Spoiled Best Friends – Part 1 (The Beginning)

Hey guys and girls, this is curry eater (the way my bestie calls me ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). I hail from Tamil Nadu and this is a real incident that happened during my bachelor days. I have been reading ISS for quite a past few years and now interested to share my incident.

The story will be medium-paced and tempting as I am gonna explain exactly what happened. So, get ready with hands on your dicks and vaginas ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

Based on the response I get I would be posting the upcoming parts soon.

After completing my higher secondary, I decided to do engineering and got admission in one of the reputed colleges in Tamilnadu. I studied in a boys’ school and was dying to get the fragrance of a girl (in Tamil “kanju poi kidanthaen”). So I chose Information Technology (IT).

On the first day when I entered the class, I noticed that the number of girls greatly outnumbered the number of guys. I started thinking dirty immediately that if this class now engaged in an orgy, every guy would have 4 girls for him! And eventually, as time went I started flirting with the girls and made some good friends too.

While this was happening, I got to know through Facebook a girl who was studying the same course in the nearby university (let’s call her “Shruthi”) and eventually, we got together very well, went for dates and fell in love with each other.

Our relationship was pure love but was lacking one thing – SEX. We used to sext in Whatsapp and also engage in foreplay in public parks and at my house. I would ask her to wear a low-neck salwar when she was with me so that a pinch of her cleavage would be visible.

My girlfriend Shruthi was not thin nor fluffy. So, when she wore tight salwars and leggings, all the men used to ogle at her. Her ass was something that made me fall in love with her. It shakes left to right when she walks. I am sure that her guy classmates would have fapped imagining her ass at least once.

We really never fucked each other and this was all adding to the fire that was already burning inside me. We really loved each other and wanted to marry.

There was a girl in my class named Pooja. She was super friendly to me as we had the same level of humor sense. As we were the top scorers in English, our English professor gave us the job of writing content for an upcoming event. This made us really spend a lot of time together and we became best friends.

My girlfriend knew about her that we were working together on the event but I hid from her the fact that she was my close friend. Pooja was white in complexion, 170 cms tall and resembles the Tamil actress “Asin”.

Pooja has a very good structure and her boobs are medium-sized and stiff. Occasionally, I and Pooja also would flirt with each other. Pooja was more beautiful than my girlfriend. She said that she had a crush on a guy but never made advances even though I offered help and advice.

Whenever she was near me, I used to stare at her milky white neck. She wore a very thin gold chain in her neck and the gold white color contrast turned me on.

In my imagination, I would lick her neck with my tongue and kiss it. Also, most of the time, she would wear low-neck salwars (my weak point). Her dollar used to hang at the place where her cleavage starts.

Whenever I sit near her, I wantedly sit very close and make sure that our thighs and arms tough each other.

One day, she wore a sleeveless salwar and as usual, I went and sat close near her in the context of looking at the script she just wrote. That day, I was wearing a polo half sleeve t-shirt and the bare skin of my arm came in contact with the bare skin of her arm. It felt so smooth like a feather and my dick instantly rose.

At that time, I felt guilty that I have a girlfriend and shouldn’t be enjoying this. But lust overtook the control and I decided to proceed. I started pointing out the texts in her script and would intentionally touch her boobs with my elbow when showing her the text I was mentioning. She did not seem to mind it and I was continuing to enjoy her.

As we were sitting in the auditorium and no one was there, I felt safe. She started to sweat a bit and I could see droplets of sweat running down her neck. I told her she should wipe her sweat. She took a tissue and wiped it. I really wanted to go near her neck and lick the sweat away.

Pooja noticed me staring at her neck but didn’t say anything. Later that evening, I received a Whatsapp message from her and the conversation went like this. (we texted in Tamil and I have translated it into English).

Pooja: Hey curryeater, had dinner? (Saptiya da?)

Me: Yes Pooja, just now. And you? (Ipa than di, nee?)

Pooja Same here. I am afraid we have to show the professor the content tomorrow and I have a long way to go to complete my part. I know you are done with yours. Can you help me tomorrow? (Bayama irku da nalaiku sir kita script submit pananum inum mudikavae ila enaku help pannu da nee than muduchutala)

Me: I would love to, Pooja. Tomorrow we will get permission from the lectures and go to the cafeteria and we will complete it. (Kandipa di..Nalaiku permission vangitu cafeteria polam namma).

Pooja: Omg, thanks a lot darling. :-* (Omg, thanks da chelam)

Pooja sent me a kissing smiley for the first time and it turned me on. That night I just fapped to that kissing smiley (desperate guy XD)

Me: It’s nothing for my Pooja :* (Unakaga di :-* )

The next day we were sitting in the cafeteria and we completed her part of the script too. We went to the professor. As he was the event organizer, there were a lot of students to meet him and he asked us to form a queue.

Pooja was standing in front of me. She was wearing a ponytail. She wore a pink salwar and white leggings. We both were nearly the same height and I deliberately started to get close to her.

I was wearing formal pants which was made of a not-so-thick material. As I got closer, I started to caress my dick on my hot classmate’s ass! The left side to us was a wall and on the right side, her shawl covered her ass. So, no one around was really aware of what I was doing.

My dick started to create a bulge and got hard. I went front, felt my dick on her ass for 2-3 seconds and came back as I was scared because doing it longer would make her realize that I was doing it intentionally.

After 4-5 times of this, when I moved away, she started to come back and rested her ass on my dick! She pretended as if the guy in front of her was pushing her back. I stayed in the same position and started to enjoy. When it was our turn with the professor, we went inside the room and showed him our scripts and he was reading it for corrections.

I started to dash her from the side with my arms in the context of seeing what the professor was doing and felt the soft skin of her arms. Then she moved a bit backward and the side of her boobs was now touching the bare skin of my arms (I wore a half-sleeved t-shirt purposely on that day for chances like this :P).

I was on cloud nine and she also started to come closer to me and press her boobs on my arm. And then that day, she missed the university bus as we were doing arrangements for the event till 7 pm and I offered her a ride on my bike.

She accepted it without thinking and while we were riding, she was trying to talk to me near my ear and was really leaning on my back. I felt her boobs on my back all the time.

Then I dropped her at home and she gave me a formal hug as a compliment for dropping her and then I said that I would love to drop her every day for this hug and she playfully laughed and said, “Don’t flirt too much” (valiyatha da).

While hugging, I touched her bareback and it was really like a feather. Her back was white with feather-like hairs on it. I just rubbed my hand on her back with lust. That night in Whatsapp –

Pooja: Reached home? (Veetuku poitiya da?)

Me: Yes, Pooja. I reached. (Vantaen d)

Some boring conversation in the mid which I would like to skip and go to the important part.

Pooja: When you touched mybare back while hugging, there was a lot of sweat on it. You just rubbed them with your hand and made me feel awkward. (Muthugu la verva da nee thottu thechu oru mari ayduchu)

Me: Itโ€™s okay, now that explains why my hands were smelling so nice was wondering XD ! (Ipa than therithu en kai en ivlo nalla smell adikuthu nu)

Pooja: Don’t be naughty like today or else I will tell your girlfriend that you are a very bad guy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Iniki mari kurumbu pannatha ilana un aal ta solraen nee kettavan nu)

She said it in a playful and kidding tone.

The event went well and we were really happy and relieved off the pressure. We decided to go to a movie the next day and I booked a couple of sofa-seats for us. I didn’t inform my girlfriend about this plan of us.

We went to the movie and she came in a short jean trouser which exposed her thighs and a t-shirt with a jean overcoat. I was really ogling at her. I wore a trouser and a t-shirt. I took her in my bike and we went to the theatre and got on our sofa-seats.

My sexy classmate’s t-shirt was so tight and it was written “Girls are smart” and the word โ€˜Girlsโ€™ was written on her boobs.

I read it to her as “girls” and I made a sarcastic expression on my face. She replied, “Enough of reading girls for a long time, go to the next word” (“girls” matum padichathu pothum adutha varthai ku po da). I was really happy that she was giving positive signs and the lights were turned off after the film started.

I was not at all concentrating on the movie and started to move close to her and her thighs and her arms touched with mine. I was getting turned on and while trying to grab the popcorn from her, I was frequently touching her thighs. Her sideboobs started to touch my arms.

We were seated on the first-row sofa (row A) and there was no one to the side of us (luckily) as it was a weekday and the movie was just average. There were a couple on the front sofa but they couldn’t see us.

I slowly started to hold her hand and she too reacted back and held mine. We started to flirt.

Pooja said she was so happy with me and I hugged her in return. She too held me tight and asked me whether I would leave her if my girlfriend asked me to. I said that she doesnโ€™t know about us and her face lit and she kissed my cheek in a really sweet manner and said, “I trust you.”

After that, I too kissed her cheek back.

Then we stayed hugging each other for a minute and then I kissed her neck. Pooja turned towards me and smiled. I asked her to sit on my lap. She thought for a second with a puzzled face. I pulled her and made her sit on my erect dick. She felt it in her ass and I started to grind it with small movements.

I kissed her arm and hugged her and licked her neck. She resisted a bit as she was afraid someone would see. I took my hand and kept on the back of her head and pulled her towards my lips. I kissed her lips but she did not part her lips.

Then I slowly started to touch her neck with my hands and slowly, slid my hand into her t-shirt. Pooja got hold of my hand and did not allow it. But I slid my other hand from the bottom of her t-shirt and touched her navel and hips. I pressed the left side of her hips and she let out a very slight moan.

My horny classmate gave in and I touched her lower boobs and then lip-locked with her. We french kissed and I moved her from my lap to the sofa again. I placed my head on her lap lifted her t-shirt and started sucking her boobs. Her nipples were really hard and I bit them.

I was licking my tongue all over this college girl’s boobs like a hungry dog licking a bone and I made it wet with saliva. The interval was gonna come soon and we made ourselves normal again.

Pooja did not speak with me during the interval and I was afraid that she would ask me to stop it. And when the film started again, she made the first move. I was really happy.

My best friend started to caress my thighs and as she did that, she went up(to remind I was wearing a track trouser) and I felt a tingling sensation in my thighs up to my balls. She then inserted her hands through the elastic in my trouser and underwear and held my dick. Her warm hand made my dick feel really cozy.

Pooja started to stroke me and I was touching and feeling her boobs and hips. Then, after some time, I held her head and pushed it down to my dick. She went near my dick, it was oozing with precum. She started to move her face away from it but I begged her to give me a blowjob.

My hot best friend now took my dick and retracted the foreskin. She first placed her tongue on the pink head and licked it. Then she took the whole tool in her mouth and I held her hair controlling her up and down.

Her mouth felt like a very soft velvet material around my dick and I was about to cum. I told her and she took her mouth away from it and continued to stroke it. I again made her give me a blowjob. The sight of this beautiful girl licking my tool made me climax.

I finally released all my sperms in my best friend’s mouth and she just gulped it down and drank some cola. After that, we cleaned ourselves with tissues and were cuddling, groping and kissing till the end of the film.

This was the first time we had foreplay. Many such incidents happened after this in which we were dirtier and she became sluttier day by day. I will be explaining those in the upcoming parts.

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Ladies are welcome for dirty roleplays ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would love feedback as it would motivate me to write. Pardon me for mistakes this is my first story.

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