Hot Romantic Sex With Married Ex-Girlfriend

Hi all crazy guys, this is Rahul (name changed) from the south Indian. I have been reading erotica for a very long time and never thought of writing my own experience here. It was a boring time and suddenly, I started remembering my previous sexual encounters.

I will start with my best experience but not the first or the last. Always the best sex would be with the person who loves us the most. As a reader, I never liked the details description of the writer, instead, I used to scroll directly to the actual story. So let me take you directly to the story.

It was the hectic day at the office and a sudden message from ex-girlfriend changed it all. (By the way, this happened around 5 years back).

I was around 27 years, height 5.10 ft, 65 kgs, and my ex GF was 25 years old, around 60 kgs. She is very fair and stats would around be 34-28-34. She is slightly chubby and perfect for any south Indian guys to turn on.

My ex-girlfriend just messaged: Hi, this is Sneha (name changed). Do you remember me? (This message came almost 4 years since we broke up).

Me: How can I forget.

And it was a casual chat and later she asked if we can meet. I asked her the reason and she said she would tell when we meet.

We decided to meet the next day even though it was a weekday. She wanted to meet asap as the matter was a bit serious. I was too excited to meet but at the same time, I was not clear on the reason why she wanted to meet.

I asked Sneha to come to a CCD near my office which she agreed. I got a bit late due to some unexpected work. So I texted her to keep having something and I would be late by 30 minutes. She said ok and I finally saw her in the CCD. It was such a great feeling to see my ex-girlfriend after a long time.

I went near her and was not sure how to react. She said “Hi” and responded with the same with the bit of smile. Slowly, the conversation started and we became comfortable. Trust me, friends, there was nothing as a sexual thought in my mind but only the divine love.

After around 15-20 minutes of a talk, I asked her the problem she wanted to share with me. It was that her husband was in depression due to his workload and left the job. I suggested her work and got her job with one of my references. She started working from home.

Our conversation started slowly on Whatsapp on every day. Days by day we became close again. The topic slowly shifted to sex. (I need to tell you all one thing that even though we were in love for more than a year, we never did sex. Sneha was not that open to sex at that time.)

The days went and I got to know that for some reason, my ex-girlfriend was not enjoying the sex with her husband. Later I could figure out that it was because of that he was not that romantic and directly into the fuck.

It was summertime and she had been to her native alone and wanted to be there for a week. In the night as she was alone, we started sexting and she said that she was getting so wet that she never got all these years with her husband. This turned me and I masturbated twice that night.

The next day it was the same thing that happened and she got too much tempted with our phone sex. She said she badly wanted to have sex with me. Hearing this, I was in overjoy and said that I would be waiting for you to come back to Bangalore.

I was really not sure how many times I had masturbated thinking of her fucking. The day finally came. It was a weekday and I asked my married ex-girlfriend to come to my flat where I was staying alone.

Sneha came and I picked her from the nearest bus stop and took her to my home. My heartbeat was so high and I was feeling so much heat on my body. We both were in the same state.

Sneha was not in any hot dress. It was a casual homely girl attire, Kurtha. Maybe due to our love, we both so much excited.

I offered her a juice and we both started feeling comfortable. I couldn’t control anymore and hugged her from behind as she was looking outside the window. She left a deep breath.

I started kissing her neck and sliding her hair. It was so romantic to keep kissing my ex-girlfriend’s neck and ear. She started encouraging me with her movement.

I slowly turned Sneha towards me and looking at her eyes, I kissed her forehead, her eyes, cheeks, and moved towards the neck. She said that she was waiting for this day for a long time and we moved towards my bedroom.

Sneha made me sit on the side of the bed and she sat on my lap. Looking at my eyes, she gave me a soft kiss on my lips. This turned to lip-lock. We both were so good at this smooch and it continued for more than 15 minutes. I whispered in her ears that I can’t wait for more time. She said the please go ahead and she is here for the best.

My ex-girlfriend took off my t-shirt and I took off her top. I couldn’t believe the beauty in her with the dark blue bra. My ex-lover’s boobs were so milky and badly wanted to taste those.

Sneha slowly pulled me towards her boobs and I started kissing on the top of the boob. I felt so exciting. She freed her right boobs and gave her nipples to suck. Oh, man! It was so good to suck those boobs!!

Sneha started moaning. I removed her bra and started sucking both her boobs like mad. I asked her if she liked it and she responded by increasing her moan.

Simultaneously, we both removed my pants and her leggings. She was wearing a light purple colored pantie with flower print.

I moved my hands on her ass and started squeezing them. I think she liked it and started moving her ass a bit. She saw the bulge on my underwear and was feeling shy. I noticed this and said to her, “The sex can be enjoyed and pleasurable only when there is no shyness, more vulgar and dirty”.

Soon she understood this and removed my undie and hold my cock and started massaging it. She said her husband used to force her to do the same massage and for some reason, she never liked it. Now she was doing it with her own will.

I was enjoying the words and her act of cock-massage. I asked her to sleep on her belly and I climbed on her. With a gentle massage on her back, I slowly moved to her thighs and ass. Slowly, I started kissing all over from the toe to the neck. I moved towards her ass and started giving a gentle bike on her ass.

“Hmm Rahul, I am liking it. Please do more… hmmmmm”, Sneha said. I continued it for a few more minutes and also, gave her a love bite on her ass, which she responded with the louder moan, “Haaaa yesssssss..”

I turned her and noticed that she need to move to the next level and kissed on her pussy on the panty and started pulling it down with my teeth. Ohhhh, it was so romantic feel.

Finally, I saw my ex-girlfriend’s love hole, which was a bit hairy and I loved it. She was so shy and didn’t let me lick her pussy. As it was our first time, I also didn’t force her.

“Ruhul, please insert and I can’t control”, Sneha said.

“Are you ready”, I asked.

“Yes Rahul, please fuck me… fuck my pussy”, Sneha said. This excited me and placed my cock on the tip of her pussy and started rubbing it. She started moaning as she was getting more and more pleasure.

I gave a gentle push and a small scream came out of her mouth. It was so tight and I loved it. I asked her, “When was the last time you had?” and she responded, “Almost 2 months”. That made me understand how desperate my married Indian ex-gf might be.

I started fucking her pussy in the missionary position and started feeling the pleasure of tightness and the wetness of her pussy. She locked my ass with her legs crossed for the pleasure she was getting. I bent more near her face by holding her face with my both hand and whispered in her ear,

“Are you enjoying this, my love?”. She said, “This is the best enjoyment she is getting out of all these years of sex”. These words made me increase my speed.

After around 20 minutes of fuck, she said, “You have great stamina and my husband never did for so long”.

I just smiled and said to myself that it would be too hard for you to take if I go to the fullest of my stamina. She asked, “Why are you smiling?”

I said, “You will come to know”.

Saying that, I lifted her both the legs and placed it on my shoulder, and gave a hard push. She got a jerk asked, “Please be gentle as I am never used to it”.

I said, “Don’t worry, you will start enjoying now”.

After around 3 minutes of hard strokes, I asked her, “Do you still want me to be gentle, my love?”.

Sneha laughed and said, “No way…Please continue and I am getting the best pleasure”.

After around 15 minutes, I asked her, “Turn around, dear. Let’s do doggy”.

My ex-girlfriend left a deep breath and came to me and kissed me. I made her turn around and positioned her for doggy. I started fucking her by holding her hair. This was so horny and I was loving it. She started screaming loud now. She said, “Dear I don’t know what’s happening and I am feeling like I am getting the world’s best pleasure”.

Sneha was moaning, “Yes..haaa..ummmmm” and the strokes were at its best.

After some time, I noticed that she can’t take more and thought of cumming. I stopped and made her turn towards me and asked her to hold her boobs pressing together and finally cummed. It was more than an hour of sex and we both were completely exhausted. We cleaned each other and slept.

We slept for almost 3 hours and she woke me up with the tea. We kissed each other.

She said, “I never thought the sex would be of so much joy and I am so lucky to experience it”.

By saying that, we smooched for around 5 minutes and she left for the day. I could notice that Sneha was not able to walk properly and I booked a cab for her.

After this, we had fucked many times and each time, it started to be more vulgar and dirty.

Please drop me your feedback to [email protected] so that I can improve my narration while writing my other experience stories.

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