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Hi Ramya, this is Joy and here I would like to describe the things I would like to do to you once we meet. I hope you agree and also like my suggestions. Also, I would like to say a big thanks to everyone who supported me for my previous story. I am glad that you all liked it and any suggestions and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Many readers have requested me to write stories about mom and bhabhi. I have noted these suggestions and I shall write about those at a later date. I have had a great deal of experience in that as well. So let’s rush into this story.

I am a software engineer from Hyderabad. I am 30 years old, 6ft tall with 7 inches long and 2 inches thick dick. I am on the big side and have masculine features.

Since I do not have much information about Ramya, I’ll use my imagination and assume her stats to be 34B-32-36. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall and her age is 23. So, this will help all of us to imagine how she looks. Before I proceed, let me remind you that this is a fictional story of how I would like our encounter to be and how I would like things to play out.

Coming to the story, I met Ramya through ISS, as a response to a story that I wrote earlier. We did not have much time to discuss anything. So, I’ll continue the story as I wish for it to happen.

Ramya: Hi.

Me: Hello.

Ramya: Are you the writer of that story?

Me: Yes, I am. Tell me about yourself.

Ramya: First you. Let me know something about yourself.

Me: As I have mentioned in the story, I am from Hyderabad. I am 6 ft tall. What about you?

Ramya: So you are just 6 ft tall and nothing else?

Me: Ya, I am endowed with 7 inches long, and 2 inches thick, you know what!

Ramya: What is your age, and what do you do?

Me: I am 30 years old and work as a software testing engineer, and you?

Ramya: I am 23 and doing my MBA in Bangalore.

Me: Do you have a boyfriend?

Ramya: Yes.

Me: Do you guys enjoy constant sex?

Ramya: Well, We do enjoy sex occasionally.

Me: How is your sex life during a lockdown?

Ramya: I came back to my native place in Chittor, so as you can see not much sex these days.

Me: I believe you must be constantly sexting and video calling each other?

Ramya: Yes, a little bit.

Me: Would you be interested in sexting me?

Ramya: Sure.

And the imagination starts:

Me: So tell me your stats?

Ramya: 34B-32-36. I am 5 ft 4 inches.

Me: Your stats seem amazing.

Ramya: Thank you.

Me: So what made you contact me through this site?

Ramya: I have been reading stories for a while now. I liked the story you have written, so I messaged you to compliment you.

Me: Thank you. I greatly appreciate your support and shall try to improve myself.

Ramya: That will be great. I shall read the next story for sure.

Me: I am glad. So, tell me more about stories that you would like to read, as I would like to learn and see how things proceed for us. And with that our chats and constant sexting started for a while.

Once on a call, I explained to her how I shall pick her up and bring her up close to me. I told her the ways that I would love to explore every inch of her body. We became ecstatic and our anticipation to meet each other grew and finally the D-day arrived.

My reader had come to Hyderabad to meet her relatives. She informed me about her plans and wanted to meet me.

As I was under a lot of anticipation, I jumped at the chance of meeting her and could not sleep the whole night. As there were several things we planned together during our sexting and calls, I wanted her to have the best time she can.

On the D-Day, she informed her relatives that she will be visiting her friends in Hyderabad, and will be spending the night with them. I informed my family that I will be going to Bidar for my friend’s engagement party and would not return until the next day.

So, after we set things up at our respective home we met at Hyderabad Central Mall. And as soon as we saw each other, we rushed towards each other as if we were long-lost lovers meeting after a long time apart.

We hugged each other tightly, which made lots of people excited and happy for us. We smiled and were moving along. And I could see many of the guys being really envious of me for having such a bombshell wrapping her arms across mine.

I smiled to myself and took her to watch a movie. I, for one, enjoy romance in public places as that fear of being seen by someone I know can be tantalizing.

And once we reached the theatre, we took corner seats which were couple-seats and sat close to each other. It was an English drama and there was hardly anyone in the theatre.

I thanked my lucky stars and rested my arms across her shoulders and pulled her close to me. We stared into each other’s eyes for a while.

I slowly lowered my face close to her and I could see the anticipation in her eyes that excited me a lot. We started kissing like a pack of wolves fighting over food.

I rested my hands on her soft bosom and started to press them with a lot of vigor. And I kept switching between both the breasts with and one hand and was rubbing her pussy over her dress with the other hand.

She slowly grabbed my throbbing penis and squeezed it tightly. That made my blood pump from every part of my body to my penis in an instant.

I lifted her dress along with her bra to lets those beautiful breasts out to play. I kissed and licked all over the breast to excite her even more. I did not touch her nipples, just to tease her, and once she lost her patience she pulled me by my hair and shoved my face over her nipples, and choked me for teasing her.

I felt the excitement in the air. I completely lost track of what happened in our surroundings. And when I got up from playing with her breasts, the movie’s end credits started to roll. And we both did not realize what had happened until then as we were in our own world.

I hope you enjoyed my story so far. If you enjoyed it feel free to ping me on my email id [email protected] I shall explain what will happen in the next part.

And if anyone near Hyderabad would like sexting or would like to meet, please ping me.

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