Had A Wonderful Massage

Hi. This is Ram from Chennai. I am going to narrate another experience of mine. I am a guy who likes to share experiences and wants to know about others as well. I will be really happy if this story gives me some new friends. Those who haven’t read my previous stories please read them on this link.

Let’s move on to the story. This story won’t be as interesting for many people as this is a prelude for the next one.

It was a dull day and I was tired. I thought of taking a body massage and searched for ads on a site. After many inquiries, I found one that was promising that gave a good massage and extras. I went there where I was allotted a room and was asked to change into a disposable brief.

I waited for some time and then started changing. After I removed my t-shirt and my pant. There was a knock on the door and the masseuse entered. She was a South Indian and she saw me standing in a brief. She asked me whether she should come a little later.

From her slang, I understood that she is a Malayalee. She looked no more than 27 with a nice structure. I told her that I don’t mind her being there when I change. I then removed my brief and hung it along with my pants. The feeling of being nude with an unknown female was exciting and I started getting hard.

The gal was looking at my cock and was smiling.  I wore the disposable brief and lay on the table. She massaged my back. I was conversing with her, talking about her place, name, and other things. During massaging my legs, her fingers went deep in the upper things.

She was accidentally touching my balls now and then, which made me super hard. Then after massaging my shoulders and arms, she slightly lowered the brief and massaged my butt. She poured oil in between the butt crack and massaged me.

She corrected my brief and asked me to turn so that she can massage the front. I turned and laid down with my dick erect like a mast. Seeing my erect dick there was no reaction from her. She was continuing her massage. I was watching her all along. Even though she was chatting with me.

She was massaging me with dedication. Once in a while, she used to see my erect dick and then see me and then smile. She had finished massaging my legs, chest and came to my arms. I told her not to massage my fingers. After a while, she told that the massage is over.

By this time the erection had gone down. I asked her, “Is that it? We still have time.” She told that we have 10 more minutes and if I want to redo the massage over any portion then she would do it. I smilingly told her that there is one place that hasn’t been massaged and looked at my dick.

She asked whether I needed to be massaged there. I told her that she can massage me if she is comfortable else no need. I won’t force you for it. She told me that no one has told her like this before. She told that she liked the way I respected her.

She lowered my brief and poured oil on my dick and started massaging it. Slowly I started to get an erection and she caught it. She was shaking it as I would masturbate. I asked her whether I can touch her. She smiled and asked her why are you smiling.

She told that now she understands the reason for asking not to massage the fingers. So that her dress won’t get spoiled by the oil.  She told me that she likes me and told me that I can touch her over the dress. I caught her boobs one after the other. It was soft and was handy.

I inserted my hands inside her churidar and then she moved away. I asked her to come near me and told her I will touch her only over the dress. She came near me and I inserted my hands inside the churidar and kept it over her ass. I caught her ass cheek.

She was masturbating me. I was pressing her ass and breasts alternatively. I was pressing her ass when I felt like I was going to cum and I pressed her ass tightly.  She understood that and started shaking faster and faster. She could feel my dick bulge and she pointed my dick towards me.

I shot the cum over my stomach. I loosened the grip on her ass and started to feel it for a while till she milked me till my last drop. She then went inside, washed her hands and asked me to take a shower. I took a shower and then got dressed.

She came in with a smile and asked whether she can give me a hug. When I said yes, she gave me a hug. I also hugged her, lowered my hands and caught both her ass cheeks with my hands. I pressed it and kissed her on her forehead. I asked her as to how much should I tip her.

She told, “It’s your wish.” I paid her the amount and she was quite happy. She told me that I treated her as a woman and respected her job as a masseuse. Many people treated her like a sex worker. She told that she would be leaving this job in a week to join a supermarket chain.

I told her that I liked her massage and would try to come again before she leaves. I came out satisfied after a good massage and a wonderful handjob. I again returned to the spa to meet this girl. It turned out to be a wonderful time spent at the spa which I will tell you about in the next story.

Thank you for your patience and for reading the story. Please send your feedback to [email protected] I am a guy who likes to share experiences and wants to know about others as well.

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