small moaning noises, which were not audible to others because of the sound that the bus was making.

In some time, I was about to cum and I came into my young sexy co-passenger’s mouth which she wasn’t expecting.

I forced her to take it in, and I released her after the lost drop fell. She swallowed a few drops, and the remaining she spat on the floor.

I wanted to fuck her, but the lights went on again. She quickly cleaned her face and adjusted her top. She couldn’t hook her bra.

Then she hurriedly woke her mother and got down as her stop came. I was the only one who noticed her opened bra straps at her back. I couldn’t get to know their name or number. But it was a lucky day for me.

Please share your thoughts on this. Also, do let me know if you had any such similar experience. My email – [email protected]

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