Unbelievable Experience In The Theater

Hi. This is Ram here from Chennai. I am going to share my experience with a chat friend.

One day, I was chatting with people on random sites. While chatting, I got connected up with a girl named Kavya, age 25. We were chatting on the site for an hour and both were in our hot mood. She was fingering her pussy and I was holding my dick, which was near to ejaculate.

Then we decided to exchange our ID on Telegram and chatted there. We both preferred Telegram as you don’t have to share the number in it. After a couple of hours of chatting, we connected well with each other. So we planned to meet in order to know more about each other.

Then we planned to go for a movie and hoped that the theater is not crowded. Finally, the day when we planned came. I messaged her on Telegram in the morning and confirmed whether she was coming or not. I had finished my breakfast and messaged her to know whether she had started.

She replied and told me that she has started from her place. I was waiting for her as I had reached the theater early. After a few minutes later, I got a message from her saying that she has reached the theater and was standing at the entrance.

As the theater wasn’t crowded I could easily see her and went to receive her. As I was nearing I was stunned to see her figure and couldn’t talk. She waved in front of my eyes and teased me. We then moved to the shade nearby. I was just looking and smiling and talking about irrelevant things.

We both were happy to see only a few people. When they started letting us in, we caught our hands like couples and went inside the theater. I told her to come quickly as I want to take the most convenient place inside. There is this place just above the entrance, where there will be only one row.

So there won’t be any problem with front row people. It’s just below the projector. We occupied the place and she was happy to find it with more privacy. As it was a weekday the theater was nearly empty with only a few couples here and there.

As soon as the lights were switched off, I pulled her closer to me. I put my right hand around her shoulder and held her very close to me. She leaned on me. Her left hand was around my waist and the right hand was on my thigh. My left hand was on her thigh and I was slowly caressing to arouse her.

I could feel her body getting warm. From the shoulders, I slowly moved my hands down to her back and in-between her body and her hands. She understood my intention and created a gap for me. I slowly inserted my hand and felt her boobs from the side. Slowly I took it forward and kept on her boobs.

I just kept my hand there for a while. She turned and looked at me with shyness. I was happy that she was also interested in and started to press her right boobs. I took the left hand which was on her thigh and caught her left boobs. I was not caressing both her boobs.

I was slowly increasing speed. Then she turned to see me and we both kissed for a while. I then kissed her ear, neck and slowly came down to kiss her boobs over her dress. I slowly took my right hand to above the shoulder and inserted my right hand inside her kurti from the neck.

Going down I felt her bra. I placed my hand over her bra on the right side and started squeezing the boob. She kept her left hand on my thigh and held it tightly. I started fondling her boobs one after another. They were soft and her nipples were erect and awesome.

I was already aroused and that was seen on my pants. I unzipped the zipper. Then I took her left hand and placed it on my erect dick. She started catching my erect dick for a while. Then she realized that I was unzipped. Then she inserted her hand through the zip hole and into my inners and caught my dick.

She then played with it for a while. I was still caressing her boobs with my right hand and caught her erect nipples between my fingers which aroused her. She turned towards me and we kissed passionately. Then I lowered myself and kissed her neck and on her shoulder.

We were sitting facing each other on the seat. I keep kissing her neck and slowly raised her kurti. She then turned and I kissed on her backside and used my tongue and licked it. I inserted my right hand inside her legging and held her ass and squeezed it.

Then I moved my right hand from her ass to her back and my left hand on her stomach while kissing on her neck in the back. I then raised her kurti still higher until I saw her bra strap. I opened her bra strap, turned her towards me. I raised her kurta until I saw those wonderful globes covered by her bra.

I raised from my seat slowly bending down and sat in front of her between her legs. The treasure covered in her bra was in front of me. I reached it and kissed her cleavage Then I kissed her navel, used my tongue to play with it. Then I moved up and pushed the already unstrapped bra up.

I could see both the boobs in front of me uncovered. I slowly kissed on both the nipples, teased her already erected nipples with my tongue. Then I took one boob and sucked while my hand was kneading the other one. I switched sucking and kneading both the boobs alternatively. I then got up and sat up on the seat.

Then I raised her and made her sit on my lap. That way it was comfortable to suck her and kiss her. She was in full mood and she was pulling my head into her boobs indicating to suck her more. I inserted my right hand inside her legging and started feeling her pussy over her panty.

I could feel that her panty was wet. Slowly I inserted my fingers inside her panty and she was clean shaved. I couldn’t get inside more as her panty was tight. I made her raise her butt and lowered her leggings along with her panty till her knee. Then it was easy for me to spread her legs.

I started to cup her pussy with my hand. I could feel the wetness. The pussy was wet and tight. But due to the wetness, my finger slipped into her pussy. She gave a jerk when my finger went inside her pussy. At the same time, she held my head on her boobs so tightly that I could hardly breathe.

I thought that was a signal for me to get rough. It didn’t seem like we were meeting for the first time. It was like we were lovers and have been doing this for a while. While I was fingering I raised my head leaving her boobs to kiss her.

Just for you people to visualize, she was sitting on my lap with her legging and panties till her knees. Her kurti above her boobs. My right hand fingering and my left hand kneading her boobs. And me kissing her lips and boobs alternatively. The pussy was hot with liquid coming out.

This continued for a while. When she grabbed my head tightly I understood that she was gonna climax. I fingered her and pressed her boobs and kissed her. She slightly rose from my lap and I increased the fingering. She jerked thrice and I understood that she has come. She rested on me and hugged me.

I slowly removed my finger and let her rest after the climax. We were there like that for a while. She then slightly raised and pulled her panties and leggings and sat on her seat. She put her left arm around my back and rested on my shoulder and hugged me. After a while, she raised her head and kissed me.

While she was kissing she put her right hand on my erect dick and rubbed. As my fly was unzipped earlier it was easy for her to let her hand inside and catch my dick. She was struggling to take it out. I removed my jeans button and raised myself and pulled it a little down along with my brief.

She was happy that It was now comfortable for her to hold my dick freely. She made her hand travel through the length and even touched and caught my balls. I kept my right hand on her butt and just gave a push. She understood my cue. She slowly raised herself from the seat and sat between my legs.

She was on her knees and she brought her face near my erect dick. I was excited. She rubbed the dick on her cheek and brought the tip neat her nose. I could sense the warm breath of air on my penis head. She then placed a peck on my penis head. Then she brought her tongue out and licked the slit on the dick.

It was all goosebumps for me. She started kissing the side of my dick, all the way to the balls. I didn’t expect it at that moment. She slowly kissed my balls and took one in her mouth and sucked. Then she came up, pulled the foreskin back and took the head slowly into her mouth. I felt like entering a warm hole.

She was slowly increasing the pace. Now and then she would take the full dick inside her. As she was sucking me I let my hand to the front to catch her boobs. I was really excited. I was on the verge of cumming and I informed her that I was gonna cum soon.

She nodded her head and she took a tissue from her bag. She could feel my dick getting a twitch in her mouth and me pressing her boobs harder. That was the sign for her to know that I was gonna cum. She took the dick from her mouth and covered it in the tissue. I came with a load.

She then cleaned my dick with another tissue. I adjusted my brief and pant and pulled her up and made her lie on me. We were hugging and kissing. I was feeling her ass. Then we know that it was close to interval and we sat back on our respective seats holding each of our hands. After a while, the interval came.

She said she needed to pee. When we got up from our seats I checked to see if anybody looked at us differently. Nothing of that sort happened. We both went to respective restrooms and refreshed ourselves. We got us a badam drink to get back our energy. We returned to our seats.

We were drinking the badam drink and the lights were switched off. She leaned to kiss me. when I also kissed her I understood that she had the drink in her mouth. I got the drink from her mouth. The same way we played for a while. As it wasn’t new to us now, I straight away lifted myself and sat between her legs.

I raised her kurta above her boobs. I rose on my knees and hugged her. Then I kissed her lips and her neck and dedicated my time to her boobs. She was getting horny and was running her fingers on my head. I pulled her butt to the edge of the seat and lifted her butt. She understood and raised her butt a little.

I removed the legging along with the panty till her knees. I had told you that there will be only one row and in front, we had a small wall. She was already at the edge of the seat. I put her legs to rest on the wall in front and spread it. This was very comfortable to have access to her pussy.

Imagine a missionary position but in a theater seat. I got between the legs and I couldn’t see her pussy for the first time in the dim light. So I just switched on my phone (not the flash) and that light was enough to see the hidden treasure. I kept the phone aside and slowly inserted my finger and started fingering her.

After some time of fingering, I brought my face near and slowly kissed her vertical lips. Those small stubbles pricked my lips and gave me goosebumps. I took out my tongue and licked from the bottom to the top of her vertical lips. I could feel that she was enjoying it as she pulled my head towards her pussy.

Using both my hands I separated her pussy and kept licking. I even pushed my tongue inside. That’s when she pulled my head and locked with her thighs for me to put the tongue deep inside and not come out. I used my hands to separate her thighs and kept licking. The taste of her pussy was awesome.

I now switched my licking to her clit and at the same time, I started to finger her. She had her eyes closed and she was in a trance and started to murmur. So I had to close her mouth with my hand. I sensed that she was gonna cum when she pulled my head and she twitched.

I used my finger on the clit and my tongue below and she came heavily which I licked it dry. She was there for a while. Then she pulled me up and kissed and thanked me for the wonderful orgasm she had.

I got to my seat and she was about to correct her dress. I told her that we still have time, why are you in a hurry. We hugged each other. I took her hand and put it on my dick. She caught it on my jeans and it was hard. I loosened my pants. She took out my dick and was giving it a handjob.

She was caressing my balls now and then. I slightly pulled her and she bent down and took my dick in her mouth. While she was giving me a blowjob I kept my hand on her naked ass and was feeling it. Now and then I would touch her pussy and she would blow me faster.

Since with all the happening, I was about to come and came heavily in a tissue. After that, she cleaned the little cum on the tip with her tongue. We knew that we had only a little time left and we started to dress. I helped her hook her bra and she rose slightly and pulled her panties and her leggings.

We corrected ourselves and drank the rest of the badam drink. We told each other that we will continue this when we both find the time. The movie ended and we went out. We then met again two weeks later and we had much more fun. That’s for another story.

Thank you for your patience and for reading the story. Please send your feedback to [email protected] I am a guy who likes to share experiences and wants to know about others as well. I would be really happy if this story gives me some new friends.

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