Exciting Crossdressing With Office Friend

Hi guys and girls. This is Raghav from Chennai. I am currently working in an IT company in Bangalore. I am not very fair in color. I am a little brown with no trace of hair on my body or my face. The hairless smooth skin makes me look more girly. And my slim body with plumpy ass adds some worthy asset!

Many of my friends tease me for having such a girly figure. Initially, I was getting angry hearing that but later, I got used to it.

During my college days itself, I started my crossdressing adventures with my sister’s clothes. I have tried all of her clothes (churidar, leggings, skirts, bra, panty). I haven’t tried saree because I don’t know how to drape it. Mostly whenever I am alone in my house, I enjoy my life as a girl!

Now I am working in Bangalore staying in my aunt’s house. My aunt is in the USA. Now I have a lot of dress collections for my own. And I always wear a panty under my pants when I go to the office. I like the soft touch of the panty against my waist, ass, and penis.

One of my friend’s name was Sneha and she was very close to me. I liked spending time with her and she took good care of me. Also, she used to tease me a lot. She even had teased me for my girly outlook.

One day, I wore a white t-shirt with blue jeans and a pink Zivame branded strip panty inside. The strip had “Zivame” written on it. And in the office, Sneha and I were chit-chatting and at that time, my mobile fell down. When I bent down and was about to take it, she started laughing loudly.

Me: Hey, what happened? Why are why you laughing?

Sneha: I like your color selection. Pink suits you well (with a teasing smile on her face).

I was very sure that she had seen my pink panty. I thought that my hidden crossdressing part will be public now.

Sneha: Being a guy, why do you choose a pink color underwear?

Now I was relieved that she hadn’t realized that it was a panty. She thought it was men’s underwear.

Me: It’s just a color. It doesn’t have anything to do with gender.

Sneha: Okay. But there is a general bias. That’s why I asked.

Me: It’s okay.

She: So, what’s the brand of your underwear? (laughingly)

Me: I won’t tell you. It’s none of your business.

She: Oh, okay. I will find it by myself.

Then she pushed my wallet from the table to the floor. I bent down again. This time, I was caught red-handed. She noticed my underwear and read the name Zivame. It is a popular women’s fashion brand.

I was shocked and I started crying. I begged her not to say this to anyone and to keep it a secret. She consoled me and said that she won’t tell this to anyone.

Sneha: But one condition.

Me: What is that?

She: You should answer all my questions and also obey me.

Me: Okay. Sure.

She: When did you start wearing panties?

Me: From my junior college.

She: Oh my god! Why did your parents and sister haven’t caught so far?

Me: I do it only when I am alone at home.

She: Ok. Only panty?

Me: No. Except for sarees, I tried everything.

She: You are such a pervert. Why haven’t you tried saree?

Me: I don’t know to drape it.

She: What’s your favorite outfit?

Me: Tops and skirt.

She: Hmm. Nice.

She: Okay. Today you are gonna take me for shopping and dinner.

Me: Ok.

Then we went to the forum mall and started shopping. She took me to the accessories stores to buy bangles, chains, earrings, makeup kits, etc. She asked for my suggestions too. Actually, I liked her selections and told that it was really good.

Then we headed towards the Pantaloons. There she asked for some suggestions for dresses. I too selected a few for her. She happily accepted.

She bought a purple colored saree with a matching blouse. Then we saw a shop with the name “Zivame” and she broke into laughter after seeing that and I felt shy. She made me wait there as she bought a few things and returned.

Then we had dinner and the worst part was that I had to pay the bill for all these clothes and dinner.

The time was about 10.30 pm.

Sneha: Ok Raghav. It is 10.30 now and my hostel won’t allow me in after this. So, let’s go to why your place.

Me: Ok, Sneha.

After reaching home, I showed her my bedroom and gave her a towel to freshen up. I too freshened up. I was watching TV. Then she called me.

Sneha: Raghav, come here (wearing only a towel).

Me: What happened?

She: I need some clothes to wear now. Do you have any of why our t-shirts and pants?

Me: Hey, cool buddy. Just have a look at it. (I showed her my wardrobe of women’s clothes.)

She: Wow, nice.

She took a t-shirt and a skirt and wore them.

Me: I think it suits you well.

She: Yeah, of course.

She: I wanna see you as a girl now.

Me: Ok, wait.

I chose an orange panty, a blue t-shirt, and a white skirt. She saw me and with a smile said, “Nice. But I want to see you as a complete girl.”

Me: How?

She then made me sit in front of a mirror and applied light purple-colored nail polish on all my nails. The moment I saw my nails being painted, I blushed. She noticed that and said, “Don’t be so shy, Raghavi.” After hearing that name, I was on cloud 9. I loved the feeling that I was treated as a girl.

She then started with the makeups on my face up to my neck. She even applied mascara and eyeliner.

Then she brought the parcel that we shopped in that evening. It had a purple color bra, purple panty, purple blouse, and purple saree. I was excited after seeing the saree. For the first time, I was gonna drape a saree.

Then she asked me to remove my clothes and tie a towel. I followed her instructions. I was in a towel and my penis started making a tent over the towel. She noticed it and laughed. She said, “Girls don’t have a penis. But, you have. So, you are a special girl.” I just laughed at that.

Then she made me wear a cupped bra. It was a little tight but was fitting perfectly to my small booby chest. The grip of the bra on my body made my penis even harder.

Now it was time for the blouse. It was good enough to show my little cleavage. Now she asked me to remove my towel. I told her it was not fair. She said it was no big deal as she knew my biggest secret of life.

Then I removed the towel and covered my penis with my hands. She told me that I was very shy as a girl and told me to take off my hands. I obeyed her.

She made me wear the panty and during that time, she touched my penis too. She told me that it was too hard with a teasing smile on her face. Then she brought an in-skirt and tied it perfectly around my waist. Now she perfectly draped the saree on me.

I saw myself in the mirror and felt really proud as I was looking gorgeous and hotter than Sneha!

She: Raghavi, you look amazing.

Me: Thank you so much for making this day a special one.

She: The day is not over yet. Let’s go out.

Me: No chance. I may get caught.

She: Get caught by whom? No need to worry. I am with why you.

Me: What if any boys try to approach me?

She: You are a real bitch.

Me: Why are you calling me a bitch?

She: Because you revealed that why you wanna be approached by boys.

Me: I did not mean like that.

She: So, if a boy wanna have fun with you, will why you accept it or not?

Me: Maybe.

She: That’s the sign of a good bitch.

Me: haha (blushing).

She: Wanna try with my boyfriend?

Me: Will he accept?

She: I will convince him.

Me: Then I am okay with it.

She then talked with her bf for about 15 minutes.

She: My bf says that he is okay but there is a small problem.

Me: What is it?

She: He wants to make it as a threesome.

Me: Really?

She: Yeah.

Me: Now, it is your turn to decide.

She: I am completely okay with it.


So, guys, this is the end of the first part.

Guys, please comment your reviews on the story. I am new to blog writing. If you find anything to be included, then suggest your ideas. Thank you.

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