Romantic Passionate Sex With My Ex

Hello Readers, my name is DeeBee from Mumbai. This is my first story and it’s about romantic passionate sex with my married ex-girlfriend.

About myself, I am a shorty, 5.5 ft, average built, fair-looking guy. During my MBA days, I was in love with my senior (let’s call her Ms. A). Things were going well, and then all of a sudden, she stopped responding to my calls. I was broken however tried to move on.

3 months later, I get a msg from her on Gtalk trying to explain her absence. I was in no mood to listen. However, she insisted. She was getting married, and the same old story followed. I wished her the best for the future and stayed in touch as friends.

About her, she has a fair complexion, lean body, and a smile to die for. Her stats will be 32-28-34. During the last day of her college, we kissed before she left for her hometown. We hardly met a few times during her job, which was a couple of months. However, all of a sudden, she was gone.

After marriage, she went abroad, and we kept in touch. She always used to say that she did wrong by not telling me about her engagement. However, I ignored everything.

A few years later, she was back in India and moved to Bangalore with her husband. She called me and asked about my whereabouts, about my love life. I had a breakup after 3 years of relationship (she was aware of my gf). She felt bad for me and started to cheer me up.

We spoke over the phone for over an hour that day and all old feelings started to hit me hard. All of a sudden, I asked her whether she still loves me. She did not say anything and changed the topic.

I decided to meet her so took a short trip to Bangalore. I called her once I reached Bangalore, and she was surprised to know. She gave me her address, and we decided to meet. I reached her place, and she introduced me to her daughter, who was 2 ½ years old.

We spent the reunion afternoon chatting and discussing our lives since we separated. It was a casual discussion, and I had no bad intention towards her. She spoke about her family, husband, and in-laws. From her story, it seemed she was not happy with her life.

We had our lunch, and then I thought I will push off. We were standing near her door, and there was a sound from the baby’s room. When she turned, her hair got stuck in the key holder behind the door. I freed her hair, and then we came close to each other.

I could feel the tension between us, and all of a sudden, she hugged me tightly. I was not expecting that. But it felt really great, and I hugged her back. She was crying, so I knew that she missed me. I consoled her and left her place. I had a flight back the same day for Mumbai and reached late at night.

There was a string of msgs from her once I switched on my phone. She sounded upset, so I texted her. She said that she missed me a lot and I started to miss her as well.

Our discussions became more intense from that day, and we spoke more often. I said I missed her and wanted to kiss her badly. She said that she wanted to kiss me during our meet. All my feelings were alive again, and we became much bolder in our discussion.

We were sexting over the phone and doing all dirty talks like what we want to do if we ever meet again. We became long-lost lovers who wish to meet and explore each other.

One day I asked her if she would like to meet me, to which she agreed. I reached Bangalore, freshened up at my friend’s place, and headed to meet her. I reached her place near about 11 after her husband had left for work at 9:30.

Her maid was working. So as soon as I reached her place, she told her maid to finish up all work. Her maid left in half an hour, and till then, we were having a casual chat. The moment the maid left, all hell broke loose. She was sitting next to me on a sofa, and all of a sudden, she pounced on me like a hungry tigress.

We kissed for 5 minutes and our tongues were playing with each other. She broke the kiss and asked me to wait for some time. She had to go and bring her daughter from school. I waited patiently for 20 minutes, and she was back. She went inside and freshened up, fed her daughter, and made her sleep.

I was reading a magazine from the stack, and suddenly I see my love was peeping from a corner. I got up, went towards her, and hugged her tight. We embraced each other and started kissing. The smooch became very passionate, and I carried her to the other bedroom.

I could not believe my long-lost love was in my arms. I put her down on the bed and got on top of her. Slowly I started kissing her earlobes, then her neck, and she was getting all excited. Quickly I removed her top and realized that she was not wearing any bra. Like it? She asked with a wink.

Her boobs were small, however, really very soft. I sucked them like there is no tomorrow, from one to another. Simultaneously, I was kissing her collarbone, and it was driving her crazy with her moans getting louder.

Then I went up to her naval and circling my tongue around it. She was arching her body and was pulling my hair. I went down and pulled down her shorts. She was wearing a pink panty, and I started kissing her pussy over it. Slowly I removed her panty, and there was a clean-shaven heaven’s door.

I got down to work with my tongue again. She was pressing my head out of pure pleasure. In no time, her juices were dripping over my mouth, and I drank it all. She let out a huge moan, and the satisfaction showed in her smile.

She turned me around and undressed me. In a hurry, I forgot to carry a condom. She got up and wrapped the bedsheet around her, and went to the other room. Soon she was back with a condom. The way she was moving was the sexiest sight ever. I pulled her close and started kissing her.

She then took the condom and helped me wear it. I entered her, and we were doing in missionary position. After pumping for 10 minutes, we switched to doggy style. She was scared as she thought I was going to try anal, but then she relaxed.

After some time, she asked me to wait and suddenly overpowered me and got on top. That sudden turn was damn sexy, and she pinned me to the bed. She kissed me aggressively and sat on my dick. She got super active and started jumping on my tool. Those melons look delicious, and I started caressing them.

After 10 minutes, we were drenched in our sweat and about to climax. We both cummed together, and she crashed into my chest. She looked so beautiful in that position, and I started kissing her again.

She took her clothes and went to the washroom. I followed her and cleaned myself as well. Even though we were damn tired, I had to leave. She was preparing a cup of tea for me just wearing her top. I came from behind, held her tight, and kissed her neck.

She turned, and we smooched for 5 more minutes. She said, “I love you,” and I believed it as a tear fell from those moist eyes.

It was such an intense session, and both of us did not care what really would happen next. That was the only time we made love. But we still remain good friends. This will be a memory that I will cherish forever.

I hope you liked the story of my first sex with my ex-girlfriend. Please leave your feedback on [email protected]

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