Sex With The College Junior Ananya

Hi readers. My name is Karan, a 26 year male from North India currently working in Bangalore. Rather than calling it a story, I’ll call it a true incident. It happened back when I was in my second year of college.

About me, I am a good looking guy and belong to a Punjabi family in Haryana. This incident happened around 3 years back. After completing my Bachelor’s I didn’t get any job. So I started preparing for GATE and got selected in IIT for Masters. After reading a lot of stories here, I decided to write mine.

This is my story of a sexual encounter with someone I met in IIT and fell in love with her. As I am not an expert, I’m telling you before it’s going to be a little lengthy, but everything in detail as it happened. How did I meet her and the main incidents (not all)? So bear with me.

As I didn’t get any job after my graduation, I was more in studies. So, the first year of college was normal nothing happened much. In the second year, only my thesis work and one of the subjects was left to complete. I took one of the courses to complete my subjects.

I was the kind of guy who was the last one to enter in class and the first one to left as the period got over. So, I never noticed anyone in the class. The first assignment came from that subject. I was sitting in the library and someone came towards me and asked me “Am I also in that class?”

Her name was Ananya (name changed). Talking about her, she was around 5’1” in height, super cute, silky hairs and little bit chubby. As I saw her, the first thing came in my mind “Is it real?” I forgot to tell, I am 5’6” in height.

Back to the assignment, we started working together on the assignment part, 3 days passed. So, 1 day in the evening she asked me to go on a walk with her. Who can say no to a girl, we went. And the conversation started like this.

A: Do you have someone in your life, any girlfriend before?
K: I don’t. I was more into studies. Yes, I had crushes in the past, but girlfriend no one. The girl who was interested in me, I wasn’t and vice-versa. So, no girlfriend. What about you? Any boyfriend?

A: Silent for a few seconds, then said yes, I have a boyfriend.
As she said, I was shocked for a second.
A: (she continued) He lies to me a lot. I didn’t like him. I am not gonna marry him. (and she got upset)

I consoled her and I thought let’s give it a try. Let’s see what happened. One semester got over and she didn’t score well. One day, she pinged me on WhatsApp saying, “I want to talk to you, can we meet?” As I was dying to talk to her. I said yes.

She came to my room and she started crying. Saying, her fiancé and she got into a big fight and she is not able to focus on her studies. I consoled her and she hugged me, saying you are so good. She brought her books to my room. I started studying there.

She has some exams the next day and I started doing my work. At night, she slept in my room. We both were lying on the opposite side of the bed. She said to me to come to his side. And we were both lying.

A: My heartbeat is very high.
She took my hand and kept on the upper part of her boob saying, “Can you feel it?”
A: I think, I should go to my room and sleep there.

K: It’s your call. You can sleep here too. I don’t have any problems.
Then she got silent for some seconds and said.
A: Do you want to kiss?
K: I don’t know.

She became silent.
K: Do you want to kiss?
A: (after taking a pose) Yes I want to kiss you.
We kissed, that was the first kiss of my life.

Then she said,
A: Aapko seduce karu? ( Should I seduce you?)
K: Do that.

She started kissing on my ear. I got a very different feeling than I had never experienced before. She was wearing a light jacket and I lowered her jacket and took her boob out and start sucking it. This continued for the next 20 minutes then I try to put my hand in her lower.

But she stopped me and we slept hugging each other. In the morning, as she had an exam, we woke up early and again the same things happened. But I stopped myself as she had an exam and I don’t want her studies to suffer.

In the evening, she met me and said.
A: It was a one-night thing. Don’t think much about it. Nothing can happen between us.

She left. The next day her batchmate was giving birthday treat. I was invited too but I didn’t go. She texted me:
A: Why you didn’t come?
K: I wasn’t well.

A: I know, what has happened to you. When I come back, we will talk.

She came back from the party and came to see me and asked about what happened? I said nothing. Then she hugged me and we started kissing again but this time she didn’t stop. Guys, kissing is something that takes the person to a different level.

We kissed for almost 15 minutes and she was really a good kisser. She pushed her tongue inside my mouth and that was one of the passionate kisses of my life. She held my right hand and put it on her right boob. My hand slid under her T-shirt and then under the bra. It was so soft.

Then I removed her t-shirt and we start kissing again. I unhooked her bra and I started pressing her boobs slowly. She started moaning. I broke the kiss and start sucking her right boob while pinching her left one. I bite her boob and she shivered a bit and brought me closer to her face and start kissing again.

My hand slid under her Capri and I start fingering her. She let out a soft moan and was getting horny. She held my dick and start giving me a handjob. That was the first time that someone was giving me a handjob. Then she did something that shocked me.

She bent down and start giving me a blowjob and it blows my head. The feeling was really amazing. Then I took my dick out and put it on her pussy and give it a stroke. My half dick went inside. She screamed a bit then I put my lips on her to keep her voice down. Then I started giving slow strokes.

Then I stroked hard and she shouted and told me to remove it as it was paining a lot. But I didn’t remove it and stayed there with no further movement. Then slowly her pain level went down. I began to thump faster and faster and faster fucking for around 30 minutes.

We cum at the same time and I lay above her and we kissed again.

What happened between us after that is a completely different story. We are not in touch now. I still miss her. I hope, wherever she is, she would be happy.

That’s the end of the story. I hope you like it. Meanwhile, if you like my story, you can send me your feedback or you can ping me on hangout on [email protected]

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